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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Great Ideas For Your Attic

Do you consider your attic an unused space? Perhaps when you first moved into the home you didn’t need that attic for anything beyond storage. But now that your family has grown, it’s possible that you could put that attic too much better use. The stipulation is that your attic is accessible by a flight of stairs as opposed to a ladder. It should also be a place that you can actually stand up in. Exposed rafters are easily covered with drywall and some lighting goes a long way towards turning a dark space into a comfortable area. Consider these great ideas for your attic:

Spare Bedroom

Turning your attic into a spare bedroom can be a huge bonus for your home. It becomes a perfect space for one of your kids to move into especially if they are already sharing a room with a sibling. It’s a great area for out-of-town visitors to spend the weekend. And if you want to consider earning extra income and attic bedroom be a very attractive space for a potential roommate.


Do you find yourself constantly tripping over your children’s toys? Confining those toys to the attic might be the solution. This is a wide-open space that could be adapted with many fun zones for the kids. They can have their own reading nook as well as a corner dedicated to arts and crafts. Small shelves will be able to hold all those errant toys. As the kids get older, you can swap out the toys for a videogame system. The attic becomes a perfect place to go on a rainy day.


Hobby Room

You might have a collection that has overgrown a shelf. Maybe most of your collectibles of boxed up. The attic becomes a terrific hobby room. You can create displays for all of your collected items. If building is part of your hobby, then you can easily set up a workbench to construct your items.

Before you can make any of those changes in your attic, you first have to get rid of all the rubbish that’s up there. It’s a safe bet that a large majority of what you have in storage could probably be tossed out. Junk King Pittsburgh can provide the manpower and the truck space to accomplish that task. If it takes the crew from Junk King a dozen trips up and down the attic stairs to clear out all the rubbish, then that is what they will happily do. Get started on your attic conversion with a call to Junk King Pittsburgh today.

Why Rent A Dumpster For Your Next Construction Project In Pittsburg

Did you know that the city of Pittsburgh does not collect construction and demolition waste? The same goes for most cities in Pennsylvania. Contractors and homeowners doing remodeling should rent a dumpster to collect waste during a project and have it hauled away at the end.

Junk King’s MINI dumpster was designed especially for DIY construction projects and light commercial work. Measuring 12 cubic yards, it’s a little bigger than a standard 10-yard container. Even still, it’s safe for your driveway and just the right size when you need to rent a dumpster for construction debris.

The Easy SolutionRent a Dumpster

With a dumpster rental, all you need to do is fill it up. Compared to any other junk removal options in Pittsburgh, dumpsters are typically the easiest solution for a construction project:

  • Junk haulers drop off the container, when and where you want it

  • We come back to pick it up at your preferred time

  • Recycling and green disposal gets handled by Junk King

  • No need to hassle with the logistics of driving your own vehicle around to various dump sites

  • You can rent a dumpster with flexible dates if you aren’t sure how long you’ll need it

  • Gather waste and debris throughout the project, so you don’t have piles of junk cluttering your home or yard

Improve Safety During Construction

Keep yourself and your team safe during and after your construction project when you rent a dumpster. Piles of debris may have nails, broken glass, or jagged edges — so you definitely want to corral them in a container.

The MINI dumpster even has a convenient side door. Heavy materials can be very dangerous to hoist or throw, leading to lower back or shoulder injuries. It’s much easier to avoid the pain and injury risk by walking heavy or awkward items into the dumpster.

After your project is finished, you can wipe your hands and say goodbye to the trash. That’s a lot safer and easier than loading up your own vehicle with junk, driving around Pittsburgh with a stuffed car, then having to lift and carry all the junk again once you get to the landfill.

Should You Rent a Dumpster or Get Junk Removal Service?

Junk King offers both full-service junk removal and dumpster rental, so we understand the differences between the two. You can hire our junk haulers to come pick up construction debris, but many of our customers find that it’s more convenient to rent a dumpster for their DIY home improvement projects.

Rent a dumpster when:

  • You need to gather debris as it piles up throughout a project

  • You are physically able to carry the junk out to the container

  • It would be easier to fill a dumpster than to bring in a junk hauler and point to which items need to be taken or not

Full-service junk removal may be your answer in other cases:

  • You have a few large, bulky items to be hauled away

  • You need to clean out everything in a specific room or an entire house

  • You want to point at the junk and tell someone else to lift and haul it

Don’t Overspend — Rent a Dumpster with Pay-Per-Use Pricing

Most dumpster rental companies have a flat charge for their dumpsters. If you don’t fill the container, you still have to pay the full price. Junk King lets you pay only for the space you use!

Junk King revolutionized the junk hauling world with highly competitive rates based on how much volume your junk takes up in our truck. When you rent a dumpster from us, it works the same way. That’s right — we have lower rates for a partially filled dumpster!

Rent a Dumpster in Pittsburgh

Any construction or renovation project will produce a large amount of waste. Will you be ripping out drywall, tiles, cabinets, roof shingles, or other old materials? Will the project create scraps of unused materials or bulky waste from landscaping renovations?

Make things easy for yourself and rent a dumpster from Junk King Pittsburgh. Construction junk piles up fast, and the MINI dumpster is your easy, convenient solution with flexible pricing and scheduling.

Call us at 412-254-8437 to schedule your drop-off, or book online now and save $30!

How To Baby Proof Your Home

The first few months of a new baby’s life is all about cuddling. You’ll be carrying the baby around when they are awake or letting them hang out in a bassinet. The moment they start crawling it becomes a game changer. That’s because they’re going to crawl just about everywhere. That means you may have a couple of months to make sure your home is baby proof. Here’s what you need to do.


Get Their Perspective

The first approach to baby proofing is to get down on the ground and see the world from their perspective. You may discover all kinds of outlets, lamp cords and other attractive items to be poked and pulled. This is where you start with the baby proofing.

Cover the Knobs On Your Stove

A lot of infant toys have fun knobs that they love to twist and turn. To then, the stove is just another big toy with awesome knobs. You can buy covers to place over those knobs that they little hands won’t be able to do anything with.

Hook Your Cabinets

While you’re in the kitchen, should also look at the various hooks that are available to secure your cabinets. These are either attached on the inside door or as outside locks. You should also latch your refrigerator. Your little one will soon pickup that the refrigerator is the place where all the good stuff comes from.

Soft Carpets

Right after the crawling comes the walking and with that will come with a lot of tumbling. You want to make sure your baby has a soft place to land. A strong water and stain resistant carpet will go a long way towards keeping your baby comfortable and the house looking clean.

Keep Their Toys Within Reach

Although shelves are practical for storage, they are too much of a challenge for a baby. But that won’t stop them from trying to climb up those shelves. That’s why you should keep all of their toys within their reach. Use small wicker baskets to hold their favorite stuffed animals and toys and keep them at ground level.

Get Rid Of Excess Clutter

You might have already moved out a lot of junk to make room for the baby’s nursery. Did that stuff and up down in the basement or out of the garage? One call to Junk King Pittsburgh can get rid of it once and for all. The less clutter you have around the house the less your baby will get into. Junk King Pittsburgh can haul away old electronics, furniture and other household goods. Let Junk King Pittsburgh be your baby-proofing partner.

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