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Safely Recycle Your Appliances


Safely Recycle Your Appliances in Contra Costa

Are any outdated, broken appliances taking up space and collecting dust in your house? Old appliances like stoves, washers, and refrigerators may be difficult to remove. Large appliances are notoriously difficult to transport, and how do you know where to put them after you get them in the car?


You don’t have to worry about picking up or disposing of those used things since Junk King Contra Costa offers an efficient, secure, and environmentally friendly appliance removal service in Contra Costa and the surrounding areas. Additionally, we ensure that your old appliances are disposed of correctly, whether at a recycling facility to protect the environment or at a charity, if the items are still functioning and in good condition.


appliance removal learn more


Make Sure to Recycle Appliances in an Environmentally Friendly Way

Moving large appliances can be physically stressful on your body, and improper disposal can have negative environmental effects. Many outdated appliances contain ozone-depleting materials that release into the atmosphere as they break down in landfills. By properly discarding outdated appliances, you can contribute to environmental protection.


What Old Appliances Can Be Recycled?

Appliances used in homes may generally be recycled. The metal from larger appliances is frequently recycled as scrap. Occasionally, you can recycle smaller appliances in your neighborhood’s blue bins if they have recyclable parts. Check with your city officials to find out if small appliances are recyclable in your location.


We remove almost all types of appliances, including:


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


Are you prepared to get rid of your old stuff? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

You may schedule an appointment with Junk King Contra Costa by calling (925) 289-8511 or doing so online. Your house (or workplace!) will be visited by our skilled and insured appliance removal team, and we’ll call you 15 minutes in advance to let you know we’re on the way. Additionally, based on how much space your appliances occupy in our truck, we will provide you with a free quote. With no additional costs, we carry the stuff you point at into one of our junk removal vehicles. Call us right now to arrange for our junk removal services.

Hire Junk King To Help With Your Yard Cleanup Project

Junk King Dayton has built a solid reputation for helping homeowners, apartment renters, and businesses remove unwanted junk from their properties. That same support can extend to the backyard. As you look out over your backyard, there may be a few bulky items that you would like to have removed permanently. If that task requires two movers in the truck, you’re in luck! That is exactly what Junk King Dayton can provide you with the help for your yard cleanup agenda.

Structure Dismantling

Some things you want to get rid of from your backyard might involve dismantling. Junk King crews have hauled away hot tubs, toolsheds, fences, above-ground pools, and gazebos. They will not have a problem taking apart whatever you want to be cleared. Even a small boat!

Before anything gets loaded onto the back Junk King truck, they will need to determine the cost for the job. That cost will always be a flat rate based on how the truck gets filled up with your stuff. The less space in your stuff uses, the less you will be charged for the job. Junk King will match any competitor for the same type of yard cleanup. That puts them in a position of being the best deal in Dayton for this type of work.

In addition to the yard cleanup, you can add some rubbish items inside the house in the same session. The price will be adjusted accordingly. You can book your session with Junk King online or over the phone. If you opt for online, you can take advantage of a discount right from the start.

Bring in Junk King Dayton to take care of your yard cleanup from start to finish.

The Most Effective Methods for Clearing Out the Clutter in Your Attic

Cleaning Out Your Attic

Cleaning out your attic can be a significant undertaking. In most homes, the attic is a dumping ground for unused items or where items are forgotten. Fortunately, the crew here at Junk King is highly skilled in clearing away clutter and debris. Check out our suggestions to learn how to clear up the accumulated clutter in your attic.


Use Safety Equipment.

Put on some gloves, a mask, and perhaps some old clothes you don’t mind getting messed up before you start going through the clutter in your attic. It’s better to be safe than sorry. It would be best to protect yourself if you come across any dangerous objects or debris buried in that area.


Create a Plan

Keeping yourself organized and having a game plan will be your best bets for a successful cleanout of your attic. Consider the things you want to accomplish. If you have a lot of junk, will you get rid of it all, or are you trying to get it organized? No matter what you choose, sort all your belongings designated either for your personal use or for a junk removal company such as Junk King.


Clean the Floors

After you have put away all the clutter or have it organized, you should sweep and vacuum the floors to get rid of any dust that may have accumulated. When you hire Junk King to get rid of your garbage, they will also clean up after themselves after they load everything up and take it away.


Be Consistent

After you have finished cleaning out your attic, it is essential to maintain the cleanliness and organization of your attic by continuing to use the systems you have put in place. If you keep the junk under control and always put things back where they go, it will take much longer for your attic to become cluttered and require cleaning.

