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Why Hauling Away Junk is a Must-Do This Spring!

Junk Removal Dallas mid cities

Why Hauling Away Junk is Important with the Spring Season Coming Up

Junk removal services are some of the most heavily relied-on services ordered in the Fall and Spring. Now is the perfect time to schedule a transitional-season cleanout of your home and properties. Trash removal services ordered in the Fall and Spring are easier for our professionals and on our expensive equipment. Still, it is also easier for the property owner—there’s less likelihood of an accident, and professionals can streamline the process. 


Usually, the choice to call on a haul away junk service is made because the removal is particularly hard or complex (i.e., heavy items, hazardous conditions, or business needs). In reality, it’s best to call on professionals like Junk King at least twice a year for residential properties and quarterly for commercial properties. 


Junk King is North America’s greenest junk removal solution; our teams use green disposal methods for over 60% of loads hauled. Not only that, but Junk King also offers two distinct types of services created to give the property owner a choice that will fit their needs. Providing this ability to choose between services is only one of the ways we set ourselves apart from others. 


Junk King was founded in 2005 to give everyone a chance to experience: responsible professional removal, fully trained, insured and bonded. A removal completed with environmentally-friendly ideals, like recycling, reusing, or selling. Done with top-rated customer service; and available for all types of junk and trash. 


Getting professional assistance is particularly important in the Spring and Fall. Property owners of all kinds are subject to the will of weather and all that can come from it. Things like damaged junk and tools need to be properly disposed of or pose a threat to others. Yard debris and materials can create dangerous conditions if they hide or obscure threats. Even rotting lumber can be problematic since it poses a fire threat in the summer heat. 




The Truth Behind Common Myths About Hauling Away Junk 


Myth: We Don’t Need Junk Haulers—We’ll DIY and Sell Everything Instead!

There is a time and place for do-it-yourself (DIY) projects; unfortunately, junk hauling and disposal are not the time or place. This is true for two reasons: 


  • It will cost more overall to DIY: property owners are attracted to the DIY scene for many reasons. Someone is most likely to approach it because it “saves money.” This is a typical response from people looking to build wooden pallet furniture or pour concrete molds for tiles. In reality, however, choosing to DIY will end up costing more over the long term through unforeseen costs (i.e., bug or mold infestations, hardware, tools, or medical expenses) and residential violation fees (i.e., DIY projects done without permits, licenses, or City permission). 
  • It almost guarantees the items won’t be properly disposed of in the long term: your style is something unique to you; it’s a mixture of experience and perspective with which others will agree or not. Choosing to DIY an item and embracing the weirdness in yourself will almost guarantee the item is improperly disposed of later. This isn’t because you’ve chosen to paint a hutch black—but rather, it’s due to its “reusing” aspect. A DIY item will live its life over twice, maybe three times, but in the end, it will always be considered “second-hand junk,” and this can erroneously result in landfill disposal.

Myth: Professional Haulers are Only for Extreme Cases—I Don’t Need Help!

One of the most vital hauling away junk truths everyone should know—is that professional help isn’t only for extreme situations like hoarding or natural disasters. Home and business owners benefit dramatically from getting assistance, whether the removal includes complex elements like equipment or sensitive elements like items in an estate cleanout. Hauling away junk can be easy for those who choose to move with a professional team. 


At Junk King Dallas-Mid-Cities, junk hauling is fun, but we also know how to do it safely, quickly, and responsibly. Some junk can be dangerous, particularly after a storm—where toxic materials have a chance to interact. This isn’t the only part of junk hauling that can be hazardous either: those who are sick, medicated, disabled, or elderly will likely have problems removing junk. 


Why You Should Hire Junk King for Your Trash or Hauling Needs

Professional removal companies have elements designed to assist in every situation. When you choose to move with Junk King Dallas-Mid-Cities, you get assistance with every removal step—and that goes for residential and business owners. Trashers and haulers do more than haul away junk; they dispose of it and offer some of the best services in the industry: 


Junk King offers superior customer service; friendly, courteous, and compassionate, our customer representatives and professional teams give every client excellent service and direct attention. Junk King has thousands of online reviews—many of them due to our above-bar customer service. 


Junk King has the professional tools, training, and experience to make every junk removal and trash disposal easy, efficient, and safe. Our professional aspects are important because not all junk can be picked up and thrown off the balcony—and even if it could, you’d likely throw your back out in the process. 


Junk King is committed to green disposal in every haul our teams make. More than 60% of everything we haul is recycled, reused, or donated—and some locations can recycle at even higher percentage rates. Junk King was founded on two ideals: high-quality customer service and eco-friendly disposal. 


Junk King services come in two types, each designed to combat particular needs in a removal: 


  • Junk King’s full-service option consists of a two-person removal crew and a Junk King Big Red Truck. Our Big Red Trucks can haul over six tons of junk and trash—plus, our removers are professionals. They can break down and remove just about anything from a property. 
  • Our self-service option consists of our dumpster rental, called a Junk King MINI. MINIs have an interior capacity of 12-cubic yards or three tons of weight. Dumping your junk is a more private process with the MINI since there are no strangers are entering the property. 



Junk King’s Top 5 Tips for Hassle-Free Trash Removal

No junk removal is the same—but many are similar. Here are some of our golden rules for everyone receiving hassle-free trash removal


1. Leave Heavy or Complex Stuff to Us

Much like how families clean up before the housekeeper arrives, many people tend to remove items partially before our arrival. Don’t feel pressure to move things into an easier removal location; this is sometimes impossible since equipment and other items are usually bolted to the floor. Only the professionals have the tools and the experience to get the removal done properly, will minimal stress, damage, and injury. 


2. Remove Items from Inside Others

Those looking to get dressers, credenzas, storage furniture (i.e., benches, ottomans, bookshelves, cabinets, etc.), or desks removed—should take the extra time to ensure that everything is removed before we arrive. We suggest taking the time to do this before our arrival because doing it while there may result in stress or anxiety about time. 


3. Sort Items into Piles Before We Come

We suggest preparing ‘piles’ of junk before we arrive. Sorting before we get there does two things to help you: (1) it ensures that your removal time is spent removing things from your property, and (2) it prepares you to make the harder choices in private. That saves you anxiety, stress, and incorrectly applied embarrassment. 


4. Make Room for Our Big Red Truck or MINI

Our Big Red Trucks and MINI dumpsters are rather large—bigger than most cars on the road. That means you’ll need to ensure space for our big containers. MINI dumpsters are small enough to fit in a residential driveway, but some HOAs may consider this a violation of terms. At the same time, our Big Red Truck can park on the street, but if it’s in a neighborhood with restrictions, we may need to procure a permit. 


5. Contact Junk King Dallas-Mid-Cities

Your best option for hassle-free trash removal will always be Junk King. Haul away junk for less cost, more space, and better services. Junk King is your local solution for everywhere in the Flower Mound area—remove trash from house using the best in the business. There are three ways to contact us and four to get a quote:





  • Call us at (682) 237-6200: from here, speak with a world-class customer representative to receive a quote over the phone. 
  • Text us at (737) 888-5865: we’ll text back with a quote—based on the pictures of junk and trash you send us. 
  • Stay online and use the Junk King Pricing Calculator: get a quote in two minutes online—or give us a call for complex or special removal work.
  • Contact us then schedule an assessment: Junk King offers in-person, no-obligation estimates; business owners and property managers frequently choose this option. 



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