Make The Right Pick For Your Junk Haulers

Everyone knows there is a “right tool” for every job. How to use that tool the right way is a different story! Sometimes that “tool” comes in the form of a service professional. The right professional can insure that a job is complete on time and at a fair price. When it comes to junk hauling, the right professional would be Junk King Contra Costa. This is a company who has been in the junk hauling business for over a decade and that puts them at the head of the line when it comes to quality work.

What Needs to Go?

Before you set up your session with Junk King, you have to decide what has to go. If you share your home with other family members, then they might have some suggestions as to what they can get rid from their rooms. There will probably be agreement on the big clutter items that nobody is using like appliances or electronics that have already been replaced. Everyone can go through their closets, too and pull out all the shoes, sweaters, shirts, pants and other outfits that will never be worn again. A little dedication to this sorting can purge a lot of clutter from your home. Best of all, the Junk King squad will gladly pick up the piles of that clutter even if there is one pile in every room.

Fast Pickup

When you know what needs to go, then you can set up your Junk King appointment. They’ll ask if this is a big job or a small job. For the really big cleanups, Junk King will send over additional crew members and trucks. All of this is going to happen with a fast turnaround. Most often, the sessions are cleared out within 24-hours of the first call to Junk King.

You won’t have to wait long to get rid of all your clutter when Junk King Contra Costs is on the job. They’re the right junk haulers for any cleanup job.

No Junk Means Increased Home Value

Location is a big concern for any home. However, the value of that location can often change depending on what is surrounding the home. For instance, a home that sits in a neighborhood without any schools isn’t as valuable as a home in a prime school district. If a new school is built in your neighborhood, then the value will go up. The same can be said for new retail stores, restaurants and even churches. A lot of those location additions might be out of your control but there are some things about your home’s value that you’ll be directly responsible for. Start with the unwanted rubbish that has accumulated over the years. Getting that hauled away will improve the look of you property and that can increase the value. All it would take to make that happen is to hire Junk King Contra Costa today.

Get All the Rubbish Removed

Where is the most rubbish that you’d like to get rid of on your property? Is it inside or outside? On the inside of the home, you could have a few pieces of old furniture that you have in a spare room or out in the garage that could be hauled away. There might also be some old electronic gear like televisions or computers that are also taking up valuable storage space. All of that stuff became rubbish the day you stopped using it.

Around the outside of the home, you might have some leftover construction material from a home improvement project. Maybe there are some car parts from the last repair job. There could also be things like a swing set or sand box that the kids have long outgrown. All of those items can be carted away by the team from Junk King in a single session.

Booking Made Easy

Booking a session with Junk King is easy. You pick the day and two-hour window that works best for you. Junk King starts collecting early in the morning and will go late into the evening if need be. They also have appointments open on the weekends. If you’re junk is ready to go, then ask for a same-day pickup. You’ll be surprised at how quickly Junk King can get the job done.

When all the junk is removed from your property, the home value will go up. Bring in Junk King Contra Costa today to make that happen.

Call On Junk King Contra Costa For Your Estate Cleanup

As executor of an estate you get to decide if the home that is part of that estate will be sold off. Quite often, folks will want to keep the home in the family. However, it might help to make renovations and clear out all the unwanted items. To make that happen, you can start with an estate sale. That will certainly help remove a lot of furniture and other household goods. If there is nothing of value with what remains, then you want to bring in Junk King Contra Costa for a thorough estate cleanup.

Every Room Gets Cleared

In an estate sale, you essentially leave everything right where it is. People will then come through the home and if they like something to make an offer and carry it off. Bit by bit rooms can be emptied. The crew from Junk King is going to take that same “room by room” approach when it comes to your estate cleanup. It doesn’t matter how many rooms they have to clear out or how many stairs they have to climb. Their focus is just getting everything loaded onto the truck in a very efficient and safe way.