Get Yard Cleanup Help From Junk King

Will you be planting a vegetable garden in the spring? More importantly, do you need to clear out debris? Before you can do any gardening, it would help to eliminate all that debris. That will clear the space and allow you to design a backyard that works for your outdoor needs. Clearing yard debris can be more than just filling a trash can with pruning scraps. A thorough yard cleanup can involve a work crew and a big truck. That is exactly what Junk King Contra Costa can provide. This is a junk hauling service that goes beyond furniture removal. Junk King can also provide complete yard cleanup for any size backyard.

Crew Direction

Junk King will send you two movers to help with your yard cleanup agenda. When the crew arrives for your appointment, you will direct them to everything you want cleared from your backyard. This can be anything from landscaping debris to more significant pieces like patio furniture, planters, lawnmowers, grills, and even playsets. Once the crew has reviewed everything you want to get rid of, they will provide you with a written nest. That estimate will always be determined by how everything fits onto the truck. One flat rate covers all the cleanup work, disposal, and transportation. And it will always be a fair and competitive price. Junk King will match any other fee for the same amount of work.

You can make your appointment with Junk King online and save right from the start. All Junk King needs is for you to pick a day that works best for your schedule. Take care of your yard cleanup agenda with one call to Junk King Contra Costa.


Call Junk King For Remodel Site Cleanup

Taking on a remodel project means coordinating many “moving parts.” Consider the kitchen remodel. The first step is to plan out the remodel with your contractor and set a budget. Once that is locked down, the contractor will hire the crew and start purchasing materials. All that is going on it will fall to you to empty the kitchen. That means removing everything from the cabinets, drawers, and refrigerator. The good news is that when you put all that stuff back, you get to reorganize your kitchen!

Another critical aspect of coordinating the remodeling project is keeping the site clean. That is where Junk King Contra Costa can be a big help. This is a professional junk hauling service that you can hire as your independent remodel site cleanup crew. When you put Junk King on this task, your remodel workers will not have to be pulled off from their tasks. That keeps everything on schedule!

The First Day

The first day is the big day for any remodel project. With the kitchen remodel, that first day is when the demolition occurs. That demolition can be anything from cabinet removal to knocking down a wall. Whatever debris is created on that first day also be cleaned up on the first day. You can schedule your session with Junk King for the late afternoon of demolition day. That way, the crew can clean up the debris and leave you with a clean site for your remodel crew.

This service costs the same as Junk King’s other services. It is all flat rate determined by how everything fits on the truck. And you will always know what that rate is before the work begins. So put Junk King Contra Costa on your remodel cleanup crew. You’ll be glad you did.

2023-03-31 15:14:21

Mattress Disposal

When Should You Get Rid of Your Mattress?

Mattress Tips From Our Junk Removal Team at Junk King Contra Costa

The mattress is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your residence. Because you spend one-third of your life sleeping, it is essential to have a comfortable and supportive mattress. However, even the most luxurious mattress will exhibit signs of wear and tear over time. When this occurs, you should consider junk removal services to dispose of your old mattress.

Time to Replace Your Mattress?

A sagging mattress is one of the most obvious indications that it’s time to replace it. The springs in your mattress may lose their elasticity over time, causing it to sag in the center, which can contribute to back pain and other health issues by creating an uncomfortable sleeping surface.

If your mattress becomes lumpy or unequal, it may be time to replace it. When the cushioning in your mattress begins to degrade, you may experience lumps and disturbances when lying down. This may make sleeping problematic and may also contribute to back and neck pain.

If you suffer from allergies or respiratory issues, you may need a new mattress. Dust mites can proliferate in bedding, triggering allergic reactions and aggravating respiratory conditions. If you have attempted to sanitize your mattress and it continues to cause issues, it is time to replace it.

A mattress disposal service can be a great disposal method for an old mattress. Instead of transporting your old mattress to the landfill alone, you can hire a junk removal service to do so. They will remove your old mattress and properly dispose of it, sparing you time and effort.


Call Junk King Contra Costa Today!

Finally, if your mattress is causing you discomfort or health problems, it is time to replace it. Don’t let a worn-out, outdated mattress prevent you from receiving sufficient rest. Consider hiring a junk removal company like Junk King when it’s time to dispose of your old mattress to make the process as simple and stress-free as feasible. Call Junk King Contra Costa at (312) 724-3136 for a free estimate.

Add Junk King To Your Spring Cleaning

2023-03-22 13:17:07

Spring cleaning is such a big deal because, traditionally, it’s the first time of the year when you open up your windows and let the fresh air in. obviously, that can only happen when the weather is warm. With spring cleaning and everything should be given a thorough dusting and wiping down. That might mean pulling things off the shelves and sliding furniture. You can go even deeper by cleaning out your cabinets, refrigerator, drawers, dresser, and closets. All of that cleaning work can reveal a lot of things that you can get rid of. That is when Junk King Contra Costa can be a big help. You can set up a rubble removal session with Junk King that will take your spring cleaning checkless to a whole other level.

