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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Pittsburgh Debris Removal

Pity the poor Pittsburgh weather person. The weather reports are the most popular segments on the local news but that doesn’t mean they are 100% accurate all the time. A perfect example was the last round of storms that swept through the area. We were told to brace for a big one. Instead it was just a piddle of a storm that came and went before anybody got a chance to really notice or even get wet!

“It moved through so quickly,” said meteorologist Brad Rehak, of the National Weather Service. “It wasn’t as heavy. I think the strategy we put in place this afternoon, we prevented a lot of problems we didn’t have to respond to,” he said. “We’re lucky because we have no loss of life.”

The strategy that he mentioned included shutting down a bunch of roads located in flood-prone zones. In the grand scheme of things, it is better to be over prepared than to be caught unawares. If you’ve been spared of flooding in your basement then count yourself lucky. For those not so lucky, there is Junk King Pittsburgh who can help remove and water damaged items before the mold starts growing.

Junk King of Pittsburgh is part of a national franchise of junk removal professionals. There isn’t a mess the Junk King hasn’t been able to cleanup and that is especially true when it comes to storm cleanup. But it’s also the case with removing all kinds of junk. Yes, the Junk King crews have often been called into “hoarder” homes where the trash and junk it literally piled to the rafters. Hopefully, the clutter around your home hasn’t gotten that extreme. No matter how much junk you have to get rid of, Junk King is really the only call you should make.

With Junk King on the job, you can be assured of prompt and courteous service. The only way Junk King can maintain its number one status is by satisfied customers spreading the good word. That means every job has to be given the VIP treatment. There are some folks who hire Junk King just to get rid of their e-waste. It might seem like going overboard to have a two-man crew and huge truck to haul way a computer but with Junk King your junk will be getting the green treatment. That’s important with e-waste that has to be dismantled and properly disposed of. On the other hand if you’ve got a garage full of junk you couldn’t give away at a yard sale then Junk King really is your best option. Give them a call today and have your debris gone in a snap!

Pittsburgh Old Washing Machine and Dryer Disposal

The hope for every load of laundry we put into a washing machine is for those clothes to come out clean and smelling fresh. For the most part, washing machines get the job done. However, Samsung has designed a different type of washing machine that is taking cleaning clothes to a whole new level. The Silver Nano Washing Machine has a specific goal: eradicate bacteria from linen and clothing used in hospitals. Think of this as a super bacteria killing machine. The inside is lined with silver-coated components that release actual Silver ions while the clothes are tumbling. According to claims made by the company, this process allows for clothing and linens to be 100% “deodorized, sterilized and protected from bacteria for up to 30 days.” That’s great news for hospitals who want to keep it clean. The bad news is that this washing machine is only for commercial use… so far.

What shape is your washer in? If you’re looking to swap out your old machine for a new and improved model you’re going to be very happy with the many advances developments in washing machine design. Today’s machines are using computer technology to help you specify wash cycles and maximize your energy use. Plus it is all touch pad controlled. You’ll find those same enhanced features on new dryers as well. These include moister detectors which will turn off the dryer when it senses that your clothes are actually dry.

Late summer is a good time to buy a new washer/dryer combo because the stores are eager to move out their old merchandise to make room for the new models. As you head off to the store, get yourself armed with consumer reviews that you’ll find all over the internet. You should also download price comparisons which you can use to bargain with. Just like cars salespeople, the folks working in appliances stores don’t want to let you go without making a deal.

Before you accept delivery on your new machines you’re going to need to make room by getting rid of the old ones. This is where a company like Junk King of Pittsburgh is going to be a big help. These professional junk haulers are just the right team to make sure your old machines will be removed in a safe and efficient manner. While they’re at it, the Junk King crew can also take away any other oversize items you want to get rid of. After all, they’ll be providing a big truck and plenty of muscle for heavy lifting. Can you think of more stuff to toss out? Of course you can! Give Junk King Pittsburgh a call today to set up your junk removal appointment.

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