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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Hire Junk King For Your Estate Cleanup

Being put in charge of an estate comes with a lot of responsibility. Quite often, the family wants to be able to divide up the estate fairly among all the family members. That means generating money for items with value. Obviously, selling the home that is associated with the state would be the biggest windfall. They could also be a lot of revenue generated by selling off some furniture and appliances especially if there are antiques involved.

Once all that has been completed there’s still the matter of the estate cleanup that has to be handled. This would be the final phase of preparation before the home can be sold. It can take a lot of work to load up all the remaining items into an estate and have been disposed of in a proper manner. That is work that is best given to Junk King Dallas Mid Cities. They can take care of your estate cleanup with one call.

Fill Up the Truck

Junk King has handled dozens of estate cleanup jobs. They know exactly what is involved and what would be the best approach for this type of work. The first thing you would want to do is make an assessment. This might mean asking one of the Junk King managers to come out to the property in advance of the actual appointment. This will allow them to determine whether or not the standard two-man moving crew and a single truck would be enough to take care of your estate cleanup.

What they don’t want to happen is to keep you waiting by having several trips of crews back and forth. The alternative would be to set up additional crews and trucks right from the start. That way everything can be cleared out in the home in a single session. The good part about all this is that you won’t be paying extra for those additional workers.

The Junk King Fee

Junk King has a price structure that is based on a flat fee that covers all the work. Whether you use to team members or six and fill up one truck or three your price will always be based on how the truck was packed. It all comes down to volume and not weight. You will know what the price is before the work begins. You’ll find that it’s very fair and competitive for this type of work.

An estate cleanup doesn’t have to be a burden. Just hire Junk King Dallas Mid Cities and it will be done right away.

Junk King Can Help With Hoarding Cleanup

Do you suspect that someone on your block might be a hoarder? Sometimes, it is quite obvious when there is junk and rubbish piled up in the front and back yards. Even behind the fence you can tell that it looks more like a junk yard than a home. There are other instances where there aren’t any obvious exterior signs of hoarding. However, inside a home there can be all manner of rubbish piled from floor to ceiling.  The clinical definition of a hoarder is someone who is incapable of throwing away just about anything. Their excuse is that they will find a use for it someday. Unfortunately, that day never comes and the rubbish keeps piling up.

When the hoarding situation has become critical, it will be time to bring in professional therapist that can help the person separate from the things they are holding onto. Once that has been accomplished, the cleanup crews can get to work. This is when the call in Junk King Dallas Mid Cities. This is a professional junk hauling company that has a lot of experience with helping with a hoarding cleanup.

Removing with Care

Junk King understands that when they are dealing with a diagnostic order they need to remove those items with care. It may look like rubbish to the rest of the world but to that owner those are possessions that have a purpose. The situation around your home might not be as extreme as a clinical order but that doesn’t mean you can benefit from the same cleaning support offered by Junk King. Every junk removal session is staffed by two capable movers who will be doing all the lifting and loading. With a big cleanup, Junk King might send over additional movers at no extra charge. The goal is to get everything cleared from the home in a single session. That is totally doable when Junk King is on the job.

Fair Pricing

Junk King also offers a fair pricing policy is based on volume and not weight. The crews know how to pack up their trucks utilizing the least amount of space for the most amount of stuff. That can result in you paying the low-end of the price scale. You know that prices before the work begins and there won’t be any surprise extra charges at the end of the job.

When you need professional and efficient help with a hoarder cleanup you can always count on Junk King Dallas Mid Cities to get the job done right.

Find The Right Junk Hauler For Your Junk Removal

The decision has been made. You are finally ready to get rid of the junk that is been cluttering up your home and yards. These are the big things that you couldn’t toss out into the trash otherwise they would already be gone. Now the goal is to find the right junk hauler for this junk removal. A quick search online will reveal many possible candidates. But which one is the best? For that, you have to go by reputation. In that regard, Junk King Dallas Mid Cities becomes the clear choice. This is a professional junk hauling company that’s part of a nationwide chain of rubbish removal experts. They been in this line of work since 2005. Clearly, they know what it takes to get this type of job done right!

The Junk King approach to junk removal is simple. They do all the work. You don’t have to prepare any the things you are getting rid of. They don’t have to be wrapped up or labeled. They don’t have to be brought down to the curb. You don’t even have to carry them down from upstairs. Just leave everything right the way it is and where it is for the Junk King crew. This is a friendly team that has been thoroughly trained in the proper lifting techniques. They’ve also been licensed and insured. That makes them the exact kind of professional workers you want to hire for work around your house.

Getting rid of your unwanted stuff can be truly transformative to your home. That alone is a good reason to hire Junk King. But you should also consider how they dispose of the things they collect. Junk King want to keep as much of the rubbish they load onto the trucks out of landfills as possible. So far, they’ve managed to maintain a respectable 60% diversion rate. That means 60% of all the things they collect never makes it to a landfill. When you consider that the average recycling rate of US citizens is around 30%, you can appreciate the effort that Junk King puts in for this type of disposal.

When you’ve got rubbish to be removed from your property the right junk hauler will always be Junk King Dallas Mid Cities.

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