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Tag Archives: Colorado Recycling

Appliance Recyclers in Colorado Springs

appliance recyclers ColoradoWhen it comes to tossing out plastic bottles or newspaper, many of us don’t think twice about recycling. For one Colorado Springs couple, recycling inspired them to start a business that is taking the home remodeling world by storm. Debbie and Jerry Johnson saw a feature on the DIY network about recycled granite and thought they would give it a try for their own remodeling project. Often slabs of granite used for countertops are cut up into smaller pieces with plenty of leftovers. Those granite pieces can’t be a countertop but they can be cut up into tiles for backsplashes or even entire walls. That’s how the Johnson’s used recycled granite.

The Johnsons were so impressed that they set up a Colorado Springs franchise of the Recycled Granite Network. Since opening in March, Colorado Recycled Granite has expanded business in the area, hiring several employees. Since the Recycled Granite Network was started in 2009 they have managed to divert over 30 million pounds of granite away from landfills and generated over five million dollars in revenue. That’s taking recycling to a whole new level.

Sadly, not every recycling project you take on is going to lead to a lucrative business. But you should be satisfied that anytime you can recycle you’re reducing your carbon footprint and keeping our environment clean. You could accomplish both of those goals when you hire a company like Junk King Colorado Springs to pick up your old kitchen appliances. Yes, even your broken stove can be recycled.

When Junk King picks up an item they are always going to try and get that piece recycled whether it’s an old stove or sofa. Upwards of 60% of everything that Junk King collects gets recycled. There are two options. An item can go to a facility which will melt it down or grind it up. That works great for scrap metal, concrete, cement and even dirt. Another recycling choice would be to drop of the item at a refurbishing center. Typically these are charities which take in items that need a little TLC. The objects are then donated to those in need or sold to benefit the charity. It’s like getting a second lease on life for your junk.

You won’t have to think about what can be recycled and what can’t. The Junk King Colorado Springs crew will do all the sorting for you. You don’t even have to ask; they’re going to recycle automatically. That’s just the Junk King way! Call Junk King today to set up an appointment to get rid of your appliances and all the rest of your junk!

Colorado Springs Cardboard Disposal and Recycling

Have you upgraded your cell phone recently? If you have then you’re now enjoying some of the newest innovations in cell phone technology. We can literally carry a computer in the palm of our hand. What about your old cell phone? Often those old phones are tossed in a drawer and forgotten about. But now the Promenade Shops at Briargate are joining a nationwide program called Cell Phones for Soldiers. How this program works is that the designated shops will collect your old cell phones and then turn them in for recycling. The money they collect from the recycling goes towards the purchase of telephone calling cards. These calling cards are then donated to military personnel serving overseas and allows them to make affordable calls to their families back home. This is a perfect excuse for cleaning out those stuffed drawers in your home and getting rid of the old cell phones.

If this kind of activity puts you in a recycling frame of mind kind of you don’t have to stop with the cell phones. You could consider finally getting rid of some bulkier items like all those big cardboard boxes you have left over from your last move. Selling boxes has become a big business for a lot of moving companies. As a result you’re probably not that eager to let go of those boxes you paid good money for. While it might be practical to hold onto a few boxes it doesn’t make sense to keep heaping piles of cardboard in your garage or basement. There is a concern that all of that cardboard stacked together could become a fire hazard. On the other hand, if it should happen to get wet and moldy it can become a health hazard of a different kind. That’s why you’re better off just getting rid of them once and for all.

Instead of taking several weeks to load up your recycling bin you can get rid of those boxes in one appointment when you hire Junk King’s team of Colorado Hauling specialists.. This is an experienced crew who can gather up all those piles of cardboard and toss them into the back of their truck. While they are at it you can also put them to work to get rid of anything else that’s too big for the weekly trash pickup. Finally you can get rid of that old broken down easy chair. You can also load up that truck with any kitchen appliances, an old mattress and even electronic waste like televisions and computer monitors.

Because these are professional junk haulers they will also know where to take these items to make sure they are properly recycled. You won’t have to worry about driving around Colorado Springs to look for the closest recycling facility; Junk King Colorado Springs will take care of all that. So your new plan should start with recycling your cell phone and finish with cleaning out the junk from your entire home!

