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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Make Home Organization Easy

The most time-consuming part of organizing your home comes with sorting through all the stuff you accumulated over the years. The more junk you have crammed in drawers, cabinets and closets the more time you’ll have to take sorting through it. This could be a benefit as you find a bunch of stuff you thought was long missing. It is also going to free up a lot of space and help you organize whatever it is you’re keeping. The challenge then becomes what you do with all the piles of stuff that you want to throw out. If you can fit it into a trashcan, then it’s easy to take care of. However if you’re dealing with a major garbage overflow situation then you definitely want to bring in Junk King Columbus. These are the junk removal pros that will be able to help you with your home organization project like never before.


You’ll still have to dedicate time to sorting through all the stuff you’re keeping in storage. However, that is the extent of the time you need to devote to this project. With junk King on the job you won’t have to rent a truck, higher crew, load everything up and then drive around Columbus looking for a proper place to dispose of it all. Junk King Columbus takes care of all of that from start to finish.

The best part of hiring junk King Columbus is the fact that you’ll be getting to capable and dependable movers to do all that actual lifting and loading. You don’t have to bring anything up from the basement or down from upstairs. Just show the crew what item you want taken away and they’ll handle the rest. Even if that means making a dozen trips up and down the stairs, they’re going to get it done.

In addition to all the great work that junk King can do clearing out the clutter from the inside of your home they also be able to do a sweep around your front and back yards. This is a terrific opportunity to remove all those things that have been rotting away out there. If there’s anything that is rusting or breaking down then turn it over to the crew. Home organization is easy when you’ve got the right plan and that starts with hiring junk King Columbus.

Is Your Backyard Ready For Grilling This Summer?

The first thing you need to do to get ready for grilling season this summer is to make sure your barbecue grill is good to go. There could be said crust left over from your last grilling session. Ideally, the best time to clean the grill is when it is still warm. A few swipes with the wire brush is all it takes to clear the grizzle. Next, you’ll want to make sure your chosen fuel source is also ready for action. If it’s been a couple of months since you use the grill and you’re working with propane it might be a good idea to turn in the old tank and get a new one. As for your grilling recipe, there is an endless amount of options for meat, chicken and fish. This should be the summer when you step out of your comfort zone and experiment with marinades and rubs. What’s the worst that can happen? You cook a great meal!


In addition to getting your grill ready you’ll also want to give your backyard the once over. After all, the best thing about grilling is also eating outdoors. You might not feel comfortable inviting family and friends over if your yard is still cluttered with all kinds of debris. One call to Junk King Columbus can get all that clutter removed in a single cleanup session.

A lot of the things you might want to get rid of in your yard are probably too big to throw into a trashcan. That is where the team from Junk King Columbus is going to be a big help. Not only can they lift any heavy object like chunks of concrete or bricks but they can also take apart anything you want removed. This is a great opportunity to clear away a dilapidated tool shed or child’s swing set that is no longer being used. Junk King has even been known to pull up fences and take down pools.

Although you might call Junk King to help clean up your backyard you can also put in the work around the inside of your home removing all the unwanted stuff from your closets and garage. Just think of how much better your home will be without all that clutter. Call Junk King Columbus today to make sure you’re ready for grilling season this summer.

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