Turn Your Old Mattress Over To Junk King

It is nice when you can make that decision to get rid of your old mattress on your own terms. Typically, that will happen after you slept on that mattress for 8 to 10 years. That is how long mattresses usually last. The worst-case scenario would be if you had to get rid of your mattress in a hurry. That might happen if there was a bedbug infestation.  Unfortunately, bedbugs can be transferred from a lot of public spaces and not just hotel rooms. They have been found in libraries, buses, airplanes and movie theaters. You might be able to eradicate a bedbug infestation with a professional exterminator. But often they recommend getting rid of the mattress altogether. Fortunately, Junk King Columbus can help with that type of removal. They also can make it happen very fast.

Special Precautions

If you are getting rid of the mattress because of bedbugs, then you want to let junk King know that up front so that they can take special precautions for their moving crew. You don’t have to be embarrassed about asking for this kind of help. The Junk King crews have a lot of experience with these situations and will handle them with care and discretion.

In a typical mattress removal situation, the Junk King crews will also provide the same level of professionalism. They want to make sure that removing that mattress is not going to cause any damage to your property. This is the kind of experience care that makes these removal jobs go a lot smoother.

 Set Up the Right Time

You want to set up the right time for your mattress to coordinate with the arrival of mattress. Junk King can be very accommodating with their scheduling. As soon as you know the date of that delivery you can lockdown your session with Junk King. Keep in mind that Junk King might also have your mattress recycled. That is always a preferable method of disposal and is something that Junk King is happy to do is part of their service.

When you need to get rid of an old mattress, Junk King Columbus will be standing by to make it happen.

Clear Out The Rubbish For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day often involves a special night out on the town. Most popular restaurants are booked weeks in advance. Some also offer a special Valentine’s Day menu. This might seem like it’s a unique experience but in truth it is the restaurants way of getting as many folks in and out as quickly as possible. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with making a special Valentine’s Day dinner especially if your partner is the one that does all the cooking. There are other ways that you can make this a special day for them around the house. Consider clearing out the rubbish with help from Junk King Columbus. It might not be the same as a dozen roses but it is certainly the kind of Valentine’s Day gift that would be appreciated for a long time.

All the Work

Most of the things that junk King collects on a daily basis are those types of objects around the house that can be tossed out in the trash. These the bigger pieces like sofas, recliners and refrigerators that require a moving crew and a big truck in order to facilitate the disposal. That is exactly what Junk King is going provide. All you have to do is point to the things that you want taken away in the Junk King crew will do all the work of lifting and loading those objects onto the truck.

If you are setting this up as a kind of Valentine’s Day surprise, then Junk King can help by locking down a specific time that works best in your schedule. The good thing about Junk King is that they pride themselves on their promptness. Even if this session wasn’t a surprise it will still be appreciated because of all the work that will be accomplished. The Junk King team can remove furniture and other bulky items from any room in the house and that includes the basement or an upstairs bedroom. Once they are finished clearing out all of your unwanted items your home will truly be transform.

This Valentine’s Day, bring in Junk King Columbus to clear out the rubbish and watch how many points you score!

Begin Your New Year Without Any Junk House

The best approach for making a New Year’s resolution is to keep it simple and obtainable. Winning the lottery is a nice dream but not a realistic resolution. However, starting a saving plan is something you can absolutely put into action even if it is a little bit each week. A resolution can also be successful when you get support. For instance, you could make a resolution to keep your home clean and organized. The support you can get for that goal can come from Junk King Columbus. These are the junk hauling pros who can go a long way towards helping you get all the junk out of your house for the New Year.

Any Junk Item

When you hire Junk King you are going to be working with a dedicated moving crew who is going to do the heavy lifting for you. You can certainly take full advantage of having Junk King at your home and have them move a bunch of little objects. That can be a very helpful clearing of your closets and cabinets. But you can also use them to remove the big stuff like a sofa bed or dresser that you want to clear out for good. The Junk King crew will find the best route to get those bulky items out of your home without causing damage to the walls or floors. One glance of the reviews posted by happy Junk King customers demonstrates that they are getting this kind of work done every day.

Essentially, any junk item that you have in your home can be loaded up from removal by the Junk King team. That load up work can extend to your yards, too. There are probably plenty of things you would like to have removed from your yard. Junk King doesn’t mind getting a little dirty to get the job done!

A New Year without any junk in the house is a good goal to strive for. One session with Junk King Columbus can make that happen.

Junk King Offers Full-Service Rubbish Removal

How many items in your home would you like to get rid of? Obviously, if something can fit into a trashcan then it will probably be instantly disposed of. But the bigger pieces like furniture and large appliances have a tendency to be put into storage anywhere there is empty space around  a home. That could be out of the garage, down in the basement or even out on a back porch. One thing is for sure, there’s no need to hang on to something when you are done using it or if it is broken beyond repair. The moment you have made that distinction that item has become rubbish. The best course of action then you find a full-service rubbish removal company. That would be Junk King Columbus.