The Truck Load

The Junk King truck can hold the equivalent of six pickup trucks full of rubbish. That is something you should keep in mind because it will be how your fee is determined. The Junk King team will look over all the stuff you want to get rid of and be able to project an estimate of how it will all fit onto the truck. It may fill up half the truck or the entire truck. Your final price will reflect that amount of usage. It is a flat fee that covers everything including the disposal. That disposal might involve making drop-offs to charities or recycling centers. If anything goes to the landfill, then there is usually a charge. That will all be covered in the fee.

The sooner you set up your estate cleanup with Junk King Contra Costa the sooner you can get things on track. Schedule the session today and watch how fast it can get done!

Take Care Of Office Furniture Removal With One Call

How many phone calls do you think you make from your office in a normal business day? The vast majority of calls generated in office are usually to service clients and to generate more business. There are also calls made to vendors. Of course, you can forget about the calls to order lunch! If your office has limited storage space because of unwanted furniture piling up, then there is one call you can make to get rid of it. That call should be to Junk King Contra Costa. These are junk removal specialists who can help take care of your old office furniture removal in less time than it would take to enjoy your coffee break.

Broken or Replaced

Most office furniture that is tucked away in a corner of the store room is usually there because it has been broken or replaced. The initial thought might be to hold onto some chairs just in case you need them for a meeting. In reality, a chair that ends up in a storeroom will usually stay there. That means that your storeroom is being dominated by things that are never going to be used again. That is not an efficient use of that space. That call to Junk King will put a plan into action that can get all of that office furniture removed swiftly without disturbing your staff.

How it Works

Junk King will dispatch a team of capable movers who will be under your supervision for the duration of the task. When they arrive for the appointment, you’ll show them all the things that you want to get rid of. One glance is all it takes for the Junk King crew to know just how to pack up the truck. That is important because this is how your fee will be determined. The less space that they use, the less you paying. It is not complicated and is extremely fair. That flat rate includes the cost for the labor, truck and the disposal. That disposal might include a drop off at a recycling center or a charity if there are usable items. Junk King’s green disposal policies can be your company’s green disposal policies!

Taking care of office furniture removal isn’t complicated when Junk King Contra Costa is on the job. Make that call today.

Schedule A Junk Move Before The Big Move

There is a lot to schedule when you’re getting ready to move. Obviously, the most important element are the professional movers themselves. As you might guess, they are always booked on the first of the month. That can actually work to your advantage. If you have a flexible moving schedule, then you could book the movers during the week and might be able to negotiate a better rate. Most moving companies charge by the hour. That means you don’t want them wasting a lot of time packing up things that you just gonna throw out on the other side. This is why you should schedule a junk move before your big move with Junk King Contra Costa.

When thinking about the new place you moving into, how much of your current furniture are you going to use? Does everything fit in with your new decorating scheme? If your furniture is one out and you are going to replace it, then you should do it before the move. The crew from Junk King will be able to help get those heavy objects out of your house and out of the way. This ultimately might make the packing go a lot easier because you have more room for boxes.

Junk King doesn’t just have to take away furniture but also other items like electronics, clothing and other household goods. That sounds like the kinds of things that might be able to be used by another family. Fortunately, Junk King has developed relationships with many charities in the area. They know exactly what these organizations are looking for and when they come across items that could be reused, they will make every effort to drop those things off at those charities. It is always nice when our usable possessions can keep on being used even when we’re done with them.

It will be easy to schedule your session with Junk King. Once you’ve locked down all the things you want to get rid of, you can call to set up the appointment. It can be before moving day or right after. Either way, the crew from Junk King won’t take up a lot of your time and removing that rubbish will be one less thing to worry about.

Hiring Junk King Contra Costa to get rid of your unwanted items is going to make your move to a new place go a lot smoother. Set that plan into motion today.

