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Stay Consistent With Junk Removal

Consistency goes a long way towards creating a comfortable living environment. You want to be consistent with maintaining the temperatures in your all so that it never gets too hot to cold. You also want to be consistent with your cleaning schedule. Dedicating time each week to cleaning the bathrooms and doing the laundry goes a long way towards creating that pleasant home. You might find that there is an ongoing need to clear out rubbish from your property. This happens if you had spent a long time cumulative a lot of objects over the years. At some point, many of those objects become obsolete. There’s no reason to hold onto them. That is when you can set up junk removal sessions with Junk King Contra Costa. Those can be done on a consistent basis too in order to ensure that your home will never be overrun by rubbish.

Outside and Inside

One of the first appointments you set up with Junk King could focus strictly on all the debris you want to clear from the outside of your all. This is a good way to prepare for any landscaping makeover. The team from Junk King won’t hesitate to clear out anything from your backyard regardless of what kind of shape it is in. They can take down a rusty swing set or dilapidated wooden toolshed. They can also clear out an old barbecue grill and the remains of patio demolition. That includes piles of lumber and chunks of concrete. Removing all of that rubbish will certainly improve the look of your back and front yard. It might end up taking up the entire Junk King truck. That is why you might need to schedule a second session later on in the year for inside rubbish removal.

That second session can be focused on getting all the clutter out of your garage or spare rooms. This is a terrific way to prepare for the holidays. It also will help you organize your storage areas so that you can maximize the space and not waste it with items you know won’t be used again in the household.

The goal of consistent junk removal sessions with Junk King Contra Costa is to always keep your home clear of the clutter. Set up that first session today.

Get Your Family Motivated To Clean

It’s not just the big spring cleaning where you need help from the family but all year long. Your family should be on a regular cleaning schedule where the tasks are shared by everyone. That way there won’t be a single family member that feels overwhelmed (like you!). Here’s how to get your family motivated to clean:


Make It Fun

Cleaning shouldn’t be thought of as drudgery. It can be fun. No reason why a sweeping and dusting session can’t be a dance party. You can also set up a good-natured competition between the siblings to see who can pick up the clothes and toys the quickest.

Chart Success

Every kid likes to get a sticker. It’s a symbol of a job well done. You could set up a reward system where a certain amount of stickers will equal some sort of special prize. After awhile, sticker rewards can morph into a weekly allowance. The goal is to be consistent with the rewards and the consequences for not doing what has been assigned.

Define the Tasks

The first time your child performs a cleaning task you should show them how it should get done. You don’t want to give them any opportunity to cut corners and they will look for those opportunities. It might help to write things out so they can see in an instant what is expected of them. Certain jobs might also be scheduled on a rotating basis.

Don’t Be Bossy

There is a fine line between being bossy and asking for your “team” to pitch in. Kids push back against the boss but are happy to support the team. It might come down to equating cleanup with quality time. When the cleaning gets done by everyone, then everyone can spend time together.

Clear All the Rubbish

Your home can only be well-maintained once you start with a clean slate. That means bringing in Junk King Contra Costa to clear out all the unwanted rubbish. It’s not just the little things that can be tossed out into the garbage but the big stuff like old furniture or electronic gear. That’s where Junk King can make a big difference. With the crew and truck they’ll provide, you can get rid of all kinds of junk. Your family will like the rubbish cleaning help they get from Junk King Contra Costa.

Where To Find Fast Shed Clutter Removal

What areas in your home have you designated as “storage zones?” Your closets and garage are the most obvious places but you might also have a spare bedroom and backyard shed that serves as storage. The big question for the New Year is how much more room do you need? It is one thing if you’re family is growing and you need extra bedrooms. But can you imagine moving to a new home simply because you need more room to store your stuff. A better approach would be to bring in Junk King Contra Costa for some serious rubbish removal.


Your shed clutter is a good place to start. How many items do you have out there that are broken and beyond repair? The only reason you’re holding onto those things probably has to do with the simple fact that they can’t be crammed into a trashcan. Without your own pickup truck to load them up, they’ll continue you take up valuable storage space in your shed. This is where Junk King is going to make a huge difference.

A junk removal session with Junk King involves a team of movers and a big truck. That’s really all you need to finally remove an old lawnmower or grill. That same crew can also load up things like old pool toys, gardening tools, planters and anything else in that shed you want to get rid of. The only restrictions are hazardous materials such as a propane tank or old paint. With those items, the Junk King crew will be able to tell you the best place for the drop off.

