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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Columbus Computer Recycling

It’s a pretty safe bet to assume that many Columbus residents woke up on Christmas morning to discover Santa Claus brought them some new electronic gizmos and gadgets. For many these new devices would be upgrades from their current devices. That would mean new and improved models of cell phones and futures. As these new happy owners plug-in and start using their new devices all of those old computers and cell phones are going to be pushed aside. And by pushing aside we mean stuffed in the corner or closet because they should be thrown out of the trash.
On the average, there are around 350,000 cell phones and 130,000 computers getting tossed out every day! That amount of electronic waste is going to pile up quickly and make it the fastest-growing part of the US garbage system. It’s also some of the most toxic waste that can be thrown away by average citizens. There are huge amounts of mercury and lead found in all that e-waste and unless it is properly disposed of that waste will be haunting us for generations to come.
If you are interested in recycling your old computer then that would make you part of the 20% of other Americans who do the right thing. Yes, that would leave 80% who are just tossing those old computers and other electronic devices out in the garbage. Once it’s in the back of it garbage truck is not much that can be done in terms of managing those hazardous byproducts. The best recourse for an old computer is to have it sent to a proper recycling facility so that it can be broken down into its base components. A professional team of junk haulers like Junk King Columbus will know just how to handle this kind of material because they are well versed in all manner of recycling projects.
When you mention the word “recycle” images of newspapers and plastic bottles spring to mind but the fact remains that a large portion of all of our garbage and junk can be recycled. Not only does this hold true for computers and other e-waste but also for items like furniture, mattresses and old appliances. The goal is to stop as much as we possibly can from heading to a landfill. The only thing that can happen to garbage in a landfill is to wait around for it to decompose and release all those chemical byproducts. However, if you could separate out the construction materials, grind them up and then repurpose them into new materials then you’ve accomplished the recycling goal.
If it seems like an extravagance to call up a crew of junk haulers just to take away one old laptop it probably is. That’s why you should consider getting rid of your other junk during the same appointment. Think of it as an early spring cleaning project. Do you really want to waste a good spring day cleaning? Get it out of the way now with the help of Junk King Columbus.

Columbus Tree Disposal and History of the Christmas Tree

Every Christmas there is one item that many families all across the world bring into their homes and that would be the Christmas tree. But do you know the history of the Christmas tree? The first time that a decorated tree was put up during the holiday season can be traced back to the 15th century in the German region of Europe. Back then it was the Estonians who started the tradition of setting up what they called a paradise tree in the town square for the purpose of having people gather around and share in holiday celebrations. This evolved into bringing the trees into the home and decorating them sweets, nuts, pretzels and apples for children to enjoy. Remember this was all going down in the 1600s.
Over the years the tradition of the Christmas tree evolved and became a main prop in a popular holiday medieval play that was presented throughout Germany in December. This play had less to do about what went down in Bethlehem and more to do with what happened in the Garden of Eden. As a tribute to Adam and Eve, a fir tree was brought into the home and decorated with apples to represent their time in Paradise. Tradition held that a Christmas tree shouldn’t be decorated until Christmas Eve which is considered to be the day of Adam and Eve.
For a while, the Christmas tree only existed in Germany. It wasn’t until 1781 that the Christmas tree concept was brought over to North America by some soldiers stationed in Québec. While waiting for a potential American attack, the general and his wife entertained guests with their version of a Christmas tree that was decorated with candles and fruit. A few years after this the Christmas tree began popping up in England but only with the Royal family. As little Queen Victoria requested a Christmas tree your room every December the idea began to spread throughout the land.
In America, many German immigrants lay claim to being the first ones to bring the Christmas tree to the United States. Although there are many such stories it all does go back to the Germans so we have that to thank them for. Today, most American families will put up the Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving and keep it up New Year’s. Before the invention of electric lights candles were very popular for decorating Christmas trees and you can only imagine how much trouble that caused.
On a more practical and present level – once your Christmas tree is ready to be taken down it’s going to be close to completely dried out. Usually this will mean dragging the tree out the curb and hoping the garbage collectors will pick it up but that’s really not part of their job description. The best course of action for getting rid of your Christmas tree is to hire professional junk haulers like Junk King Columbus. Not only can they take away the tree but they can probably help you get rid of a lot of the debris left over from Christmas celebrations. The best way to start the New Year is without all that junk!
For the best in Columbus Christmas Tree Disposal, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.
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