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Clear The Junk From Your Livermore Backyard

At any given time, there can be several projects in progress at a home. These projects could mean something being built or a hobby that is being crafted. There could also be some “leftover” items from these projects that are too big to be tossed out in the trash. Those kinds of things often end up out in the backyard piled next to the garage or under a deck. When those items start piling up, then the yard can start to look a bit “junky.” That is the time to schedule a session with Junk King Contra Costa. These are the junk hauling experts that can help get your Livermore backyard cleared of all kinds of debris.

Any Size

Your session with Junk King will be staffed by two strong movers. This is the team who is going to do all the heavy lifting on your behalf. Yes, the Junk King squad can remove any size item from your yard. Some things might be easy to carry out like old patio furniture or a rusty BBQ grill. They can also handle even bigger objects like a hot tub, gazebo or tool shed. Those structures need to be dismantled piece by piece. Again, that won’t be a problem for the Junk King team.

Before anything gets loaded onto the truck, the Junk King movers will assess how it will all fit. This is a matter of “weighing” those objects. Scales are never involved with Junk King! Instead, it is all about how everything gets packed onto the truck. Will your stuff take up one-third of the truck or one-half? The answer to that will determine the flat fee.

You can schedule your session with Junk King online or over the phone. All you need to do is select a day and a two-hour window that works best for your schedule. When Junk King calls to confirm, they might offer a same day pickup. That can certainly help get your stuff gone fast!

Clearing your Livermore backyard of debris and rubbish is a job best left for Junk King Contra Costa. Put them to work today.

Things To Toss Out In Your Backyard

As you get ready to have fun this summer in your backyard, you may want to take an inventory. This is the perfect time of year to go through all the things in your backyard that might need to be removed. We aren’t just talking about some things like palm fronds or shrubbery but instead the big stuff like the following:


Tool Shed

A tool shed is a great way to keep your yard clutter free. This is where your kids can put the toys at the end of the day and where you can keep all your gardening equipment. However, after many seasons in the sun and rain your tool shed could be a bit dilapidated. That is especially true if it was originally made from wood as opposed to the plastic kind. You don’t want a good storm to come through and knock it down.

Patio Furniture

Your patio furniture might have served you well over the years. But if it has started to get rusty and the cushions are fraying, then it’s time to replace those items. There might also be a comfort factor to consider. If your patio furniture looks great but nobody wants to sit on it because it’s too hard, then you might want to opt for “softer” options like wicker.

Swing Set

A backyard swing set probably kept your kids entertained for many summers. However, this could be the summer where they have finally outgrown that swing set. Do you really need to keep it around if no one is going to swing on it?


A trampoline is a lot of fun but it is also potentially very dangerous. Even a trampoline that doesn’t have rusty springs or torn mat could still be too tempting of an item for wild stunts. You may want to remove that temptation altogether.

All of these items might prove to be a challenge to get rid of if you were to take on that task by yourself. Instead, it’s the kind of job that Junk King Contra Costa was made for. One call to these professional junk haulers will have a team of license movers dispatch to your home. You’ll show them exactly what you want taken away and it will be safely removed and loaded onto their truck in no time at all. The most efficient and affordable way to get rid of your unwanted backyard items is to call Junk King Contra Costa today.

Get Your Home Ready For Summer Fun With A Junk Removal Session

If you had to pick one of the four seasons that is dedicated to having fun it would most definitely be summer. That is especially true in Southern California. There are just so many opportunities to enjoy everything from the beach to the mountains and everywhere in between. It could be that this summer you’ll be entertaining a lot of guests. Whether that’s friends from the neighborhood or out of town family, you want to make sure your home is in good shape. This doesn’t mean you have to repaint or remodel anything but it could certainly make a huge difference if you get rid of all the clutter. That is where hiring Junk King Contra Costa will be a big help.


That help begins with how easy it is to schedule an appointment with junk King Contra Costa. That can be handled on the phone or online. If you book online, you’ll be getting a discount right from the start. The time of your appointment depends on your schedule. Junk King wants you to pick the best day for you to set aside a two-hour window to get this job done. It probably won’t take two hours to load up everything you want to get rid of. Those two hours are meant to provide a buffer for the crew to get from one appointment to the next.