As for the rest of your unwanted rubbish, you can get the team from Junk King to load it all up on the same truck. It doesn’t matter if they’re taking away patio furniture from your deck or a futon from your living room. All that matters to Junk King is that you want it gone.

How fast you want it gone is up to you. If you know exactly what you want to remove, then call Junk King first thing in the morning. That might allow you to be next up for a same-day pickup. If that can’t happen, then you can expect Junk King to clear out your rubbish by the following day. Clearing out your shed and getting rid of your clutter is a perfect job for Junk King Contra Costa. Put them to work today.

How To Clear Clutter Fast Before The Holidays

The holiday clock has started. Already, you’ll find that most big stores are putting out their Christmas items. You’ll see commercials on TV enticing you with the “perfect gift for that someone special.” This is the time that folks who like to plan ahead spring into action. There are probably already a few people who have already finished all their Christmas shopping. For everyone else, there is a lot to get done and it all starts with getting the clutter out of your house. That’s where Junk King Contra Costa can make a huge difference.


Junk King Contra Costa is part of a national chain of decluttering experts. They’ve perfected a business model that is dedicated to keeping homes, apartments, businesses and even vacant lots clear of all kinds of rubbish. A lot of what people want to get rid of can be considered outright trash. That doesn’t always mean it can fit into a trashcan. For that kind of overflow, you need to bring in the team from Junk King.

Junk King sets up their junk removal sessions with two strong movers. This is a team with a lot of experience with lifting and loading. You don’t have to tell them to “lift from the legs and not the back!” They are also great when it comes to taking things apart in order to load it onto the truck. They haven’t met a swing set or pool table they couldn’t take apart in no time at all.

All you have to do is decide what you want hauled off by Junk King. Although you might have a general idea when you call to set up your appointment, you don’t have to lock down that final list until the crew shows up for the appointment. That is when they have to look everything over to estimate how much space it is going to fill on the back of the truck. Once you agree to that price, the crews will get busy. Before you can say, “Happy holidays,” they’ll have everything you want gone loaded onto the truck. It is just that simple. Start your holidays off right with a house that is totally free of clutter thanks to Junk King Contra Costa.

How Many Of These Common Home Fixes Can You Tackle?

Taking pride in your home isn’t just about its appearance. It’s also about making repairs so that you’re living environment is comfortable. Big repairs should be handled by professional contractors but there’s a lot of little fixes that you can handle with the right tools, materials and the occasional YouTube DIY video. How many of these common home fixes can you tackle?

Replacing the Showerhead

A showerhead will occasionally become clogged thanks to mineral deposits in the water. You may also be using an older showerhead that waste a lot more water than a newly designed low-flow showerhead. All that is really needed to replace the showerhead is an adjustable wrench, plumbers tape and your new showerhead of choice. Thankfully, the vast majority of shower pipes are universal. That means one showerhead fits all.

Stopping a Toilet from Running

A toilet that is running can be an annoyance but it’s also a big waste of water. It would be a shame if that water were running all through the night. All you have to do to stop a toilet from running is make an adjustment in the tank. Lift the lid, flush the toilet and watch the cycle. You’ll see right away what the problem is whether the flap is enclosing or the flow bulb is rising as it should. Both are easy fixes. You can turn off the water under the toilet, flush again and the tank will be empty for you to make your adjustments.

Shutting Off Water and Gas

You should become familiar with where your water and gas lines run into the house and how to shut them off. Turning off water is a good idea when you go away on an extended vacation. And they gas needs to be shut off the moment you smell gas in the home.

Unclogging A Kitchen Drain

Just so you know, the same plunger you use in the toilet won’t work in the kitchen drain. You need a smaller one to get the suction power that you need. Avoid pouring chemicals down those pipes because they are too corrosive. If you want to take extreme measures into your own hand, then you can buy a small Roto-Rooter system to use on a drain.

One of the jobs you probably would be better off turning over to professionals is junk hauling. A company like Junk King Contra Costa provides the manpower, the truck and the time to dispose of whatever it is you want to toss out. This is a great way to really transform your home by getting rid of all your unwanted rubbish. When it comes to fast junk removal, leave that job to Junk King Contra Costa.

