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Contra Costa Junk Removal Prices

While the east coast has to contend with the cleanup after a fierce storm, in California we need to deal with the aftermath of the occasional earthquake. Just last week, a big rumble shook the area around Napa Valley. The result was a lot of fallen bricks and store shelves cleared of product. This is the kind of massive cleanup that has to happen fast in order for businesses to become operational again. Homeowners who suffered damage need to get that debris removed and their homes inspected. It’s a big headache. However, the cleanup aspect can be made easier with the help of Junk King. This is the professional junk hauling company who is standing by to provide a rapid response for any type of cleanup.


When you call in to set up a junk removal appointment with Junk King, you’ll be asked where you are, when you want the job done and what you’re throwing out. Your location and schedule is important because in many instances, Junk King can provide same-day service. If we have a crew close to your home, they could be there within hours. Telling the dispatch representative what you’re throwing out is important because they want to make sure you’ll have enough crewmembers to handle the job. At a minimum, Junk King provides two hard working movers for every junk removal session. If you have a bigger job like a foreclosure cleanout or major quake damage, then Junk King can dispatch even more crewmembers. Best of all you won’t be paying any extra for the labor.

Junk King’s pricing policies are based on volume and not weight. That would be the volume of your stuff as it would be packed onto the back of the truck. This is an estimated fee provided by the Junk King crew who will size up your job. Once you agree to the estimate, that price is locked down. It’s not going to change with added charges or extra fees. If you were to price out this type of service on your own, it could become a very expensive proposition. Between hiring crew, renting a truck, paying dump fees and giving up your own work time your DIY junk removal can cost a pretty penny. The Junk King price covers all those factors and for a whole lot less. When you’re ready to get serious about junk removal, count on Junk King to get the job done.

Hoarder Cleanup Help In Contra Costa

Let’s face it, there is a little bit of a hoarder in all of us. The definition of hoarding is holding onto something with no immediate intention of throwing it away. So, what are you hoarding? The casual hoarder could be holding onto a stack of take-out menus to restaurants that have been closed. They could also be holding onto old magazines, newspapers and junk mail. The clothes hoarder is someone who has closets full of clothes that are out of style or they don’t fit into. Hoarding only becomes a problem when it turns into an obsession. You might be holding onto these things because you simply haven’t gotten around to throwing them out or you don’t have the means to get rid of them. That can be solved with a call to Junk King.


Before scheduling your hoarder cleanup appointment with Junk King, you’ll want to provide them with a rough estimate of how much you’re throwing out. Although you might classify your cluttered garage as a hoarding zone, a true hoarder might need multiple work crews and trucks to clear out an entire house. In fact, on a recent episode of TLC’s “Hoarders” it took 22 trucks to cleanout a single home. Hopefully, your junk won’t be that massive but if it is, Junk King has your back. They’ll be able to send over as many trucks and crews to get the job done right.

When the crews arrive for the hoarder cleanup appointment, you only have to show them what you want thrown out and they’ll handle the rest. The crews will pick up any heavy object from where it is at. You don’t have to bring anything down from the attic or up from the basement. Let Junk King do that for you.

You should also know that not all of your junk is going to be trashed in a landfill. Junk King will do all it can to divert as much of your rubbish away from a landfill. Instead, they could drop it off at a recycling center or local charity. It’s all part of the complete junk removal service provided by Junk King. As for pricing, you’re only going to be charge a flat fee based on how much space your junk occupies on the back of the Junk King truck. The pros at Junk King can take all the stress out of a hoarder cleanup. Call them today to get your house clear of clutter.