Start Your Spring Cleaning With Junk Hauling

Although the first day of spring is officially just a few weeks away, you can still start to plan your big spring cleaning. The priority would be to make sure you have all of your cleaning supplies ready to go. You should carry those supplies with you in a bucket into every room you clean and don’t leave that room until everything is taken care of. That way you can decide just how many rooms you want to do on any given weekend day. You don’t have to do everything all at once! Beyond getting your cleaning supplies ready another big help to start your spring cleaning would be to clear out the junk. There will probably be a lot of miscellaneous items that just need to be put into drawers and cabinets. But there could also be a lot of bigger items that need to be removed for a genuine spring cleaning. When junk hauling is required the best call to make is to Junk King Contra Costa.

Removing old furniture that you have been eager to replace will provide you with the opportunity to finally clean the floor or carpets that are underneath that item. It could literally have been years since the last time you were able to get out of under that sofa. The team from Junk King are expert movers who have a lot of experience lifting and loading all kinds of furniture. There might be a few items in your home that have to be taken apart in order for them to sit out the door. The Junk King crews won’t have any problems with that task as well.

Go through your home and designate all the things that you want to get removed. Along with the big stuff, Junk King can take away a lot of smaller items that can free up storage space in your garage. It’s not uncommon for someone to want to get rid of a sofa but end up filling up half the junk with all the stuff they discover they can live without! This year, start spring cleaning with a junk hauling session from Junk King Contra Costa. The home will look great!

Get Rid Of Your Bulky Rubbish The Right Way

Last year, a task force that was made up of law enforcement officials, public works members and health officials came together to tackle the problem of illegal trash dumping. First, they needed to  find out just how pervasive a problem this is across Contra Costa County. They discovered that $1.2 million was spent picking up illegally dumped trash last year. The number of those illegal dumping spots rose by 14% last year and they estimate that the number might go up in another 5% this year. As for the legal dumpers themselves, the task force could be making recommendations of increasing the penalty and even going so far as to seize the car someone caught illegally dumping.

With 660 miles of road in the county there are a lot of spots that can become a dumping ground. It certainly isn’t fair to the residents that take care of their rubbish in a responsible manner. Junk King Contra Costa is standing by to help homeowners, businesses and apartment renters deal with their bulky rubbish removal in a responsible way.

When you hire the Junk King crew, you’re hiring a pair of workers who are dedicated to clearing out all the unwanted furniture, appliances and other household goods, property in very little time. Not only can Junk King help with all the unwanted items from inside a home but also they can clear out the debris that might be piled up outside. Clearing out construction waste, lumber and other yard debris will go a long way towards improving a home’s curb appeal. Is this the kind of work you can benefit from?

You can set up an appointment with Junk King by calling or going online. When you book online you save $20 right from the start. You’ll be asked to pick a day and two-hour window that works best for your schedule. It probably won’t take the full two hours to get your stuff picked up. But that will give the Junk King crews plenty of time to get from one home to the next. And everything collected by Junk King will be disposed of in a responsible way. That’s a very good thing for Contra Costa!

Junk King Contra Costa is ready to help you clear all the unwanted rubbish from your home or business. Make a call for an appointment today and watch how fast the junk goes away!

Contra Costa – Garage Cleanout

We like to make sure our Contra Costa – Garage Cleanout services brighten up that space. Junk King is proud of the fact that we supply friendly safe services. Our team has an excellent background and is committed to 100% client satisfaction.

Here’s a few tips to make sure you get the whole operation done quickly and smoothly.
Setting aside enough time to go through all the junk that you put in your shed is step one. You can put a weekend aside or even part of a holiday. However, you should keep in mind that if you’re going to use a holiday, you might be distracted by relatives and friends.

It’s also a good idea to be flexible when you’re starting this part of your Contra Costa – Garage Cleanout procedure. You may have a weekend picked out but your plans can change quickly. Children’s events and even commitments to relatives and friends can change your schedule.

Getting rid of old refrigerators?
Our Contra Costa – Garage Cleanout services will take everything that you want to throw out — just about. Our professionals will get rid of an old refrigerator and it’s good to keep in mind that we recycle everything that we can. The other big advantages to using our services the fact that you can book online to get rid of e-waste at the same time
As far as sorting through the junk in your shed to get it ready for us, we have a few other tips. For example, we like to tell our clients that they need to be able to separate what’s good from bad.