How To Increase Business To Your Restaurant

On the average, families are dining out at least four times a week. That includes actually going to restaurant or ordering takeout. How much of that business are you capturing? Even though competition might be fierce, there are some ways to help you stand out from the crowd. Consider the following tips to help increase your restaurant business:


Combo Meals

Combo meals have long been a staple of fast food restaurants. But this concept isn’t limited to just drive-through. You can develop combo meals for your menus that can include things like soup and/or salad with an entrée. You could also have a selection of one or two side dishes they go along with the main course. Consumers like to think they’re getting a good deal and combination meals often entice them with that bargain.

Small Plate Menu Options

Appetizers are a great way to “up sell” a customer’s restaurant experience. It may serve your purpose is to expand your small plate menu options to provide an even bigger variety of tasty treats. These are foods that people like to share. In some cases, they may order just small plates that would equal the cost of a meal.

Expand Happy Hour

Those small plates that you offer for regular dinner service can also be utilized during happy hour. If you have a bar that’s part of your restaurant, then you should definitely be having a happy hour during the week. Many customers appreciate a discount and would happily visit a restaurant at off-peak hours to score a deal on drinks and food.

Start a Reward Program

The goal is that every new customer becomes a regular customer. You can secure those customers by setting up a reward program. This can be as simple as for every 10 meals they purchase the next one is free. There are plenty of digital rewards mobile apps that you can utilize for this purpose.

As you increase more traffic into your restaurant you don’t want to let your standard slip. That is especially important when it comes to cleanliness. This is the first thing your customers a notice from the moment they walk into your restaurant. They’re going to be looking to see if things are clean. Your staff should always be cleaning but they can always be hauling out junk. That is the job for Junk King Contra Costa. When you have excess furniture or kitchen appliances that are too big for the dumpster, then you can depend on junk King for fast removal. One session with Junk King Contra Costa will make sure your restaurant is clear of rubbish.

Great Ideas For Your Garage

Do you remember when you moved into your house and how empty your garage was? There might have only been a bare light bulb in the space. How quickly did it take for you to fill that up? The garage is meant for parking your car but it also becomes a very popular “storage unit” for the home. If you’ve gotten used to not parking your car in your garage, then perhaps it’s time to reevaluate that space. In other words, as long as your car is taking care of why not put that space to better use? Here are some ideas that you could adapt for your garage:


Home Office

There’s a long list of successful businesses that started in a garage. If you’ve got an idea or business that you’d like to start, then you need dedicated space for an office. A garage is a perfect area for that. If you don’t want to feel boxed in, then you can always replace the garage door with a wall and windows.


Whether you have one kid or five, the first thing that becomes apparent is that they have a way of taking over the entire house. You can reclaim your home by setting up the garage as their private playroom. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your washer and dryer in the garage but you can put down some linoleum flooring, add shelves and a kid size table to make this a terrific playroom. Won’t it be great to have all the toys in one place?

Arts and Craft Studio

If you are in to arts and crafts, then you need a good space for your creations. You can set of a central workstation in your garage and have plenty of overhead lighting. There’s also room for storage of all your materials. If your garage is freestanding, then you might want to consider adding a skylight to bring in natural light.

Before you get to work on any of these renovations, you want to make sure your garage is completely clear of all your unwanted clutter. One call to Junk King Contra Costa gets that job done. These professional junk haulers will be able to literally back right up to your garage door. All you have to do is point to the things you want taken away and you’ll be amazed at how quickly they disappear. Make your garage into something wonderful by clearing out the clutter first with help from Junk King Contra Costa.

Use These Helpful Tips To Get Your Home Organized

Do you spent a lot of time looking for things around your house? How often do you go in search of something only to give up when it can’t be found? Maybe you become distracted by other things that are cluttering up your home. It’s time to dedicate yourself to getting organized. These helpful tips will get you started:


Out In the Garage

The best place for storage in your garage are the walls. Here is where a little pegboard action can make a huge difference. Almost everything you have in your garage from rakes, shovels, sporting equipment and tools can be hung on a pegboard. You can also install a shelf along the length of your garage that drops down just a few feet from the ceiling. Think of it as a loft for your stuff. By getting all these things on the walls you have more room to park your car in their once again.

Straighten Up the Kid’s Room

Your kid’s room is probably the most cluttered place in your entire home. It helps if you can provide your kid with the necessary organizing items to keep that clutter under control. For instance, you should put all their books in alphabetical order. Not only will this help you find them but it will also teach them how to use the effort! A wicker trunk or basket with the lid is a great place to put stuffed animals and other toys. Picking everything up off the floor before bedtime is a good habit to get into.

