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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Clean Up Your Attic – Finally Make it Something Useful

For a long time, attics have been getting a bad reputation. Most of this blame can be Hollywood’s fault. If it’s a horror movie and it’s in a house then it’s a safe bet that something scary is going to be living up in the attic. When you think about it, that makes sense. Our attics often become the depository of all our junk. Got an old trunk with grandma’s stuff in it? Up in the attic is goes. Got an old sewing mannequin that you’re not using? Up in the attic it goes. All those piles of the old clothes, books, furniture, ornaments and holiday decorations? You guessed it; up in the attic it goes. Clearly in the mind of a creative writer, anyone of those objects can be haunted!
What most folks miss out on is that with a little effort, your attic doesn’t have to be such a scary place. Instead, it can become a viable and welcome extra room. The first thing you’ll have to do is get rid of all that junk. Who are you going to call? The best attic clean out company –  Junk King.
You might have had help carrying all that stuff up to your attic so it only stands to reason you should get help carrying it all down again. The difference this time is you really only have to make one trip up the attic steps. Once you’re there with the clean-up crew all you’ll have to do is point to what needs to be taken away and the crew will handle the rest.
As soon as that attic is cleared out you can consider all the possibilities. If this is a space with exposed rafters then all it will take is a little dry wall action to turn it into a functioning room. After all, that’s how the rest of your house was set up. With this extra room, you could give some siblings a much needed break from each other by moving one of them up to the attic. It worked on the “Brady Bunch!” If the kids are all grown up and moved out, you could turn your attic into a quiet zone just for you. Of course that can still work if the kids are home! All you would need is a comfy chair, a lamp and a good book and you’ve created a wonderful oasis. Another great option is to turn the attic into a home office. This could free up some space on your kitchen counter or bedroom where you might have crammed a desk into a corner to accommodate your computer. You’ve got all that space up there; why not use it for more than just junk?
And just because you’re hiring a professional crew to clean out your attic doesn’t mean they are limited to just that space. While you’re at it why not let them go through your basement, garage, closets or backyard? You might just have some junk there that could be hauled away, too!
For the best in Columbus Attic Clean Outs or any type of junk removal services, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate

Clean Out Your Garage and Finally Get That Band Started

If you’re the parent of a teenager with a guitar and you own a garage then you might have already been “blessed” with the formation of a garage band. If not, get ready because it’s coming! This is when a few like minded kids gather together their talents to see if they have what it takes to become the next rock star. Typically this will mean a lot of loud practice, much high-fiving and planning how they will spend all that rock star money that is sure to come pouring in. Hopefully, you’ll be able to encourage them without too much damage to your eardrums.
Of course, before the band can set up, or before you can make any practical use of your garage you’re going to have to clean out the space. That’s when you need to consider hiring a Columbus garage clean out crew like Junk King.
Yes, there is actually a company dedicated to removing all the junk from your garage. They can also take away any other piles of garbage you want to get rid of as well. However, if the focus is on the garage, you probably already know what needs to be taken away. Much like our basements or attics, garages often become the proverbial dumping ground of our lives. This is where we stack up boxes of old files and papers that we no longer have any use for, but just can’t bring ourselves to toss out. The garage is also where old sporting equipment goes to die. Show of hands: who has a broken ping-pong table, unused skies or busted tennis racket collecting dust in their garage?
Then there is the category of household items that can’t be thrown out. These are the big pieces like a busted stove or ratty old sofa. You might have borrowed the “muscle” to move these things out into the garage, but that’s as far as it’s gotten. Why? Because you don’t have the truck to haul those things away. Junk King Columbus’ garage clean out crew will have the truck! They’ll also know right where to take this junk to make sure all of that is disposed properly.
As mentioned above, this professional crew can also make a sweep through your home to take away even more junk. In other words, as long as they are coming by to clean out your garage, why not let them work their magic in your basement, attic or closet. If you start looking around you’re probably going to find plenty to fill up a truck! All you’ll have to do is make the call at 1-888-888-JUNK. When they show up on the scheduled day you just point to what you want taken away and they’ll handle the rest. The moment that garage is cleared out, you can call the band in for practice and plug up your ears with cotton!
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