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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Count On Junk King Dallas Mid Cities For Fast Foreclosure Clean Up

Whether you’re shopping for your dream home or looking to invest in a real estate property, you should always consider foreclosed homes. In many cases, foreclosed properties are often found to be good deals because the banks holding the title want to make quick work of getting rid of those assets. Most of the problems with a foreclosed property are cosmetic. They may look like they are in great disrepair but in reality you just need someone to clear way all the rubbish to get at the truth. That is where Junk King Dallas Mid Cities can be a huge benefit. These are the junk removal pros that make quick work of clearing out any foreclosed property.


Some foreclosed properties bought at auction sight unseen. That is certainly a gamble but one that can pay off with a little renovation. Before you bring in painters, as landscapers and contractors you want to clear out all the debris. The previous occupants could have left behind stained carpets, drapes, appliances, and all manner of trash. The Junk King Dallas Mid Cities team can swoop in and have all of that waste in a single session. Only then can you make an assessment of the property.

The foreclosure clean up work that provided by Junk King Dallas Mid Cities also extends to the front and back yards. On that same session, any abandoned auto-parts, lumber, shrubbery, planters, patio furniture or grills that are way beyond repair. All of that needs to happen before you can start to work on your curb appeal.

The fees that are charged by Junk King Dallas Mid Cities determined by how much all that rubbish is going to take up on the back of the truck. You could rent a dumpster to fill it with the garbage but there’s no telling if you pick the right size. When you hire Junk King Dallas Mid Cities, everything will go in that same day. Even if it takes additional team members and trucks you’ll still be paying that flat rate based on volume and not weight. The best approach to the foreclosure clean up is to turn it over to Junk King Dallas Mid Cities.

Let Junk King Dallas Mid Cities Handle Your Sofa Pickup

One of the most common things left on the curb seems to be furniture. Usually this happens when someone is moving from one place to another and they don’t have room on the truck for that last chair or sofa. If they were thinking about replacing it anyway, then it doesn’t take much thought to leave it on the sidewalk. When that happens it becomes somebody else’s problem. It’s a very careless approach to getting rid of junk. It also can start a chain reaction of other people leaving junk on the curb. Before you know it, the whole block is overrun with rubbish. That’s not anybody’s idea of fun. That can all be prevented with a single call to Junk King Dallas Mid Cities. These are the professional junk haulers would never leave anything behind!


The mere fact that it took two movers to bring that sofa into your home is all it should take to convince you to hire Junk King Dallas Mid Cities. They’ll be supplying you with two very capable movers to handle your sofa pickup. This is a well-trained team who knows how to maneuver a heavy object like a sofa around corners and downstairs. They’ll be treating your floors like they were their own. They’ll even sweep up that empty space before leaving.

Just because you hired Junk King Dallas Mid Cities for a sofa pickup doesn’t mean they can’t pick up a lot more of your unwanted clutter. As long as you have those movers and the truck, you can fill it up with all the things you been eager to get rid of. That can include more furniture, appliances, clothing and other household goods. A single junk removal session with Junk King Dallas Mid Cities can truly transform your home.

Along with all the help of getting rid of unwanted items from the inside of your home, you can also as the crew to remove any type of debris from your backyard. This is a team who is not afraid to get their hands dirty if that’s what it takes to remove your stuff. Take care of your sofa pickup and junk removal the right way by hiring Junk King Dallas Mid Cities from the start.

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