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Get Your Family Motivated To Clean

It’s not just the big spring cleaning where you need help from the family but all year long. Your family should be on a regular cleaning schedule where the tasks are shared by everyone. That way there won’t be a single family member that feels overwhelmed (like you!). Here’s how to get your family motivated to clean:


Make It Fun

Cleaning shouldn’t be thought of as drudgery. It can be fun. No reason why a sweeping and dusting session can’t be a dance party. You can also set up a good-natured competition between the siblings to see who can pick up the clothes and toys the quickest.

Chart Success

Every kid likes to get a sticker. It’s a symbol of a job well done. You could set up a reward system where a certain amount of stickers will equal some sort of special prize. After awhile, sticker rewards can morph into a weekly allowance. The goal is to be consistent with the rewards and the consequences for not doing what has been assigned.

Define the Tasks

The first time your child performs a cleaning task you should show them how it should get done. You don’t want to give them any opportunity to cut corners and they will look for those opportunities. It might help to write things out so they can see in an instant what is expected of them. Certain jobs might also be scheduled on a rotating basis.

Don’t Be Bossy

There is a fine line between being bossy and asking for your “team” to pitch in. Kids push back against the boss but are happy to support the team. It might come down to equating cleanup with quality time. When the cleaning gets done by everyone, then everyone can spend time together.

Clear All the Rubbish

Your home can only be well-maintained once you start with a clean slate. That means bringing in Junk King Contra Costa to clear out all the unwanted rubbish. It’s not just the little things that can be tossed out into the garbage but the big stuff like old furniture or electronic gear. That’s where Junk King can make a big difference. With the crew and truck they’ll provide, you can get rid of all kinds of junk. Your family will like the rubbish cleaning help they get from Junk King Contra Costa.

Easy Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Organized

Every time you cook a meal in your kitchen, you’re going to create a bit of a mess. Nothing wrong with that because you’ll clean up when dinner is done. However, there could still be linger issues with clutter long after the dinner dishes have been put away. Here are some easy ways to keep your kitchen organized.


Stack Saucers

Stacking saucers? No problem. Stacking teacups? Problem. Try using the saucers in between. Much sturdy stack. Just don’t go hire than three or four cups.

Affordable iPad Stand

Today, there is an endless supply of recipes available online. That means your iPad can become a virtual cookbook. As you work with the recipes, it will help to have an iPad stand. These are readily available all across the internet and can come in handy when you’re reading and need your hands for cooking.

Chalkboard Paint

Did you know there is such a thing as chalkboard paint? This allows you to create a chalkboard space on any wall. You could even use the paint on your pantry door. It’s a great way to keep a running list of grocery items. A hanging basket for chalk and erasers completes the new grocery list space.

Cake Stands

Cakes look great on cake stands but that’s not the only way you can use them. A cake stand makes a nice place to hold olive oil, salt, pepper and other frequently used seasonings. Much easier to find these items out in the open but not scattered across the counter.

Pot Rack

Is it time to get the pots out of the cabinet and up on the wall? A handrail with several S-hooks makes for a convenient rack for kitchenware. Won’t it be nice to reach for the pan you need as opposed to pulling every pan out of the cabinet and them putting them all back again?

As you go through all the organizing, you’re sure to discover a lot of things you can do without. There might even be broken appliances that are beyond repair. All of that clutter can be picked up by Junk King Contra Costa. While you’re at it, you can use that same Junk King appointment to get all the rest of your rubbish removed from the home. Open up more space in your garage and closets by tossing out the clutter. One junk removal session with Junk King Contra Costa will help you keep your kitchen organized.