Quick Removal

Junk King prides itself on providing exceptional service to its customers. One of the recurring comments that Junk King receives is how fast they work. A phone call to Junk King gets an immediate response. The same can be said for an email. The goal for Junk King is to complete your rubbish removal session by the following day of that initial contact. It might be the Junk King can also provide you with the same day pickup. That all depends on how early you call in and the availability of the crews.

When the Junk King moving team shows up in your home they also like to move fast. They don’t want to keep you away from your day off any longer than necessary. Of course, there are some cleanup jobs that require a significant amount of time. On those big jobs like a foreclosure cleanout, Junk King will dispatch additional workers trucks to make sure everything gets cleared out in a single appointment. Best of all, there is no additional charge for those extra workers. That all falls under the flat fee price structure provided by Junk King.

That price will always be based on how the truck gets packed up and not by how heavy something might be. That can make a big difference to your bottom line especially if you are getting rid of construction waste or yard debris.

The best full-service rubbish removal company remains Junk King Columbus. Set up a session today.

Let Junk King Take Away Your Old TV

Is your current TV mounted on the wall or does it sit inside an entertainment  center? With the advent of flatscreen TVs a lot of televisions found their way to be mounted on the wall like a picture. This is actually a practical use of the space given that the flatscreen TV does not take up much floorspace. It is also much more secure to have a TV mounted on the wall when you have little kids or pets scurrying about. Mounting a television on the wall is something that is best left to professionals to handle. You definitely don’t want to have that TV crashing down because it was installed improperly. Your flatscreen TV might be several years old. Even though the picture quality has improved not every television is meant to last forever. If you need to upgrade your current flatscreen, then you should arrange with Junk King Columbus to take away your old TV. This is the best way to handle that type of removal challenge.

Proper Unhooking

As you unhook your old TV, you might want to label each one of those input cables so that you will remember where it goes on the new TV. Of course, if you are upgrading the television set itself, then you might also be upgrading all your cable. A lot can be said for starting over when it comes to plugging in your TV to your sound system.

The old TV will need to be dropped off at a certified recycling center. That is something that Junk King takes care of is part of their complete junk removal service. You might also check around the house to see if there any other electronics that you need to clear out. Most often we hold onto old DVD players, game consoles and computer equipment because we know those shouldn’t be tossed out in the trash. Junk King can drop off those items along with the old TV for responsible disposal.

Getting rid of your old TV needs to be done the right way and that is just what Junk King Columbus provides.

Get Your Home Ready For The Holidays With Help From Junk King

You may be just days away from your first official holiday gathering at your house but it probably won’t be the last. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are a lot of opportunities for friends and family to come over whether that’s just for quick cup of tea or for a festive holiday party. Either way, you want to make sure that your home is always warm and inviting. All of the holiday decorations certainly contribute to that festive atmosphere. But before the first string of lights gets strung up you should consider bringing in Junk King Columbus for a big cleanup session. This is a terrific way to get your home ready for the holidays.

Making Room

When you hire Junk King for a cleanup session, the finished “product” should be a lot more room in your house. That new space can be found out in the garage after you cleared out all the unwanted clutter that you’re keeping in storage. It can also come from the closet after you have removed all the outfits that will no longer be wearing. They can even be bigger amounts of space cleared out when you remove old furniture from a spare room or down in the basement.

All of that new room that you are making your home can either be left empty or put to more practical use. You can create a wonderful guestroom up in the attic or down in the basement when you cleared out some of that unwanted rubbish. That will certainly make you feel a lot better about inviting out of town guests to stay over for the holidays!

An Affordable Fee

The cost for this cleanup help is going to be very affordable. What Junk King charges is a flat rate based on how the truck is packed up with all the stuff that you are getting rid of. If you were to try and pull off this kind of job on your own, then you would be paying a lot more to hire a freelance crew of movers and rent a truck. There is also all the time you are going to be saving with Junk King that should be a factor. And time is always important to have over the holidays!

The best approach to get your home ready for the holidays is to hire Junk King Columbus from the start. Set up your session today.

Bring In Junk King To Keep Your Construction Site Clean

The most important thing to bring to any construction site are the materials that are going to be used to build that project. That requires some careful planning and scheduling. You certainly don’t want to have a crew sitting around waiting for a truck delivery. It also helps to arrange for certain support services like a food truck and portable toilets for a construction job. That also provides a level of comfort for the crews and keeps them close to the job.

Additionally, keeping that construction site clean helps promote workplace safety and increases productivity.  Experienced workers know that they need to dedicate a little time at the end of each day to clean up the workspace. However, that cleaning might just mean sweeping debris into a pile for pickup later on. That is when Junk King Columbus can swing into action. These are the professional junk haulers who have a lot of construction site cleanup experience. They can make sure your construction site is never overrun with debris.

A Focused Crew

When you hire Junk King for your construction site cleanup you will be getting a crew that is focused on just a single task. They will come in at the designated time, pick up all the construction scrap and debris, loaded onto the truck and then drive off. That entire process might not take a lot of time for the Junk King. It certainly won’t take any time for your own work crew. Although appreciated, the team from Junk King doesn’t need help from your team. They can manage loading of their truck all on their own. That allows your crew to stay focused on their tasks the day.