When the crew does show up at the appointed hour, you’ll show them all the things you want to get rid of. This gives them a chance to size up how that will all fit on the back of the truck. That helps them come up with the estimate for your fee. A lot of folks wish they could get a lock down estimate over the phone. Although you might be able to get a range of fees, it really can’t be the final price until the crews have had a chance to see it all for themselves. Plus, you might add to your list between the time you set up the appointment and the actual work gets done.

With Junk King it’s all about the volume and not about weight. This makes it the best deal in Contra Costa for this type of work. Your home will be ready for summer fun once you get rid of all the junk. That can happen with one call to Junk King Contra Costa

Transform Your Backyard Today

As far as many people are concerned summer is made for one thing and one thing only: grilling on a barbecue! Everyone has their preferred method between charcoal fires, propane or woodchips. Then you get into the raging debates over dry rubs or marinades. On many levels, there is no wrong answer when it comes to grilling because everything just taste better when it has been cooked over an open flame. Once you’ve worked out your grilling style you need to decide whether you’re going to eat that tasty food inside or outside. That choice might depend a lot on what kind of shape your backyard is in. This could be the summer that you transform your backyard into a very cozy space for grilling and entertaining. To help you get there Junk King Contra Costa is standing by to lend a hand or two or four!


Although a lot of the work provided by Junk King involves removing heavy objects like furniture and appliances, they also do their fair share of yard decluttering. Junk King crews are afraid to get dirty especially when that means help when you get the backyard of your dreams. In the past, these crews have tackled cleanup jobs that involved removing massive amounts of weed overgrowth, taking down woodsheds, pulling up fences and dismantling hot tubs. That’s a lot of hard work but if it needs to be done, then it makes better sense to let Junk King handle it from start to finish!

Junk King can also prove to be a huge asset if you are tackling a bigger makeover kind of job like replacing a deck or driveway. All the demolition debris has to be cleared away before you can begin with replacing those things. You could schedule your junk removal session with Junk King on the same day that you break down a deck or bust up a driveway.

After all that yard work is complete, that same crew can go through the rest of your house removing all the unwanted items from your garage and closets. One session with Junk King Contra Costa is all it will take to totally transform your backyard and the rest of your house! Make that happen today!

Get Your Backyard Ready For A Summer In Contra Costa, CA

Backyards were made for summer. It doesn’t matter if you’re grilling up steaks for the family or floating on a raft in the pool; the backyard is the place to be. Of course, if your backyard is overrun with debris, you might not feel so comfortable inviting friends over. You might not even enjoy it yourself. To get your summer started right, you should bring in Junk King to help with your yard cleanup. You’ll be amazed at what they can accomplish in such a little time.


Before calling Junk King, you’ll want to do your own survey of your yard. Take a look out back to see all the things you consider an “eyesore.” Whether that is a tool shed that is falling down or a swing set that no one is using, it can all be tagged for removal from Junk King. Junk King will be providing you with a two-man team that will handle all the hard work. Whether it means lifting, hauling or dismantling you can count on the Junk King crew to get the job done.

With Junk King on the job, you don’t have to limit your backyard cleanup to just the things you’ve brought in. Yes, Junk King can take away old tires, lawnmowers and patio furniture but they don’t have to stop there. That can also remove palm fronds, mounds of dirt, stones, bricks, pavers and rocks. If it can be put into a wheelbarrow, then it can be wheeled onto the Junk King truck.

After Junk King is done clearing out the debris of your Junk King, they can do the same thing around the inside of your home. If there is anything in your garage or spare room that needs to go, let the crew know. In a very short amount of time, you’ll be able to remove all the unwanted things you’ve been holding onto for no good reason. Once they are gone, your home is going to feel a whole lot better!

The cost for all this incredible work will be far less than if you had to price out the job on your own. You’ll be charged a single flat fee based on home much space your junk will fill up on the back of the truck. One price covers it all. Get your backyard and home into shape this summer with help from Junk King.

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