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Contra Costa Foreclosure Cleanout

Like every other major city, Contra Costa is still digging out from under the burst housing bubble. There were hundreds of foreclosed homes around the area that had a huge impact on the local real estate market. Now there are signs the economy is improving and those foreclosure numbers are going down. That’s good news for homeowners in the area who are seeing their property values begin to tick back up. With the real estate marker looking a bit brighter, it might be time to get in on the action. There are still plenty of foreclosed properties that the banks would love to get rid of. This means you could swoop in, make a deal, fix up the house and sell it for a quick profit. Yes, you would be a house flipper and that’s a good thing! To help with this money-making enterprise, you’ll want to get Junk King on your side.

Junk King is a team of junk removal professionals who specialize in the foreclosure cleanout. Often when a previous owner abandons a property to foreclosure, they don’t care what they leave behind. You could walk into a property that is full of old furniture, busted appliances, stained carpets and bags of trash. Don’t let that deter your investment. Instead, get Junk King out to the property ASAP. They’ll know how to handle the clean up.

Every Junk King foreclosure cleanout starts with a two-man moving crew and big truck. That crew should be enough to handle a basic cleanout. If it there is more in the house, then Junk King can provide additional crewmembers. The goal is to get all the taken away fast so that you can bring in painters and contractors to get that home ready for the market.

Not only can a Junk King crew help with the interior cleanup, but they can work wonders with your potential curb appeal. If there are dead bushes, broken fences or any other eyesore items in the yard, the Junk King movers will be happy to clear it all out. Everything goes into the back of the truck. You could have an entire home cleaned out in the morning and a paint crew show up in the afternoon. box-1-457165-m

Contra Costa Couch Pickup

When it comes to illegal dumping in Contra Costa, you have a lot of options with regard to reporting the incident. If you witness some illegal dumping as it is happening, you’re encouraged to call 9-1-1 to get the police out to the site ASAP. Hopefully, you’ll be able to write down any license plate numbers of the dumpers. If you spot debris in any of the creeks around Contra Costa, you should call the Contra Costa Clean Water Program hotline at 1-800-NO-DUMPING. If you spot something like a sofa that has been left on the curb, then you’ll want to contact the municipal city agency where the offense occurred. Of course, most illegal dumping can be avoided if folks just were responsible enough to call Junk King.


That single call to Junk King can set a plan in motion that will have all of your unwanted items removed from your property without you lifting a finger. Consider the couch pickup provided by Junk King. If it took two capable movers to bring that sofa into your home, then it will take the same amount of movers to take it out. These aren’t just any movers. The Junk King crews are all licensed and insured. They’re going to be treating your property as if it were their own. That means no dragging furniture across the floor or banging into walls.

In addition to handling your old couch pickup, that same Junk King crew can remove other bulky items like appliances, bedding, computers, televisions, monitors, chairs, tables and printers. Additionally, that friendly Junk King crew can work wonders around your yard as they help get you ready for the coming fall season. The crews can take away fallen palm fronds, bags of leaves and any other type of yard waste. If you’ve been storing things like lumber, wood and construction debris on your property, now is the time to have it all take away. Everything can be gone in a single junk removal appointment with Junk King.

Junk King can only expand its customer based if all the customers they serve are happy. One look at the glowing reviews on the company website and Facebook page will show you that there are many happy Junk King customers! You might start out with a simple couch pickup and end up with a home that is completely clear of clutter. That is the Junk King way.