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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Pittsburgh Refrigerator Disposal

According to the city of Pittsburgh Freon appliances are things like refrigerators, dehumidifiers and air conditioners. These are items that can’t merely be tossed out on the curb. They have to be properly disposed of. That’s not an easy task if you are doing this on your own. The moment you have deemed a refrigerator in non-use you’re going to either have to remove the door or secure it with a lock. Not to do so would result in a fine and citation. Doesn’t matter if you’re putting that fridge in a garage and don’t have any kids living with you; those precautions still have to be taken. There are a few certified drop-off centers around the Pittsburgh area where you can take your old refrigerator but again, that is easier said than done. If you want a hassle-free approach to refrigerator disposal than the only call you should be making is to Junk King Pittsburgh.

Consider what it took to bring that refrigerator into your home. It was probably a two-man crew who had to carefully unload the fridge and then maneuver it up steps and around walls into your kitchen. That’s the same effort it goings to take to get rid of the sofa and that’s just what you’ll be getting with Junk King. Sure, if you have a pickup truck you could load the fridge on the back, if you have the help. Here again Junk King rides to the rescue with their own huge truck. You don’t have to worry about any rental fees or filling out extra insurance forms. It’s all part of the complete junk removal service from Junk King Pittsburgh.

When hiring Junk King to take away your old fridge you should also think about taking full advantage of that crew to get rid of anything else that is bulky or oversized. What have you been keeping in storage in your garage or down the basement that is just getting in the way? An old mattress? Broken baby furniture? Parts from a car engine? Remodeling lumber scraps? A piano that nobody plays? All of that stuff can be tossed onto the back of the Junk King truck and taken away with zero effort on your part. All you have to worry about is what you want to get rid of.

Rest assured that when Junk King takes away something like your refrigerator they will make sure it is delivered to a certified recycling center for proper disposal. In fact, that’s what they’ll be doing with just about everything that is collected from your home. Out with the old and in with Junk King Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh Yard Waste Removal

For the past two years the Pittsburgh Community Cleanup has swept through the area over the MLK holiday weekend picking up tons of trash all across the community. This year promised to be even bigger and organizers weren’t disappointed as hundreds of volunteers showed up loaded down with garbage bags, gloves, rakes and a positive attitude. By the end of the cleanup project there were truckloads of stuffed garbage bags making their way to recycling centers and certified landfill. Although all the volunteers were enthusiastic about the project, it was all a sad reminder how careless many folks are who dump their garbage everywhere. Tossing out the occasional soda can is bad enough but when people go through the effort of throwing out things like sofas, shopping carts, tires and kitchen appliances they are doing a lot of potential harm to Pittsburgh.

A cleanup effort like this should inspire you to make a sweep of your own front and back yard. By cleaning up your property you could be motivating your neighbors to do the same. Pretty soon the entire community will be sparkling. Wouldn’t that be great? If cleaning up your yard seems like a big task, you can find help by hiring Junk King Pittsburgh. A Junk King crew is a lot like those folks who pitched in to clean up the neighborhoods; they have a lot of enthusiasm for their work. The big difference is the Junk King crew is happily doing this kind of work all through the week.

When you hire Junk King Pittsburgh they’ll be working on your schedule. Whatever is convenient for the pickup is when they’ll be at your house. Most folks prefer to schedule Junk King when they get off work at night or on a Saturday morning. That’s fine. As soon as the Junk King crew shows up they’ll get to work. This means you could have your yard clear of debris in no time. If the last storm dumped some unwanted tree branches or roof shingles, the JK crew will load them up in a flash. If you want to get rid of old patio furniture, a BBQ grill or even a tool shed it can all go on the back of the Junk King truck.

As long as Junk King Pittsburgh is cleaning up your yard, why not put them to work removing the rest of your bulky items from inside your home or garage. There will always be more room on the truck with Junk King!

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