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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Put These Smart Tips To Work For Your Next Move

The most effective way to save money on your next move is to do your own packing. This isn’t as complicated as it sounds. If you start to do a little bit each day, then you’ll probably be finished long before moving day arrives. There are plenty moving tips used by the pros that you can use for your own packing. Here are some smart ones:


Find Free Boxes

Everyone knows to look for free boxes at the grocery and liquor store. However, you could also look on Craigslist. Many people are happy to get rid of the boxes from their move as long as you pick them up. You could also put out the call out on Facebook to ask your friends if they have boxes. Any free box is much better than one you have to pay for.

Use the Right Size Box

The biggest complaint from professional movers is large boxes packed with heavy items. They are very cumbersome and can often break in the bottom. The big boxes are best for light things such as pillows and linens. Use smaller boxes for books and other heavy objects. You might have to utilize a lot of small boxes but it’s much better that way.

If you’re loading up your own truck, then want to make sure you pack the heavy boxes first. They should all go towards the front of the truck for balance.

Use Every Space

There shouldn’t be any empty space in a box. Even if something isn’t breakable, you don’t want it banging around. Fill in the empty spaces with packing paper or some of your own clothing and towels. This also helps with balance when you’re stacking boxes.

Don’t Mix-And-Match

While it is true that everything is going to the same destination not everything is going to the same room. You’ll do yourself a big favor if you don’t mix and match items from different rooms into the same box. That has less to do with moving than it does with unpacking.

Tape and Label Strongly

Obviously, you want tape your boxes very strongly at the bottom and the top. Invest in a good box cutter for unpacking. You will want to label each box with the room that it’s going into. You should also give a brief inventory list as well. Again, this is more to do with unpacking than the moving but it can save you time at the other end.

Don’t Move With Clutter

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving into a bigger space or one the same size; you don’t want to bring clutter with you. This usually happens when you rush towards the end of packing. Take your time sorting through all the things and pull out the items that you without. All of that should be turned over the Junk King Dallas Mid Cities. One call to these professional junk haulers and you get all of that clutter removed in a fast appointment. Working with Junk King Dallas Mid Cities insures that you aren’t going to be bringing any clutter with you to your new home.

Stay Organized Around The House With These Helpful Hints

When you get into the habit of organizing your house, things just fall into place. There is a lot less running around in the morning and it is much more relaxing in the evening. Although many of these helpful hints work best with a family, even if you are living on your own you’ll find them to be a game changer. This is what you need to do to stay organized around the house:


The Night Before

The night before a school or work day you should put out outfits that you going to wear in a designated area. Have the kids pack up their backpacks with their homework and books. If lunches have to be made, then doing in the night before will help.

Any purses, briefcases, cell phones or keys should be dropped in a designated area by the front door. That way you’ll know where they are when it’s time to leave. You should decide on your breakfast the night before and set that up as best you can. For instance, if it’s going to be cereal, then have the boxes and bowls on the counter ready to go.

If your kids have a hard time getting a move on in the morning, then you might want to set their clocks ahead 10 minutes. Even if they figure it out it will still be a help.

In The Bathroom

The bathroom is a prime clutter zone. If you deal with a lot of hairspray, lotions and other accessories, then you should place them all in a small plastic tub with a handle. That can then be placed under the sink and taken out whenever you need it with everything in one spot.

Shower caddies can make can make a world of difference for holding soap and shampoo. Having a water squeegee in the shower is a good way to keep that shower door clean. Just a few quick wiped down every time you take a shower will help.

Inside the medicine cabinet, a magnetic strip is terrific to hold tweezers, nail clippers and scissors. Anything in the medicine cabinet that has expired should be tossed out. That’s especially true for prescription medicine.

Clear Out the Closet

The best way to organize your closet is to pull everything out. You’re going to discover a lot of things that you can get rid of. It’s amazing how long you hold onto items like old computers and outfits you’ll no longer wear.

And everything that you determined to be rubbish can be efficiently taken away with one call to Junk King Dallas Mid Cities. They will provide you with a moving crew and truck big enough to hold whatever you’re tossing out. Organizing is all about tossing out clutter and Junk King Dallas Mid Cities is the perfect partner for that job.

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