Recycling News in Colorado

As far as awards go, there are the Oscars for movies, the Emmys for television and the Tonys for Broadway. Now the Colorado Association for Recycling is getting into the award business as they seek out nominations for their annual Recycling Awards. As their mission statement proclaims: “These prestigious awards recognize governmental entities, individuals, companies, media and organizations for their excellence in recycling or promotion of recycling.”

Just with those entertainment awards, the Recycling Awards have their own list of categories. These include:

  • Outstanding Media Coverage
  • Outstanding Elected Official
  • Outstanding Outreach – Educational Institution
  • Outstanding Outreach –Municipality (City, County, or State) or Nonprofit
  • Outstanding Business Recycling/Diversion Program
  • Outstanding Government or Nonprofit Recycling/Diversion Program
  • Outstanding Volunteer Of the Year
  • Recycler of the Year
  • Lifetime Achievement

To be nominated is surely an honor and the Colorado Association for Recycling is asking residents to put forth their votes for “outstanding”  in each category. Anyone who has used Junk King Colorado Springs should surely consider them as Recycler of the Year! What most satisfied Junk King customers might not realize is that Junk King is often able to divert a large portion of everything they collect to a proper recycling facility. Translation: You’re recycling junk and don’t even know it when you hire Junk King!

As indicated by the list of possible nomination categories, there is a lot that goes into the many Colorado recycling programs. Most importantly is educating the public about all the benefits of recycling. Any trash that can be diverted away from a landfill is a good thing. When the Junk King Colorado Springs sizes up your trash piles they’re already thinking ahead as to which recycling facility in the area would be the most appropriate for a drop off. Not all junk is the same. For instance, your electronic waste needs to be properly processed to make sure none of the components being separated will cause any release of hazardous materials. This includes all your television, computer monitors, hard drivers, laptops and cell phones. You can’t just toss that stuff out. It requires special disassembly.

On the other hand, big metal items like a stove, dishwasher or dryer need to be dropped off at the scrap metal yard. That’s where those items will be melted down and turned into new raw materials. It’s the same thing that happens to all your newspapers and bottles when they are recycled.

If you were to tackle the assignment of recycling your bulky junk items yourself then you could end up driving around to several stops before clearing out your truck. That is if you have a truck! Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that because Junk King will have your back!

Colorado Furniture Recycling

Recycle Fish and Furniture
Did you know that you can actually recycle fish? That idea is at the heart of the catch and release program popular among many Colorado Springs anglers. To draw awareness to a possible depletion of the fishing species two local fishing guides are setting out for a fly fishing marathon. Not only do they intend to bring attention to the concept of catch and release fishing but also for cleaner Colorado Rivers. This 24-hour fish-a-thon is going to benefit an organization called Recycled Fish. As any decent angler will tell you it’s not so much in catching the of the fish and bringing it home for dinner but in the skill with which it takes to tie a fly and make a proper cast. On some level the fish is almost secondary to this well practiced sport. That’s why many fly fishermen adopt the catch and release philosophy. This will give the fish a chance to go back to their lives and live to fight another day!
Although it might seem odd to recycle fish, there are many items that can be recycled that aren’t necessarily associated with the typical municipal recycling program. We all know that around Colorado Springs folks can separate their plastics, papers and metal objects into the recycling bins for weekly pickup. That’s the easy stuff that has become routine to recycle. But what about the bigger items such as electronic gear or furniture?
What Else Needs Recycling?
With regard to electronic gear this is called e-waste and needs to be handled properly when disposed of. You might not like to think of this but if you were to break down your computer monitor, television or other types of electronic gear you might find yourself releasing some hazardous materials into the atmosphere. Not to mention all those sharp edges you would come across. Most municipal trash collectors have been instructed not to pick up electronic waste when they see it.
The same can be said for furniture that you plan on tossing out. A sofa is not something you could sit by the curb and hope that the weekly garbage man will shove into the back of their truck. That’s just not going to happen. Technically, you could also be fined for leaving large objects out the curb.
The proper way to get rid of furniture is to hire a local based Colorado Springs junk hauling team, Junk King, to come by your place and pick up you don’t want anymore. The major difference is you can now flag your furniture for recycling.
You might have worn out your sofa but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any life left in that piece of furniture. Breaking down a sofa means you have wood, cloth, foam, vinyl and metal that can all be recycled, repurposed and reused. Junk King Colorado should know right where the major recycling centers are located around Colorado Springs. In fact they are probably part of their daily routes. It’s a safe bet think that you’ll enjoy your new sofa a lot more knowing you’ve reduced your carbon footprint by recycling your old furniture.

