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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Amazing Reviews For Junk King Dallas Mid Cities

Before the Internet came along, the only reviews you could read in newspapers were for movies, books, plays and restaurants. It was a challenge to know how any type of business was doing in terms of customer satisfaction. That all changed once everyone got online and could post their opinions instantaneously. Companies quickly got on board and understood the value of interacting with the customers online. Any business who doesn’t offer a chance for customers to comment might be hiding something. When it comes to quality junk removal, it is clear from the reviews for Junk King Dallas Mid Cities that this is a company who is getting it done. Here’s a sampling of some recent post by some very happy customers:


“The guys that came out were very nice and were able to haul away my sofa with no issues! Quick process! I would definitely recommend this company.” – S.W.

“The service was very good. The men were very polite, on time and careful with the household. We would definitely recommend them to our friends.” – G.C.

“Guys were great. Kept me informed of ETA and was very quick getting my furniture out. Great experience.” – C.R.

Those comments point out some of the benefits of hiring Junk King Dallas Mid Cities. Every session is staffed by two friendly movers. This is a team who has a lot of experience getting furniture out of a home. It doesn’t matter if stairs are involved or if that object is especially heavy. The Junk King Dallas Mid Cities crews will make short work of moving it from your home.

Junk King Dallas Mid Cities also knows how valuable your time is and doesn’t want to waste it. The scheduling process can be handled with one phone call or setting up your appointment online. Once the crew shows up, they will look over everything and judge how it will fit on the back of the truck. This is how they to determine your price. The less room your stuff fills the less you be paying. If you had to price out could end up paying twice as much as what Junk King Dallas Mid Cities charge. One junk removal session with Junk King Dallas Mid Cities and you’ll be ready to add your own rave review.

For Your Next Major Clean Up Will You Go With A Dumpster Rental Or Pickup From Junk King Dallas Mid Cities?

Are you taking on a remodeling project this year? Have you decided to finally clean out all the clutter from your garage? Are you giving your backyard a makeover? Those are all great projects to tackle but they also have one thing in common: they’re going to create a huge trash overflow problem. You not going to be able to fit everything you want to toss out into your trashcan for a weekly pickup. To handle your trash overflow you have two basic options: rent a dumpster or hire a professional junk hauler like Junk King Dallas Mid Cities. The determining factor might come down to just how much work you want to do by yourself.


Depending on the size of the dumpster rental you’ll have to clear space either in your driveway or in front of your house. If it’s the driveway that could cause a minor disruption. If it is in front of the house, then you might need a permit. All of that is just to get the unit into place. Once it has been set up, it will be your job to fill it with all the stuff you want to get rid of. The further away the dumpster is from your junk, the more challenging that loading process becomes. You can certainly help yourself with a dolly a wheelbarrow but you still put you back at risk.

When you hire Junk King Dallas Mid Cities, your back will never be at risk. That’s because Junk King will provide you with a pair of movers that’s going to do all the work for you. It doesn’t matter if they’re bringing stuff from the back of the house or a second-floor. They do the lifting and loading.

Renting a dumpster means you also have to pick the right size. You can fill a dumpster beyond the top rim. It has to be covered with a tarp for transportation. What happens if you have more stuff than the dumpster a hold? That will mean getting the dumpster picked up and replaced with an empty one. On the other hand, with Junk King Dallas Mid Cities all your unwanted clutter can be removed in a single session. They will have a truck big enough to hold whatever you’re tossing out.

When you add it all up, it’s clear that hiring Junk King Dallas Mid Cities to take care of your junk hauling is the smart move to make.

Bring In Junk King Dallas Mid Cities For Fast Concrete Removal

Whenever you hear jackhammers, you know that concrete is being busted up. Although it can be an irritating noise, it is also a signal that fresh cement being poured won’t be far behind. You might be thinking about replacing your concrete patio or driveway this year. If so, then you could take the DIY approach and save money. It’s not that complicated to rent a jackhammer or a portable cement mixer to get the job done. The only challenging aspect is what to do with all the busted up concrete. Actually, the answer is quite simple: hire Junk King Dallas Mid Cities for fast concrete removal.


Getting rid of concrete is definitely a job that requires skilled movers. You can’t just toss these chunks into the back of the truck. They have to carefully be lifted and loaded so is not to put a strain on the back. You also need a truck that is big enough to handle this type of work. You certainly don’t want to load up the back of your SUV with chunks of concrete. Plus, would you even know where to dispose of them? Junk King Dallas Mid Cities handles this type of job from start to finish.

In addition to providing you with a skilled moving crew, Junk King Dallas Mid Cities will also have a truck big enough to hold several driveways’ worth of concrete. As for the disposal, Junk King Dallas Mid Cities has set up partnerships with recycling facilities throughout the area. There are a few of these facilities that can recycle concrete. In fact, the new cement that you’re pouring could be made of a mixture of recycle concrete.

Your main objective will be to get rid of that concrete but that doesn’t mean you can also tap the crew from Junk King Dallas Mid Cities to remove the rest of the clutter in the same session. There will probably room left on the truck for a couple of pieces of furniture, appliances or boxes of clothing. As long as you got the movers and the truck why not put them to use? Count on Junk King Dallas Mid Cities for dependable concrete hauling and junk removal every time.

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