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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Fall decluttering in Columbus – clean up at home and beyond

fall declutteringCalling all cleanup volunteers. Your help is needed in the Wayne National Forest. Local officials has have put out the word for help on upcoming Saturday to clear the forest of over 400 tires, construction waste and other rubbish that has been dumped there by careless individuals. All it took was for one reckless person to dump something and then others followed. Before you know it you have an illegal dumpsite. It is the height of carelessness. Think about the effort it takes to load up a car with trash, drive it out into this forest and dump it knowing it is going to ruin the environment. Fortunately, there will be help provided by those local Ohio volunteers to get that area cleaned up.

When it comes to cleaning up your own home, there is nothing wrong with asking for a little extra help. That help can be provided by Junk King North Columbus. These are the local Ohio junk removal professionals that are part of a national franchise that has set the standards for this kind of hauling service. Professional service makes all the difference whether you’re getting your house painted, your car tuned up or your junk removed.

The first thing that Junk King is aware of is how valuable your time is. That’s why we will work with your schedule to make the pickup appointments as convenient as possible. Often this could mean a same day appointment. Call in the morning and your junk could be gone by lunchtime!

Our crews are trained to be extremely courteous. The best way for us to build our business is through positive word of mouth and that can only happen with satisfied customers. We’ve certainly got those in abundance. You can find proof on the review section of our Facebook page.

As far as what Junk King Columbus can take away from your home, it is pretty much anything that isn’t nailed down! Even if something is nailed down the JK crew can help pull it up. The team that will be coming out to your property will do all the lifting and loading. You don’t have to break a sweat or strain your back. This is your chance to finally toss out those heavy objects like broken AC units, sofas, recliners, loveseats, mattresses and kitchen appliances. By having those items taken away by Junk King you’re going to get back a lot of space in your home. Whether you need more storage or want to set up a home office, having Junk King Columbus help you with the decluttering is the best way to go.


Columbus Carpet Disposal and Recycling

old carpet removalBuying a new carpet might come down to a question of how fast you respond to spills. You can buy a high grade carpet that will last a lot longer but you’ve got to stay on top of keeping it clean. That means frequent vacuuming and immediately treating any stain

For a person who is trying to maintain their carpet’s appearance, here are some considerations when buying new carpets.

First, Do you have pets or small children and are you able to keep up on the housework. For example, do you or your housekeeper vacuum regularly. Also, do you respond to accidents on your carpets promptly? If the answer is yes to both questions, you should consider buying higher grades of carpets (more fiber content per square foot). With proper care, the higher grades of carpets should last longer and provide a better return on your investment. If the answers above were no, a higher grade carpet will probably not last very long and you might want to look at lesser grades of carpets.

Sculpted carpets (carpets with high low patterns) are quite attractive but should be used in rooms that are not high use rooms. These types of carpets will show wear patterns quicker due to the high low nature of the fibers. The high spots do not have the support of neighboring fibers and will get worn down to the level of the low fibers resulting in a visible wear pattern.

Berber carpets are also quite attractive but once again should be considered for rooms that are not high useage. A Berber carpet, by the nature of its weave, is hard to clean when dirt gets into its fibers. Also, they can unravel if the loops get damaged (cats or dogs scratching can create damaged loops) and the less expensive Bebers tend to show wear patterns quicker.

So when you finally decide on the type of carpet you want to install, how do you handle getting rid of and hauling off that old carpet?  After ripping it off the floor that carpet can take up a ton of space in your basement or attic and end up collecting dust or becoming a home for insects and animals.  It’s best to haul it out of your home as soon as possible. However, it’s difficult to simply place that carpet in the back of your car;  your car might not be able to safely fit it and it also could potentially damage your vehicle.

Your best option is with Junk King Columbus, a company that can efficiently  haul off your carpet or any other old junk items you have lying around your home.  Not only that, but they’ll do so in an eco-friendly manner, always recycling whatever items they can in order to keep your neighborhood green.

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