Colorado Springs Trash Pickup – Where’s Your Trash Ending Up?

Every city handles their garbage in different ways. Often this will mean that residents are charged a type of municipal tax on their power bill that covers the cost of a weekly trash pickup. A city that has adopted a recycling program actually uses the proceeds from that program to pay for the pickup services. It’s the perfect example of recycle, repurpose and reuse. In Colorado Springs there is no such thing as municipal garbage removal. The responsibility of this falls to the homeowners or landlords to arrange for a private company to pick up the trash and make sure it is properly disposed of. This might be one of the reasons what Colorado has one of the lowest recycling rate in the country. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement.
If you already have a trash pickup company who is taking away your garbage the question then becomes are you happy with their services? Is the company dependable? Do you feel like you’re getting a decent service in return for the fees you’re paying? As with any other kind of service that you’re paying for there is nothing wrong with shopping around to get the best deal. One of the things you should ask your trash pickup company is just where are they taking your trash?
The “dirty little secret”  of any community is that it’s going to generate tons of garbage everyday and that garbage needs to go somewhere. Most often this will mean a landfill somewhere on the outskirts of town. For anyone who is unfortunate enough to live downwind of a landfill, you know what a potentially vile experience that can be. The purpose of a landfill is to merely dump garbage in a hole and wait for it to decompose and melt. Actually that process takes hundreds of years. Until then all kinds of chemical compounds from that melting garbage is released into the air and leeched into the ground. Not a pretty picture is it? This is why recycling and safe dumping is so important, especially in Colorado.
Safe dumping means using a landfill that has been constructed using modern technology. The pit for the garbage should be lined with a protective covering that can prevent seepage. When the landfill has met maximum capacity, it can be covered over and effectively sealed off. This approach has the least impact on our environment. Are you sure your trash is being handle this way?
As for recycling, there are also many facilities around Colorado who can break down recyclable materials and reuse them. Junk King Colorado Springs is one trash pickup company who specializes in making sure your waste ends up in the right place. Sure, it might take a little effort on your part to do the research, but once you’ve set this up you can feel proud that you’re doing your part to keep Colorado Springs clean and environmentally safe. And that’s a great lesson to teach the kids!

