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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Pittsburgh Storage Unit Cleanout

Storage units are great for the overflow of your stuff. Depending on where you live, storage could be at a premium. It doesn’t cost much to rent a storage unit and make sure your extra items are kept safe and secure. Of course, the argument could also be made that anything you put in storage is something that you don’t need. The longer it stays in storage, the great the chance of you never needing it again. The worst that can happen is you forget about the unit. Go a few months without paying the rental fee and your storage unit can be put on the auction block. Before you get to that point, you might want to consider a Junk King storage unit cleanout. This will allow you to reduce the amount of stuff you’re keeping in storage and allow you the chance to bring out those things you forgot you had!


When you set up any appointment with Junk King, you’ll be providing them with a location for the pickup. That can be your home, business, apartment or storage facility. If the storage facility is secure (as it should be) you can coordinate with the Junk King crew to meet outside the gates at the appointed time. Then it’s just a matter of driving up and loading up. You should already go through your unit to decide what you want thrown out. That way the cleanout will go a lot quicker. Remember, Junk King will be providing a truck and a crew so any heavy or oversized object can be good to go!

After the storage unit cleanout job is done, you can bring the Junk King crew back to your home for even more junk removal. One appointment can clear out your storage unit, garage, basement, attic and closet. This is a great way to kick off the fall and get ready for the holidays.

Shop around for comparative services and you’ll find that Junk King offers the best bargain in Pittsburgh. You’ll only going to be charge a flat fee that will be based on an estimate of volume. That volume pertains to how much space your junk will take up on the back of the Junk King truck. There are never any extra charges or surprise fees with Junk King. Don’t pay for storage you don’t need. Use Junk King for your total storage unit cleanout and junk hauling needs.

What To Avoid In A Pittsburgh Junk Removal Company

You can tell if you should be hiring a company by the first impression you get when you call a dispatch center. A reliable company should make you feel like a priority. You time is valuable and a service call should be set up around your schedule and not the company’s. That’s what you’ll get when you reach out to Junk King to set up a junk removal appointment. You’ll be asked what time works for you. In some cases, that could even mean locking down a same-day appointment. As long as Junk King is in your neighborhood and won’t keep you waiting, they’ll make it happen.


You also want a company to does what they say they’re going to do. For junk removal, that means hauling away anything you want taken away with the exception of hazardous waste. A junk removal company shouldn’t show up at your home then claim, “That thing is too heavy for us.” With Junk King, you can get anything taken away including the heaviest of objects like broken concrete or roofing shingles. If Junk King can clear out an entire estate (which they have!), then they can surely handle the few pieces you need removed.

That no hassle attitude has to come into play if your junk items are down the basement or up in the attic. You won’t hear any complaints from the Junk King crews about climbing those stairs. You’ll also never be asked to bring any of your junk down to the sidewalk. The Junk King crews are there to do the lifting.

Being insured is another quality you want to look for with any type of worker that is coming into your home. All the Junk King crews are bonded and insured. Their goal is to never have to make a claim but it’s nice knowing you’ll be protected. Your junk removal company should also be an eco-friendly company. Getting rid of junk shouldn’t be all about driving to the nearest landfill and calling it a day. Everything that Junk King collects has the potential to be recycled or donated. That’s part of their business model. On average, Junk King has been able to divert up to 60% of all they collect away from those landfills. That’s a very green way to doing business. When you’re in need of dependable junk removal, then Junk King is the company to count on.


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