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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Pittsburgh Dirt Removal and Hauling

There’s no telling what you can do with a space once you get the junk out. There’s a warehouse over on Hamilton Avenue that just went through an awesome makeover. A year ago, this building was crammed full of unused city equipment and impounded cars. It was basically 80,000 square feet of a dumping ground for the Pittsburgh Public Works Department. When local resident Harry Geyer saw this space being wasted he had a better idea. With a little sweat equity and help from the city, Harry converted the warehouse into the Wheel Mill, a massive indoor bike park.

“We’ve built it, and everybody’s jumped right on board,” said Mr. Geyer “We didn’t want to make it like every other park.” Mission accomplished! The Wheel Mill is probably the largest indoor sports park in Pittsburgh. It’s also the first one designed for bicyclists whether those are y teens on their BMX stunt bikes or their dads on their Treks.

The first floor of the warehouse has been tripped out with every conceivable type of ramp, trail and obstacles. There is also a section called “The Woods” which is a a one-room loop of ramps, chutes and turnarounds that make you feel like you’re on a mountain trail if the mountain trail was in a warehouse. It just goes to show you what you can accomplish with a little help and a little junk removal.

Do you have a project around you home that would benefit from a little junk removal? You might not be creating a bike park but there is no reason you can’t get your backyard geared up for the coming grilling season. To get that done, you’ll definitely want to call Junk King North Pittsburgh.

Junk King is the junk removal expert who can take away anything you want gone from your home or yard. For some folks, that means taking away piles of dirt. This could be dirt dug up to make room for a pool or hot tub. It could also be clearing away a patch of the backyard for a garden. Dirt is not something you can throw out with the garbage because of the weight limits.

With Junk King there are no weight limits. That’s what the big JK truck is for and the heavier the better. Don’t worry about straining your back. The Junk King crew will do all the work for you. Not only can they clean up the dirt from your yard but they can also help you remove all the stuff that has piled up in your garage or basement. When it comes to junk removal, let Junk King Pittsburgh get you cleaned up.

Home Downsizing Tips in Pittsburgh

Downsizing is a viable option to make your life more manageable. That’s what a lot of Pittsburgh County residents are discovering as they are looking for ways to either save for their future or start to really enjoy their retirement. Many folks who have been in a home for several years can’t imagine living anywhere else. However, when the choice is between maintaining a huge property or living in comfort in a smaller space it’s a no-brainer.

For retirees it might be as simple as wanting to finally take on their bucket list. That might mean doing more traveling. Do you really want to leave a home abandoned for weeks or months at a time? With a little research you can find that there are many wonderful and secure communities to live in where things like lawn care and exterior maintenance is covered by the homeowner’s association. Isn’t it time you retired from mowing the lawn?

The choice of a downsized home can come in many forms. There are apartments with balconies, gate communities and townhomes. All of those can come with a variety of amenities like swimming pools, golf courses, gym and community centers. You might also find that renting is a more affordable option than paying a new mortgage. Downsizing to a new space should also include room for visitors. Having a guestroom isn’t a crazy idea especially if there will be grandkids in the picture!

Once you’re ready to make the downsizing move you’ll also have to think about downsizing your possessions. There is probably a lot that you’re holding onto that you could actually live without. Things like extra furniture, appliances or bedroom sets don’t need to be taken to a new home. Instead you can hire Junk King Pittsburgh to take all of that stuff away and clear the path for your new home.

Downsizing could also mean making room for a family member in your home. Maybe grandmom needs to move in to watch over the kids. You can provide her with her own space down in the basement but you might have to clear out the clutter first. The Junk King crew can make those trips up and down the basement stairs to accomplish that task. That same crew will handle all the disposal of the junk as well. Often this will mean dropping some items off at a local charity where they can resell it. There are recycling options available for things like old stoves, car parts or metal swing sets. If you’ve been holding onto newspapers and magazines then Junk King can get rid of those at a Pittsburgh recycling center. As soon as you’re ready to downsize, give Junk King Pittsburgh a call and put the plan into action!

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