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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Columbus Old Washing Machine and Dryer Disposal

Learning how to do laundry is one of those important life lessons that most moms are happy to share with their children, especially when it means that they can add that to their list of chores.  Here’s something a child might not like to hear: just because their mom had a certain way of doing things doesn’t mean there isn’t a better, more efficient way or doing the laundry.

The most important laundry lesson is to embrace sorting. Usually this meant taking the heaping pile of clothes from the hamper and spending time picking through them before loading up the machine. Now you can find a hamper with separate buckets: One for whites and the other for colors. You can even get a hamper with three buckets to use for keeping your dry cleaning in a different pile. This sorting will make laundry day a lot less of a hassle.

If you’re doing all of your laundry one cycle after another then you want to do the whites last especially if you’re using bleach. It should all be gone in one cycle but it’s best to play it safe. When using bleach, even on whites, try to pour it into the water and not onto the clothes and always use hot water. Colors should be washed in cold water. It’s better to get your water running, pour in the detergent, let it mix up and then add the clothes. That way your soap gets to dissolve and do its thing.

To avoid the never-ending battle of the loss sock you can buy sock clips. Yes, that’s a thing. Clip the socks together and wash/dry them that way. A small mesh bag is good for underwear and other delicates that don’t need to mix it up with the bigger articles of clothing.

Above everything else, the most efficient way to do a good laundry cycle is to make sure your washing machine and dryer are working properly.  You cannot underestimate the value of having a high-tech washer / dryer – especially if the one you have has already had years of use.  Your old machine is bound to accumulate quite a bit of wear and tear, which makes its effectiveness for cleaning your laundry that much less efficient.  Newer models have a variety of features and functions that will make your life easier and your clothes cleaner!

If it is about time to swap out the old machine for a new model then you’ll want to give Junk King of Columbus a call.  Getting rid of your own washing machine or dryer can be quite a task – not to mention figuring the right place to responsibly dispose of large appliances like these.  Junk King is the Columbus, Ohio based pro when it comes to removing over-sized items from your home. All you need to do is set up a removal appointment and Junk King will handle the rest. They’ll set you up with an experienced, insured and professional hauling crew and truck to take care of the job. Chances are you didn’t bring your washer and dryer into your home and you shouldn’t worry about taking them out. Let Junk King Columbus do the heavy lifting!

Spring Cleaning Tips In Columbus Ohio

The official first day of spring has come and gone. It was March 30th. Did you get your spring-cleaning done yet? If you’ve been putting off the job, you’re not alone. What’s interesting is that many of the folks who hate cleaning (that means everyone!) miss out on the simple tips which make that chore easier to manage. In other words, if it doesn’t become such a hassle you’ll keep your home sparkling.

To organize your major spring-cleaning effort, you’ll want to get all the cleaning supplies you’ll need. Yes, make a list! The last thing you want to do is run back and forth to the store to get stuff in the middle of the cleaning. A good item to add to that list is a bucket or tray they lets you carry your supplies from room to room. You see all the professional maids use these handy item. Having your cleaning supplies with you as you go will make the job go faster!

First off, strip the beds and get those sheets and blankets in the washer. While those cycles are running, hit the dusting circuit. You want to take everything off of shelves and give it a good wipe down. There are dusters with extension polls that are perfect for clearing out cobwebs, ceiling fans or dusting baseboards. When the dusting is done, it’s time for vacuuming, sweeping and moping. Here is when you want to make sure the pets are at day care and the kids are at the movies. This way you have the room to move around and get the work done without moving obstacles.

As you make your way through your home you’re probably going to discover a lot of stuff that can be tossed out. It won’t take long to overflow your garbage cans. What happens if you still have stuff to get rid of?   Also, how about those large junk items that you can’t simply toss in the garbage can, like appliances, furniture items, e-waste, yard debris and more.  You don’t want to improperly dispose of hazardous electronics, and you also don’t want to hurt yourself trying to haul huge items to the curb.   That would bring your entire spring cleaning operation to a screeching halt.

It’s times like this when you should call in Junk King Columbus. These are the Columbus, Ohio based junk removal specialists who have taken junk removal to a whole new level. The Junk King crew will be doing all the heavy lifting and loading for you while you can keep on handling your spring cleaning operation.

This means if you want to get rid of a sofa or fridge they can handle the job. They’ll be putting all that oversize junk on the back of their truck. As soon as your stuff is all loaded up, the Junk King crew will head out to the nearest recycling center to make sure it’s all properly disposed of.

You can’t really call your home totally clean for the spring if it still has junk sitting all over the place. Let Junk King Columbus take care of that for you!

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