Colorado Recycling – An Award Winning Endeavor

Did you know that if you live in Colorado you could actually win an award for recycling? The Colorado Association of Recycling offers up an annual award that “recognizes governmental entities, individuals, companies, media and organizations for their excellence in recycling or promotion of recycling.” They have encouraged citizens to make nominations on behalf of exceptional recyclers in several categories including Outstanding Media Coverage, Outstanding Elected Official, Outstanding Outreach – Educational Institution, Outstanding Outreach –Municipality (City, County, or State), Outstanding Business Recycling/Diversion Program, Outstanding Government Recycling/Diversion Program, Outstanding Volunteer Of the Year and Recycler of the Year. There is even a Lifetime Achievement award presented by the organization to that individual or business which has dedicated themselves to the recycling way of life.
One recycling program that has already received praise is the University of Colorado’s program which was started back in 1976. Thanks to this program the entire CU campus has become eco-friendly. The National Recycling Coalition awarded their prestigious Outstanding School Program award to the university for their continuing efforts to recycle and educate students about environmental friendly policies.
So, how would you rate your own recycling abilities? Are you “award worthy?” Thanks to increased awareness and easier access, Colorado has moved up the ranks of states who have improved their recycling. There are three basic options when it comes to individual recycling. You can either sort for curbside pickup, drop off on your own or donate to a charity center. The easiest of those options would be the curbside pickup. Once you’ve committed to the recycling program it becomes a matter of routine to separate out your plastics, papers, glass and metals.
What some folks don’t realize is that whenever possible, it’s always best to rinse items like milk jugs, juice cartons or bottles. Remember that these materials will still be passed through machines and grinders both of which are manned by workers. Having clean materials to work with makes the recycling facility environment that much nicer.
For drop off recycling, you can take the same types of refuse that you recycle at home. However, these centers are really meant for those kinds of items which couldn’t be picked up. Basically this means e-waste or hazardous materials. Both of those kinds of junk need to be disposed of properly. The e-waste can be broken down for components such as glass monitor tubes, metal casings for hard drives and plastics from computer keyboards. As for hazardous waste, these would be all those solvents, cleaners and cans of unused paint you might have sitting around your home or garage. The reason you probably are hanging onto these items is because you know you can’t merely pour them down the drain or toss them out with the trash.
As for charity recycling, there are many organizations in Colorado that will offer pickup services for items to be recycled that could benefit their own programs. Of course, you also have the option of going independent by hiring a professional and ec0-friendly hauling company like Junk King who can come by and in one easy trip gather up all your recyclable junk from old furniture and mattresses to yard waste. Just remember, the more you can recycle the better chance you have of winning!  For Junk King’s eco-friendly hauling services simply call 1-888-888-JUNK.

Colorado Junk Recycling

It all started with one tire.  Now the Midway, Colorado tire dump is home to over 30 million discarded tires. That is around 7.5 million cars worth of tires. If left to rot, those tires can cause a lot of trouble for the surrounding area. And one lightning strike could set the mound ablaze which can pour noxious fumes into the atmosphere. Luckily there is solution underway.

A Colorado recycling company has taken over ownership of the tires and plans to recycle them to a plant in Pueblo which will use them for an alternative form of fuel. It’s win/win all around. Most Colorado junk recycling doesn’t happen on such a massive scale. However, you can reduce your own carbon footprint by hiring a local company that specializes in junk removal and recycling.

As any green advocate knows, there are the three “R’s” of recycling: recycle, re-purpose and reuse. What does that mean for your old junk? When you hire a Colorado junk recycling crew, they will come by your home to pick up all your discarded garbage. We’re not talking about the weekly trash pick-up but about those bigger items you’ve have scattered around the house and backyard. Things like broken kitchen appliances, auto parts that will never make it back into a car and discarded building scraps. Then there are all the old mattresses, sofas and chairs which have seen better days and now need to go away.  A professional Colorado junk recycling team can have all of those items gone in a matter of minutes.

This is when the re-purpose phase kicks into gear. No matter what type of junk you are recycling, there is probably more than one component that needs to be broken down and separated. The sofa is made of cloth, foam, wood and metal. That’s four different re-purposing piles. Do you know where all the various recycling plants are located in Colorado? You don’t have to know when you hire an experienced junk hauling company.

For the reuse part of the three “R’s” all those different elements are sorted and delivered to the manufacturers who turn them into fresh products. You’ve seen shopping bags or greeting cards with the “made from recycled”  materials on them? Paper is actually the easiest item to recycle. It’s merely a matter of grinding it into pulp, washing it down then reconstituting it into fresh reams.

What’s great about hiring a junk hauling company that recycles is that the most effort you have to exert is dialing them on the phone. Junk professionals will come out to your place and assess the volume of material you want hauled away and recycled. You’ll then schedule an appointment for the haulers to come and take away all your junk. This crew should be licensed and bonded because you don’t want to let just anyone into your home. Then all you have to do is point to the junk you want taken away. That’s even less effort then making the phone call! The best way to keep Colorado clean is to recycle. Take a survey of your home today and see what you can recycle, repurpose and reuse.

The best junk hauling team in the state is Junk King Colorado Springs.  We are professional, affordable and most of all, eco-friendly so that we can keep our environment clean.  Simply give us a call at 1-800-995-JUNK or book a free on site estimate today.

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