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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Junk Removal Session For Mother’s Day? It’s A Great Gift!

When you get right down to it, it doesn’t take a lot to make your mom happy. First, she just wants to make sure you’re happy. After that, consistent phone calls and visits certainly go a long way towards putting a smile on her face. And if you’ve got kids, then putting mom in charge of her grandkids will score you all kinds of points! Every year we get to thank our moms on Mother’s Day. That gratitude usually comes in the form of some flowers or a card. Those are certainly nice but this year you can make a big difference around your mom’s home by setting up a junk removal session from Junk King Dallas. It might not be a traditional Mother’s Day gift but its one gift she’ll remember for a long time.


With the two-man moving crew provided by Junk King Dallas on the scene, there will be no end to what can be tossed out. This is a great chance for your mom to finally get rid of all the things she thinks have been cluttering up her home. She can say goodbye old sofas, appliances, televisions, clothing and other household goods. It will be great if all the clutter can be removed from the garage and her closets in a single session. Junk King Dallas can make that happen.

Scheduling a junk removal session is easy. You just need to pick the day and a two-hour window that works best for your mom. Typically, most junk removal sessions can be completed in under 20 minutes. That means your mom won’t be tied up all day waiting for a crew to show up as she would with the telephone company. Those crews are also licensed and insured which makes them the exact type of workers you can trust at your mom’s house.

The cost for a junk removal session will be based on an estimate provided by the Junk King crew once they’ve had a chance to size up all the discarded items. You’ll know that price before the work get started and it will be locked down. There won’t be any hidden fees or surprises at the end of the job. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised at how affordable those prices will be considering all the work that is accomplished. Are you ready to make this Mother’s Day really special? Then set up your junk removal session with Junk King Dallas today!

How To Open Up Your Office Space

How cluttered is your desk? Is your inbox overflowing? Do you have file boxes stacked up in the corner? Is there any room for a visitor to sit down? For the most part, you’re in charge of your individual office space. If it gets too out of hand, then you might find yourself on the receiving end of a memo. Of course, if you own the business, then your office can be as cluttered as you want but that might not instill a lot of trust in your clients. Maybe it’s time for some office decluttering. Do you really want to keep paying rent on storing things you don’t need? This sounds like a job for Junk King Dallas. When it comes to opening up office space, these guys are the pros.


Junk King Dallas will send over a team of capable movers to handle your office decluttering. This is the team who will expertly navigate the hallways and elevators to remove whatever piece of office equipment or furniture you want gone. If you need to have something like cubicle walls or shelving units dismantled, the team from Junk King can handle that task, too. All you have to do is designate what you want removed and Junk King will handle the rest.

If your company prides itself on being green, then working with Junk King will help your business maintain that status. From their inception, Junk King has dedicated itself to keeping as much collected rubbish out of landfills as possible. Often that means making extra drop offs to recycling centers or charities but that is just fine as far as Junk King is concerned.

You can set up your appointment online or over the phone. All Junk King asks is that you set aside a two-hour window to facilitate the pickup. You could arrange to be the first destination on their day or the last. That way, your business won’t be disrupted. Junk King will also come by on the weekend if that is the best time for your removal. If you’re in a real hurry, ask for a same-day appointment. If Junk King can make it happen, they will! Clearing out the clutter from your office is a smart business move with Junk King Dallas on the job.

Hassle-Free Eviction Set Out Junk Removal

On the popular game show, Big Brother a different houseguest is evicted each week. That involves the other housemates voting on who that want to leave. The person with the most votes has one minute to say good-byes and then they head out the door with a single packed bag. Wouldn’t it be nice if all evictions were as simple? Unfortunately, in the real world, evictions can be a drawn out process taking several months to complete. The moment that final order is issued, you’ll definitely want to reclaim your property as soon as possible so you can begin generating income again. First, you’ll need to handle the eviction set out junk removal. That is easily taken care of with one call to Junk King Dallas.


There is no telling how much rubbish your occupant will leave behind. If they have to be forcibly removed by law enforcement, then all of their property will be set out on the curb. Although embarrassing for the tenant, it allows for a clean break from their occupancy. You can change the locks at that point and there won’t be any excuse for that tenant to return. Of course, you’ll still be stuck with the junk removal clean up and that is where Junk King Dallas comes into play.

Junk King Dallas will dispatch a two-man moving crew and large truck to your property at an hour of your choosing. A good time would be several hours after the initial set out but before it gets dark. That team from Junk King will make short work of removing all the stuff piled on the lawn. Before you know it, there won’t be any trace left of the eviction set out. That will certainly help you get that property ready for a new occupant.

The cost for Junk King’s junk removal service is always based on volume and not weight. You’ll be provided with a written estimate before the work begins. That fee will include all the costs including labor and transportation. It also won’t change at the end of the job with any hidden fees. Don’t stress over an eviction set out cleanup. Let Junk King Dallas handle the work.

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