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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Dependable Junk Removal For Mount Lebanon

The old saying about March “coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb” might be true in other parts of the country but not in Lebanon County. The most ferocious winter storm of 2017-2018 just happened last week and dumped over 10 inches of snow across the country. Everything that comes with a snow storm was in play: Shoveling out driveways, cancelled flights, school closures and the occasional cars sliding on the ice. The worst accident involved a tractor-trailer that rollover and spilled large amounts of paint. It could have been a lot worse. Did you get hit with any winter storm damage? If so, then you’ll want to bring in Junk King Pittsburgh to help with the cleanup.


Junk King Pittsburgh is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers. They specialize in removing things like worn out sofas or broken refrigerators. But they are also able to take on a lot more clean up duties as it relates to storm damage. Anything that was flooded in your home or broken off from a tree needs to be removed as quickly as possible. Junk King prides itself on how fast it moves to help homeowners and businesses clear away unwanted rubbish.

Junk King crews are always out on patrol. That allows them to squeeze in same day appointments. If you call in the morning, you could have your junk cleared away by lunchtime. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Your junk removal session will be handled by a pair of movers that have been licensed and insured. Those are the only kind of workers you should ever hire. These crews have all been trained to be problem solvers. Moving heavy objects down narrow hallways or steep stairs takes a certain amount of skill. If safety becomes an issue, then the Junk King crew will probably take apart the thing to get it out the door without scratching up your floors.

What about the cost? If you were to price out this service as a DIY type of job, you would have to hire a crew, rent a truck and give up a lot of your time off to make the drop offs. With Junk King, you’ll be charged a flat fee based on how much volume your stuff fills on the truck. You won’t be charged by the pound. If you need junk removed anywhere in Mount Lebanon, you can always depend on Junk King Pittsburgh to get the job done fast.

Check out Junk King Pittsburgh’s Residential Junk Removal Service.

Junk King Pittsburgh’s residential junk removal service is just the thing whether you’re looking to have your whole house or just the garage cleaned out. Why not book online and get a free estimate?

Of course, we’d be only too happy to come to your location and do the job for you, but there’s another option. Our dumpster rental services for Junk King Pittsburgh include convenient drop-off and flexible pricing. It’s another option that we present to our valued residential clients in the Pittsburgh area.

Member, these are many dumpsters that are driveway friendly and best of all you will only pay for the space you use!

Residential Junk Removal from Start to Finish

If you’d like us to look after your residential junk removal from start to finish, we can do that too. However, we would like to suggest that maybe you take a few minutes to decide what should go and what needs to stay if you’re moving.

In other words, it’s a good idea to categorize the items in your house before we arrive. Rather than packing everything up by room, if you put all the important papers and other items together you’ll be more organized. It’s a great system because once you’ve gone through all the different categories, it will be easier to spot the junk that can be taken away.


Junk King Pittsburgh’s residential junk removal service makes it as easy as possible for you to categorize these items. We’re even available if you want to text us a photo or get a convenient quote by booking online. We are very proud of the fact that we recycle, reuse or donate up to 60% of what we haul away.

Many of our Pittsburgh clients have told us how comforting it is to know that their unwanted goods can help out people in their community. If you take a look at our videos, you’ll see how professional and well thought out our process really is.

Our recycling warehouses are kept constantly busy by sorting through all the different metals, e-waste, furniture or appliances and other materials that don’t need to go through landfill.

Junk King Pittsburgh’s residential junk removal service is complete and thorough. Perhaps best of all, it focuses on 100% customer satisfaction. We are interested in helping you with junk removal services that are some of the greenest in the industry. We are committed to being an industry leader when it comes to helping the planet. Why not get in touch with us today?

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