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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Quick Damage Cleanup and Rubbish Removal In Carrollton

Back in June, Carrollton was hit with a major hail storm and, as it happens a lot, the hail was the size of baseballs. Home windows, skylights, car windshields and outdoors lights were cracked and smashed. Thankfully, there were no injuries reported for the late night storm but residents from Carrollton to Arlington woke up to all kinds of damage and cleanup.


Did you get hit with any hail stones? That kind of damage cleanup not only requires a lot of careful sweeping but there are also temporary covers that have to be put up on windows or skylights. That’s another level of cleanup after the damage is repaired. Most of that can be tossed out in the trash but there are those instances where storm damage leaves a bigger mark. For that kind of cleanup, you can on Junk King Dallas Mid Cities.

Like everyone else, Junk King braces for a storm by making sure all crews are ready to be dispatched the following day. These crews can provide a rapid response damage cleanup to remove fallen tree limbs or water-soaked carpets and furniture. Before turning it over to Junk King, you should take a picture of anything that was damaged by the storm. That is something to share with your insurance agent.

It’s not just damage cleanup that Junk King excels at but any type of rubbish removal. You’ll get that same two-man moving crew and big truck to help you haul out all kinds of unwanted furniture, appliances or electronics from your home. Think of how much clearing you can do knowing you have those two movers working on your behalf.

Scheduling is easy with Junk King. If you’re getting rid of a sofa because a new sofa is being delivered, then Junk King can work with you to make sure the space is clear before that delivery. The same can be said for replacing any appliance in your kitchen or elsewhere throughout the house. All Junk King asks is that you set aside two-hours on the day of your choice. That two hours allows for the crews to get from one property to the next. Once they get to your place, you’ll be amazed at how fast that move. To take care of any damage cleanup or rubbish removal from your Carrollton home, you can always count on Junk King Dallas Mid Cities to get job done right.

Make Your Irving Home Safer By Getting Rid Of Rubbish

Imagine parking your car on the top of a car park only to return and find it now on the bottom of that car park. That is the sad occurrence that happened to over 30 car owners at an Irving car park when it collapsed and sent cars crashing on top of each other. Thankfully, there are no injuries reported. For those cars that weren’t crushed in the initial collapse, they were stranded until firefighters and structural engineers can find a safe way of getting them out of what is left of the car park. You can expect many lawsuits to follow!


Whenever an accident like this occurs, you should ask yourself, “How safe is the place where I work? How safe is my Irving home?” You might not have a lot of control around the building where you work but you can certainly take a lot of steps to improve the safety of your home and that starts with a junk clearing session from Junk King Dallas Mid Cities.

Consider the shelves in your garage. If they are overflowing with clutter, then you’re increasing the likelihood of those shelves tumbling over unless they’re attached to the wall. In a closet, clutter on a shelf can become a problem if you’re trying to pull something down and boxes fall on top of you. All of those accidents happen because you’re holding onto too much stuff. How much of that stuff will you even use again? This is where Junk King comes into play. One session with these pros and you won’t have to worry about falling clutter again.

Before your Junk King appointment, you’ll want to go through your entire house to decide on all the items you want removed. You don’t have to bring them downstairs or out of the front door. The crew from Junk King is going to do all that lifting and loading for you. When you consider you’ll have at least two movers and a big truck there is no end to what you can get rid of. Make your Irving home safe from a rubbish collapse by hiring Junk King Dallas Mid Cities to get rid of it all today.

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