Got emotional attachment to junk?
Some people have emotional attachments to old furniture they stored away. It’s totally up to you but you need to decide what goes and when you do, our Contra Costa – Garage Cleanout services are always only too happy to help.
One of the other advantages you’ll get when you use junk King is the fact that we know how to properly dispose of all materials.

Recycling is one of the cornerstones of our business and one of the things that were most proud of
It’s comforting to know that whatever junk you’re getting rid of doesn’t necessarily go to landfill. We are an eco friendly business that makes sure that what gets taken away is considered for recycling.

If you’re looking for professional Contra Costa – Garage Cleanout services, you’ve stopped on the right website.

How Property Managers Utilize Junk King’s Services

There are literally dozens of cooking shows on television that are hosted by professional chefs of all stripes. It stands to reason that if you want to improve your culinary skills that you will take the advice of these chefs. You could take that same approach when it comes to other types of problems you need solved. Consider the issue of junk removal. You have large items in your home that you want to get rid of but they can be picked up by the garbage collectors. What should you do? For this type of job you should follow what property managers often do. They hire Junk King Contra Costa for all their junk hauling needs.

You might have seen one of the red Junk King trucks driving around your community. For several years, Junk King has been collecting all kinds of rubbish from all kinds of environments. Property managers know they can count on Junk King for fast clearing. It is important to them that they get the rubbish that was left behind by previous occupants out of a home or apartment. That is the only way they can turn that property around and get it rented again. One call to Junk King can set up a clearing session that can either be a few pieces of furniture or an entire household goods.

The work to Junk King provides isn’t limited to removing furniture and appliances. Property managers also call on Junk King to clean up yard debris. This could be things that have accumulated during the remodeling project or have been dumped on a property in a storm. Once again, the Junk King crews will swoop in and remove all the items swiftly and efficiently.

How can you put Junk King to work around your house? You’ll be given a two-man moving crew for the task. This is the team that you will direct to remove those things that you’d like to get rid of. It can be anything from a sofa in the living room to a swing set in the backyard. No amount of junk is too big or too small for Junk King to handle. For all your junk hauling needs, use the company that property managers always call on: Junk King Contra Costa. They get the job done right every time.

Junk King Handles Christmas Tree Removal And Rubbish Hauling

The list of items that Junk King Contra Costa can removed from a home seems to grow every day. Provided the item isn’t deemed a hazardous material, it can all be loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck. Obviously, you would expect Junk King to easily be able to remove any piece of furniture or appliance. But they also do great work clearing out things like bulky sporting equipment, boxes of household goods, rugs, mattresses, electronics and clutter closet. But there’s one particular item that they remove which would be a big benefit at this time of year: the Christmas tree. Yes, when you want your Christmas tree removal done on your schedule then give Junk King Contra Costa call.


There is a very limited amount of time that municipal workers will agree to pick up an old Christmas tree. And unless that tree is down on the curb the minute their truck rolls up it won’t be picked up. That puts a lot of pressure on you to not only get the tree clear of ornaments and lights but also out of the house. In many homes that is just not practical. That’s why Junk King can be a big help. All you have to do is take the ornaments off but you can leave the tree right where it is. When the Junk King crew shows up they will remove the tree right from the spot with very little effort. They’ll even sweep up all the loose needles!

You can certainly hire Junk King to get rid of your old Christmas tree but why not put them to work with some more rubbish removal? This is a great chance to finally get rid of that one out furniture that’s been creating eyesore in your home. You can clear out the garage of all the clutter that’s been piling up over the last year. And you certainly will be able to make a lot more room in your closet when you go through it and get rid of all the clothes you know you’re not going to wear again. All of that can be turned over to the Junk King crew for fast and efficient disposal.

Christmas tree removal and rubbish hauling is work you won’t have to do when you give that job the Junk King Contra Costa.