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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Let Junk King Dallas Mid Cities Handle Your Hot Tub Removal

There are many things around your home that aren’t going to be easy to get rid of. Included in that list is a backyard hot tub. This is the kind of object that you might have inherited from the previous owner. It might have been a nice feature until you open it up and tried to use the hot tub. Then you realized it wasn’t all you thought it could be. Maybe you had a hot tub of your own for several years that is now starting to crack and fall apart. Too often homeowners are forced to simply drain the hot tub and leave it standing in the yard creating an eyesore. That doesn’t have to happen as long as Junk King Dallas Mid Cities is on the job.


Taking care of a hot tub removal is definitely a two-man job. The crew from Junk King Dallas Mid Cities will show up with experience in this type of operation. It might also require a bit of ingenuity. On one such job, the Junk King crew had to literally saw a hot tub in half in order for it to fit on the back of the truck. They got the job done without breaking a sweat!

You don’t have to worry about providing an owner’s manual to the crew. They’ll have the tools needed to take apart that hot tub. This is also a labor-intensive job. Most junk removal sessions are completed in just less than 20 minutes. That’s really how long it takes to load up the truck with a few items. It doesn’t matter how long the crew will stay there to take apart and load the hot tub, you won’t be paying extra for that labor.

Instead, your fee will be based upon how tightly the crew can pack up the truck with the hot tub and the rest of your clutter. The small of the space, the lower the price. You’ll know this fee before they begin any work. If you’re not completely satisfied with the price, then the Junk King Dallas Mid Cities crew will move onto the next job. No harm no foul. Call Junk King Dallas Mid Cities today and your hot tub removal can be taken care of by tomorrow.

Junk King Dallas Mid Cities Provides Fast Mattress Disposal

One word you never want to hear around your house is “bedbugs.” These are the minuscule pests that can make sleeping nearly impossible. They’re also the kind of bug that likes to hitch a ride. You could pick up a bedbug from visiting someone else’s house or staying one night in a hotel. Once they make it into your bed, they start nesting and breeding right away. It doesn’t take long for them to infest your entire house. If you discover that you have bedbugs in your mattress, then you’ll want to get rid of that mattress ASAP. There aren’t many disposal companies who will take on that challenge but Junk King Dallas Mid Cities certainly will.

Special precaution has to be taken for mattress disposal with bedbugs. Not only will the crews need to be wrapped up but also that mattress that they’re getting rid of. They don’t want to cross contaminate with any other piece of furniture they might be collecting. As soon as the mattress is gone you can fumigate the room to make sure all the pests are gone for good.


Although taking care of mattress disposal and the situation is a priority once that is secure Junk King Dallas Mid Cities can help remove the rest of your unwanted clutter. You just have to show the crew members everything you want taken away and they will swiftly loaded all onto the back of their truck. Their work can also extend out into the backyard. This is a great chance to finally get rid of all that yard waste and other debris that might be piled up out there. Even if you want to take down a swing set or remove a sandbox the team from Junk King Dallas Mid Cities will be able to handle that with no problem at all.

Everything that is collected by Junk King will have a chance to be recycled or donated. This is part of their complete junk removal package and happens automatically. As for the price, if you shop around you’ll find that Junk King Dallas Mid Cities offers the fairest and most affordable rates for this type of service. Take care of old mattress disposal and junk removal the right way by hiring Junk King Dallas Mid Cities.

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