Focus On the Bathroom

Just as you should toss out expired food in the kitchen, you should also toss out expired medication in your bathroom. You might find that you can clear out half your medicine cabinet that way. As for organizing your toiletries, make a bag to caddy hung on the back of the bathroom door or cabinet is a good way to go.

Presort Your Laundry

Instead of wasting time sorting through your laundry you should set up three baskets: one for delicates, one for whites and one for color. Your kids can get into the habit of dumping their own close into the appropriate basket. This will make the laundry day go a lot smoother.

Toss Out The Rubbish

As you make your way through your home and garage, you are sure to come across a lot of items that could be tossed out. Some of these things might fit into the trash but a lot might be too big for the weekly pickup. That’s where Junk King Contra Costa to make a big difference. One call to these junk removal pros will have all your unwanted rubbish hauled away in a single session. Junk King Contra Costa provides the manpower and the truck space that you need to get rid of all your unwanted junk. Imagine what how that can help get your home organized.

One Call Helps Get Rid Of All Your Clutter

Recently authorities were called into an El Cajon residence where they found 78 dogs living in less than desirable conditions. This is animal hoarding that puts the dogs, the residents and the entire neighborhood at risk for major health problems. Thankfully, the story had a happy ending as the 78 dogs were removed, given medical care and put up for adoption. This is a prime example of hoarding and clutter that has gotten out of control. Hopefully, your clutter situation is nowhere near as extreme but even if it is one call to Junk King Contra Costa can have it all removed.


In extreme cleanup situations, Junk King Contra Costa will dispatch multiple teams and trucks to a location. Their goal is to get everything cleared out in a single session. One of their standard two-man moving crews, easily handles the typical junk removal session. When you call to set up your appointment with Junk King Contra Costa, you can tell them whether or not they’ll be dealing with a few items or a hoarder situation. In either scenario, you should be embarrassed about asking for help. Junk King Contra Costa is all about problem solving and making sure your junk is gone as quickly as possible.

Although many people think of clutter as junk mail and old magazines laying around the living room it really can be just about anything that is no longer serving is useful purpose. It could be an old recliner that no one sits in or sofa out in the garage. Clutter can be a broken refrigerator on the back porch or boxes of clothing that you want to donate. All of that can be turned over to Junk King Contra Costa for fast removal.

One of the many benefits of hiring these professional junk haulers is that your stuff is not going to be automatically trashed. Junk King Contra Costa never likes to see anything go to waste. The crews of been trained to spot those things that could be of use to a charity. There is also a whole bunch of recycling that could happen with some of your items even old furniture. You might have been collecting clutter for long time but it only takes one session with Junk King Contra Costa to make it all disappear.

Get The Home Ready For New Pet

Whether you’re bringing home a new puppy or kitten, you’re still going to have to change a lot of things around the house. There is going to need to be a dedicated spot in the kitchen for their water and food bowl. You might want to install a doggie door to allow your pup to go out in the backyard to do their business. As for the kitten, they’ll need a corner for their litter box. There will also be all kinds of beds, scratch posts and toys that will come along with those new members of the family. There might even be a big kennel for the dog. All of that could require a certain amount of shifting around of furniture and other items in your home. This could reveal you’ve also got a lot of clutter to clear out.


If all of that adds up to a major trash overflow, then you’ll definitely want to hire Junk King Contra Costa. One call to these professional junk haulers any your unwanted rubbish will be gone in less time than it takes to walk your dog around the block! You might want to keep the number for junk King Contra Costa handy for after the pet moves in, too. If that dog or cat has destroyed a sofa, chair or table chewing and scratching then you might want to get rid of that piece.

Junk King Contra Costa is going to provide all the manpower and truck space you’ll need to get rid of anything and everything from your house. It could make a huge difference deciding what to toss out knowing that you have all that help. The Junk King crews won’t be put off by anything that is heavy or grimy. You want it gone then consider it gone!

The cost for all this amazing work is surprisingly affordable. Taking on this task as a DIY project require you to rent a truck, higher your own movers and give up a significant portion of day for the disposal of the stuff. Instead, Junk King provides all of that for one flat fee. This is a price that is based on volume and not weight. The best way to welcome a new pet is to take out the rubbish first. Junk King Contra Costa can make that happen!