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What Is Up In Your Attic Can Come Down With Help From Junk King

The law of gravity states, “What goes up, must come down.” That might apply to things you’re tossing up in the air but when it comes to things you’ve stored up in your attic, gravity isn’t a factor. Too often we use out attics for storage units and most of what goes into storage is forgotten. The exception would be the holiday decorations that get brought down once a year. Everything else from electronics to clothing to furniture falls into the “out of sight, out of mind” category. If your last trip up to the attic found you be crowded out by clutter, then it is time to bring in Junk King Contra Costa. These junk hauling pros will certainly be able to bring everything down in a single attic clearing session.


The first objective is for you to identify exactly what you want removed. The might take a few minutes if everything is out in the open. If you need to go through boxes, then you owe it to yourself to make that happen. This kind of sorting can help you uncover some long forgotten treasures. It can also convince you that is the right thing to do when you suddenly find yourself among heaps of things that can be taken away by Junk King. What you’ll be left with is a lot of space that can be put to more practical use.

Before the Junk King crew begins to load up the truck, they’ll have to estimate how to pack the truck. This is how your flat fee will be processed. Using the concept of volume versus weight for junk removal is a very fair approach. You’ll find that when Junk King offers a fee is will be significantly less than what you would pay if you priced this task out as a DIY project.

When it comes to cleaning out your attic, let Junk King Contra Costa handle it from start to finish. You’ll be glad you did.

Take Care Of Junk Hauling The Right Way

Illegal trash dumping has become major issue in East Contra County and especially in the City of Brentwood. Since this time last year, the City of Brentwood has received approximately 50 littering complaints. Those complaints generated five citations with fines as high as $1,000 but the problem persists.


“I drive on Deer Valley Road six times a week,” said one angered resident to a local online news site. “People dump mattresses, couches, washing machines, furniture, whole living room sets, and bags of who-knows-what out there. I wish they can figure out a way to take care of it or figure out who is responsible. It’s a disgrace!”

Consider the effort that it takes to load up a pickup with all that junk and drive around in the dead of night just to dump it on the side of the road. What is sad is that it is so easy to get rid of that level of rubbish with just one call to Junk King Contra Costa.

Junk King provides the workers and the truck. You provide the junk. As for what that junk can be, the only limit is anything that would be deemed a hazardous material. Everything else can be loaded onto the Junk King truck and that includes any piece of furniture, broken appliance, mattress or old computer. Yes, you can create quite the “collection” of junk with Junk King doing all the work.

All that junk that is loaded onto the Junk King truck will ultimately be sorted back at the Junk King depot. Those items will be separated into a donate or recycling pile. Junk King’s mission is to keep as much of what they collect out of local landfills. That is as big a help for the local environment as preventing illegal dumping. You don’t have to designate those items that can be donated. Junk King knows what all the local charities are looking for at any given time and they’ll strive to get those items to the right place.

When you need junk hauling from your home, you can count on Junk King Contra Costa to get the job done the right way every time.