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Helpful Spring Cleaning Advice

Spring cleaning is a lot like a trip to the dentist: You don’t really want to do it but you know you have to and you feel a lot better when it’s. When your spring cleaning is over, you’ll be left with a home that looks like it did when you first moved in. That’s a terrific thing to come home to. Here is some helpful spring cleaning advice to help get you going:


Have Fun and Be Realistic

You’re cleaning your home. You’re not taking a final exam. That means you can have fun. Crank up the music and sing along. As for being realistic, set your standards but don’t overdo it. Not every spoon in the drawer has to be polished individually. You can wipe off scruff marks on the wall without repainting a room. Set reachable goals.

Assemble Your Supplies

You want to bring your cleaning supplies into every room. That means picking up a carry caddy or extra bucket. Those cleaning supplies can be the same for every room: Window cleaner, cloth rags, floor cleaner, duster, furniture polish. You’ll also want to bring along a broom, duster, mop and garbage bags. Try to avoid walking back and forth between the target room and your supply cabinet. Once you go into a room, don’t leave until it is done!

One Room At A Time

The plan should be to conquer one room at a time. This way you can break up the cleaning. Do the kitchen and living room on Saturday and the bedrooms and bathrooms on Sunday. Or stretch it out over two weekends. This will free up time so you’re not spending your waking hours cleaning.

Clear Out Rubbish

Along with all the dust and dirt you’re getting rid of you should also look into getting with of the rubbish. It’s not just the trash you can throw out but the bigger stuff like old furniture and appliances that can be taken away. Sounds like too much work? It won’t be if your hire Junk King Dallas Mid Cities.

When the crew from Junk King shows up at your home, you only have to point to the things you want to get rid of. In very swift action, the crew will get everything loaded onto their truck for disposal. You’ll be left wondering why you waited so long to hire Junk King! Complete your spring cleaning with a junk clearing session from Junk King Dallas Mid Cities. It’s the best cleaning thing to do for your home!