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Monthly Archives: February 2018

How To Get Your Garden Ready For Planting

Prep work is a key part of making dinner. In upscale restaurants, there are assistant cooks whose job it is just to cut and dice ingredients. That is why you need to give careful consideration to prepping your garden to get it ready for planting. Here’s what you can get finished before the first official day of spring.



You might have stopped raking after the last leaves fell off the trees in your yard. Actually, leaving a bed of leaves on the lawn during winter is good for growth but now it’s time to clear that debris away. Once all the leaves are gone, you should put down a thin layer of compost to fire up growth for your grass.


Do you have bare patches in your lawn? Those are easy to fix. Loosen the surface by churning up the top four inches of soil. Then pour over a mix of grass seed and fertilizer. Tamp down and water as needed. If you’re not sure of the right grass seed, take some clippings to a nursery. They’ll be able to identify what you’ve got growing.

Check Your Tools

Garden tools are as complicated as a power drill but they still need to be maintained. Start the season by cleaning and sharpening those tools. If the grips are worn off or there is rust, then you might be better off replacing what you need.

Apply Mulch

Trees, shrubs and plants that you already have growing in your garden should get a fresh bed of mulch. This helps to moderate soil temperatures, maintain soil moisture, and keep weeds. Plus, it simply makes your garden look more beautiful. Mulch comes in a variety of colors, textures and shapes. You can be uniform or mix and match throughout your garden.

Aerate Your Lawn

Just because your lawn is exposed to the elements doesn’t mean it is getting all the oxygen it needs to flourish. That air needs to seep into the roots. This is where aerating can make a big difference. After aerating, you might want to put down fertilizer throughout. It will seep down much easier.

Clear Rubbish

The final prep for your garden should be a yard debris clearing session with Junk King Dallas Mid Cities. The Junk King team is the perfect squad to call on to remove old swing sets, hot tubs, above ground pools and fencing. Just imagine how much gardening room this will open up. One yard clearing session with Junk King Dallas Mid Cities is all it will take to get your garden ready  for planting.

How To Motivate Your Family To Clean Up

When you’re living with a “team,” cleaning up becomes a team effort. However, often your team gets distracted and the clutter piles up. This is where motivation comes into play. Here are some great ideas to get your family motivated to help clean up the house:


Homework First

Homework time needs to be included in any conversation about household chores. Just as there can be a dedicated time for clean up, there should also be a dedicated time for homework. This can be either before dinner or after. The key is consistency. Don’t fall for distractions. If they finish homework early, then they can knock out the cleanup stuff.

Set Up Activity Chart

An activity chart is a good way to remind everyone of their assigned tasks. IA chart can also track how they’re coming along with their responsibilities. The chart is an instant reminder of what needs to be done and everyone in the family will know who is doing what.

Establish a Reward System

Nothing motivates action better than a reward. What is your family’s “reward currency?” Is it take-out pizza? Trip to the mall? Frozen yogurt? Whatever the prize, it should happen at the end of the cleaning chores. It might also help you save a reward for the bigger clean up days. Kids don’t need a prize every time they pick up their shoes or bring their clothes down to the washing machine. As your kids get older, the rewards will change. An extra hour out with friends can go a long way towards motivating them to clean.

Make It Fun

Despite the grumbling you might hear, clean up can be fun. When the clean up starts, crank up the music throughout the house. Set a timer to see who can finish their task first. Everyone likes a race even if it involves picking up toys!

Bring In Junk King

At the end of a major house clean up session, you and your family might discover a lot of things that could be tossed out. A great motivator for this chore would be to hire Junk King Dallas Mid Cities. They’ll send over a pair of movers who can quickly haul away any pile of old clothes, shoes, toys or other household goods. They can also haul away the bigger items like furniture, appliances and electronics. Best of all, they do all the work. That will make your kids really happy! For your next home clean up project, book Junk King Dallas Mid Cities for fast junk removal. Your family is going to love how your house will look when the junk is gone.

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