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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Find More Room In Your Home With A Junk Removal Session

As you look around your home, do you wish you had more space? Even if you love, your house there is always room for improvement, right? Most of that improvement is tied to things knocking down a wall to create an open floor plan or adding a bathroom. You might even visualize an entire addition to the house that could provide a family room or another bedroom. Those are all viable remodeling projects but also costly endeavors. A simpler approach might be to start by getting rid of all your unwanted clutter and junk. This is where a company like Junk King Pittsburgh can be a huge help.


A junk removal session from Junk King Pittsburgh is going to work wonders your house. The more junk you turn over to Junk King Pittsburgh more room you make. You could clear out the entire basement of old boxes, appliances and unwanted furniture. Once that stuff is clear some new carpeting, painting the walls and furnishing could turn that space into a very cozy family room or home theater.

That spare room at the end of the hall that’s full of boxes of old clothes, the old tube television, books, sporting equipment, baby furniture and toys that nobody uses could be cleared in a flash by Junk King Pittsburgh. Once all that clutter is gone, you can set up that room as an arts and craft studio or guest bedroom. Now you’re starting to see all the possibilities from a junk removal session with Junk King Pittsburgh.

It doesn’t matter to the Junk King Pittsburgh crew how much you want to get rid. They’ll take away any amount of junk in any kind of shape. They’ve literally cleared things that have been covered in mold, rotting wood and even infested in bed bugs. Nothing you could throw at them will dissuade them from making sure you’re happy.

In addition to all the things that Junk King Pittsburgh is going to be doing on your house are also to be helping the environment around the city. That’s because they keep the vast majority what they collect out of local landfills. That’s great for the environment. Making more room in your home starts with a Junk King Pittsburgh junk removal session. Get that going today.

Make More Room For 2017

Have you already planned out what you’d like to accomplish in 2017? That could start with all the things you left unfinished from 2016! Then again, there’s nothing wrong with approaching a new year with a clean slate. That means you can start many new projects. It could be an online course in a subject you been fascinated by. It could be starting a new business from home. Maybe it’s just something as simple as spending more time with your family and pets. Perhaps your big project for 2017 is to finally get rid of enough clutter in your home so that you can set up a guest bedroom. That’s the project that you can get help with Junk King Pittsburgh. These are the junk removal professionals that are dedicated to helping you reclaim as much space in your home as possible.


The amount of clutter you have in your home is related to the amount of time you have actually lived in that home. Over the years, things have a way of collecting in closets, the basement, the garage and the attic. No doubt, every one of these objects started out as serving a specific purpose. But over the years they be they became forgotten, broken, worn out or simply unwanted. Once that happens to something there is really no good reason for holding onto it. Nothing is going to change its status from junk to treasure. That is why you need to schedule a junk hauling appointment with Junk King Pittsburgh.

You’re going to have a two-man moving crew assigned to your junk removal task. This is the team that will do all the lifting and loading for you. That includes climbing as many flights of stairs as needed to get to your stuff. It doesn’t matter if you want to throw away a sofa or a piano or box of shoes; you can count on the crew from Junk King Pittsburgh to get the job done in a very timely fashion.

Junk King Pittsburgh is also dedicated to keeping the air we breathe and the water we drink as clean as possible. That means avoiding the landfills at all costs. They would much rather make a drop off to a charity or recycling center of your collected stuff. That should make you feel good about getting rid of all your junk. If you’re ready to make 2017 a year without clutter, then that start by hiring Junk King Pittsburgh.

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