Hiring Junk King means budgeting for the service. Junk King has a flat rate based on how the truck will get filled up with all the debris. Whether you take up half the truck for the full truck bed it will be reflected in the final price. You will know what that estimate is before the loading work begins. The team from Junk King is happy to make this process fast and affordable for your project.

Keeping your construction site clean is easy when you hire Junk King Columbus at the start of your project.

Outsource Your Junk Hauling To Pros From Junk King

Many successful businesses utilize outsourcing as a way to keep up with the demands of their customers. That outsourcing can mean manufacturing products in a different state or country. It could also mean setting up a call center to handle orders at a place where the company is situated. Around your home, you can also outsource tasks. Not every repair or installation is something that can be handled as a DIY project. When it comes to junk hauling, you definitely would need to outsource that chore to a company like Junk King Columbus. They provide the manpower and the truck space needed to clear out just about anything you want to get rid of from your home or yards.

What Needs to Go?

When you hire Junk King the big benefit is that you will be having a crew that is going to be doing all the heavy lifting. That can have a positive impact on determining what you want to get rid of. When Junk King is on the job anything goes that isn’t considered hazardous material. That means any piece of furniture or appliance in your home can be safely removed by the two-man moving crew from Junk King. It doesn’t matter to them if that object happens to be down in your basement or up in your attic. The focus for Junk King is always to get those pieces you want taken away onto the truck as quickly as possible.

When you schedule your session with Junk King you will be asked to set aside a two-hour window. That two-hour is more for traffic time than loading time. If you have the kind of cleanup that might take upwards of two hours to complete, then there is a good chance that Junk King would send over additional crew members to speed up the process. They want to make sure everything cleared out single session and sometimes that takes extra help. Fortunately, you will be paying for that extra help. It is all included in the flat fee that is based on how the truck is packed up and not about how heavy some be or how long the crew stays in your house. This is the best approach for this kind of service.

When you need to outsource junk hauling for your home, you need to bring in the crew from Junk King Columbus.

Hire Junk King To Help Shutdown Your Storage Unit

When you first rented your storage unit it was probably out of an immediate need. Whether you needed to put things into storage in between moves or had to clear out space in your current home a storage unit came in handy. It was probably something that also filled up fast. Even if you rented a unit that was larger than you thought need there’s always that tendency to put things into storage in order to make more room around the house. You might now be at a crossroads deciding whether or not those items that you are keeping in storage are worth paying the rental charge. The longer things are kept in storage the more it becomes obvious that you don’t need them. If you are ready to shut down your storage, then you’re ready to hire Junk King Columbus.

Pull Everything Out

Ideally, your storage unit will be situated in a way that will allow you to pull everything out in order to sort through it all. That will allow you to make quick decisions as to which items you want to keep and which ones you want to turn over to Junk King. There is a good chance that you will discover a few things that you forgot put into storage. Those might have a place back in your house. Anything else that has no value to you doesn’t need to be kept in storage where a monthly fee keeps adding up.

Of course, not everything you are getting rid of from your storage unit is necessarily trash. There could be a way to use some of those items. That is why Junk King will strive to make it drop off at one of the many local charities in the Columbus area. Junk King has made partnerships with these organizations and knows exactly what they’re looking for any given time. This way nothing has to go to waste that you are getting rid of.

The sooner you hire Junk King Columbus to shut down your storage the sooner you can start saving on those rental fees. Book that session today.

Kickoff The Fall Season Without Any Rubbish In The Home

Every season brings its own set of traditions. The winter is for celebrating the big holidays. Spring is for planting in the garden. Summer is for vacations. And the fall is all about the pumpkins! There was a time not too long ago when the only pumpkin issue you had to deal with was how you were going to carve up your jack-o’-lantern for Halloween.

Today, you are presented with all kinds of pumpkin options in everything from your choice of latte to the kind of breakfast cereal you want to enjoy. Fall is also the traditional time of year when cleanup happens around the home and yard. This is in anticipation of the upcoming holiday season. After all, if you are going to be putting carve pumpkins on proud display, then you want to make sure there is no debris causing distractions in your front yard. One of the best ways to kick off the fall season is to get all the rubbish removed from your home. That is a job Junk King Columbus can handle.

Leaves then Junk

The first major cleanup task in the fall will be waking up all the leaves that will soon be tumbling off of the trees. It helps to start at the top and work your way down. That means climbing up on the ladder to get to the rain gutter and clearing out all that debris. After that, you can set your sights on raking up the leaves around the front backyard. Just what can Junk King do for this task? You can amass a big pile of bagged up leaves and turn them over to Junk King as part of your yard waste removal. You might also have some tree branches that you have pruned that need to be removed. It is not just sofas that the Junk King crew can haul away but any kind of debris.

Of course, there will always be room on the truck for the sofas! You’ll have to dedicated movers assigned to your task and that is the perfect crew to help you get rid of all the unwanted items in your garage, basement, upstairs rooms and closets. The Junk King crew will go to wherever the rubbish is to lift and load for you.

You will enjoy the fall season around your home a lot more once all the rubbish is cleared out. Junk King Columbus can make that happen with one call.