Nothing Goes To Waste

A lot of the things that you turn over to the Junk King team could still be of use, just not in your house. Things like clothing, shoes, books, toys, pots, pans, and dishes don’t have to end up in the trash. Instead, the Junk King crew will drop those items off at the charity that needs them. This type of disposal happens as part of Junk King’s regular service. You do not have to do any of that sorting beforehand. Just leave it to the experience Junk King crews to take care of it for you.

The cost of Junk King service will depend on how the truck it’s backed up with your spring cleaning rubbish. The less space in your stuff fills up, the less you will pay. And Junk King matches all the competitor’s prices. That means you can always get a great deal for this service from Junk King.

This year, add a rubbish removal session from Junk King Contra Costa your spring cleaning agenda. You’ll be glad you did.

Set Up Cabinet Clutter Removal With Junk King

When it comes to organizing your kitchen cabinets, there is only one approach. That would be the complete removal of every object in the cabinets. Whether you put those objects on the counter or the dining room table, you need to see what you’re working with. You might end up only putting back half of what you take out. The rest of that can be turned over to the Junk King Contra Costa team. This is the full-service junk removal company that can be a big help with your cabinet clutter removal agenda.

Create a Pile

You can create a pile of discarded items as you go through everything you removed from your cabinets. That is a pile that the junk King crew will pick up and take out to the truck. You don’t have to worry about boxing up that stuff. Instead, you can keep it loose, and the Junk King crew will find a way to pack it up on the truck securely.

How all that clutter gets backed up will also determine how much you pay for the service. One flat rate covers all the removal and disposal. For this type of clutter, that disposal can include dropping things off at a local charity. Junk King makes those kinds of drop-offs part of their disposal approach.

In addition to all the household goods, you can also use Junk King to clear out the bigger stuff in the same session. This is your chance to get rid of that unwanted futon or recliner finally. You can also clear out your electronics like old computers and televisions. Junk King knows the proper way to dispose of those items as well.

Getting rid of all the clutter in your home is a job the Junk King Contra Costa team can help with. Call to set up a removal session today.

Fast Removal Of Old Office Furniture

For a business to be successful, it has to make fast decisions. That is not to say those decisions must be made without careful consideration. But you do not want a competitor to swoop in and take away business because you are deliberating too long. Fast decision-making also benefits your work staff. When something needs to be replaced or bought for the office, that should happen right away. For example, consider the issue of old office furniture.

When old office furniture accumulates around your work environment, it can make everything look cluttered. That is not good for productivity. A better course of action would be to get rid of that office furniture today and call up Junk King Contra Costa to make it happen. These professional junk haulers can clear away all unwanted office furniture in a single fast removal session.

Written Estimate

Estimates are a big part of doing business. Junk King always provides a written estimate for this service. That estimate will be created once the Junk King crew has had a chance to review everything you want to get rid of. You might be able to get an estimate over the phone or by using the Junk King website price estimator. However, the Junk King crew can only determine that final fee. That’s because they will always find a way to pack up unwanted items in as tight a space as possible.

You can schedule your session with Junk King online and save right from the start. Most Junk King sessions are completed within 24 hours of that first contact. Junk King might also offer a same-day pickup for even faster service.

The fast and affordable way to get rid of your old office furniture remains to call in Junk King Contra Costa for the job. Make the call today.

Hire Junk King For Scrap Metal Removal

One piece of scrap metal has a way of attracting other scrap metal. That doesn’t mean the metal is magnetized. But once you create an area for scrap metal on your property, that is where all the scrap metal ends up. That scrap metal can come from an old lawnmower, swing set, plumbing, rain gutters, or car parts. Wherever it came from, it shouldn’t stick around. If your scrap metal pile has grown too big, it is time to set up a session with Junk King Contra Costa. This is the team that can get your scrap at the right price.

Fitting Onto the Truck

Junk King will send a pair of movers and a huge truck for your scrap metal removal session. This team will find a way to fit all that scrap metal onto the truck as quickly as possible. They won’t be stopping to put the scrap metal on a scale. That is because Junk King never charges by the pound. Instead, their flat rate is based strictly on volume. It all comes down to how everything fits onto the back of the Junk King truck. One price covers all the labor and the disposal. With scrap metal removal, that disposal will probably involve dropping it off at a recycling center. It’s all part of the service.

In addition to getting rid of your scrap metal, you can use that same Junk King appointment to get rid of anything else that is taking up space inside or outside your home. Best of all, this can happen fast. If you call Junk King today, you could have all that scrap metal and rubbish cleared away by tomorrow.

The best approach for scrap metal removal is to hire Junk King Contra Costa job. Book your session today.

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