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Contra Costa Furniture Removal

Is this the year you replace your furniture? If you’ve been sitting on the same sofa for ten years or more, it might be time to consider replacing that old sofa with a new model. You might just discover that you’ve been missing out on a firm and comfortable seat. The same can be said for a recliner, a loveseat or mattress. All of those pieces of furniture weren’t meant to last a lifetime. When you’re ready to bring in new items, hire Junk King for your old furniture removal.


Over the time you’ve spent with your furniture you might have discovered a lot of things. For instance, if your first sofa wasn’t covered in stain resistant covering, then it could be chock full of splotches. You would definitely want to upgrade to that. You might have also realized that a deeper sofa is better suit for afternoon naps. There are things like cushion, pillows and armrests that you might want to upgrade and improve. Just like you need to spend time trying out a mattress, if you’re shopping for a new family room sofa, then you want to make sure it will be comfortable for everybody.

As mentioned, Junk King can handle your old furniture removal. That’s a vital part of replacing your furniture because you don’t want to be stuck with a couch, chair or table that you’re not going to use. You know you can’t put it out on the curb and you don’t want to shove it down the basement or out in the garage. Your home space is too valuable to use it as a storage locker. Junk King can load up all those furniture pieces in a single junk removal trip. In addition to the furniture, Junk King can also help you get rid of all kinds of bulky items like appliances, BBQ grills, tires, sporting equipment and other household goods. Imagine what you can do with all that space once you’ve cleared out the clutter. Your attic can become a guest room. Your basement can be converted into a home theatre. Your garage can actually be used to park your car!

Everything that gets loaded onto the Junk King truck is destined to responsible disposal. The Junk King crew will sort your junk to see what can be recycled or donated. Either way, you’ll be reducing y our carbon footprint and taking back your space from all that junk. A furniture removal appointment with Junk King can be the beginning of a junk free home.