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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Do Your Grandparents Need Junk Removal In Dayton?

If you are among the lucky that still have grandparents in your life, then you definitely want to spend as much quality time as possible. That is not always easy given all our busy schedules. Even your grandparents can have a lot on their plates! One way to help take away their home upkeep chores is to bring in the pros from Junk King. This is a team of friendly movers who can handle all kinds of junk removal needs. Imagine how great your grandparents will feel once they get the clutter cleared from their homes!


Hiring Junk King is a simple process. You can set up an appointment online or over the phone. You’ll be asked to estimate how much junk you’ll be getting rid of. This is not so much to lock down a price (that will come later) but to make sure you have enough manpower to get the job done in a single session. At a minimum, Junk King will dispatch two very hardworking movers who are going to do all the lifting and loading. You don’t have to be a grandparent to appreciate that kind of help! If the job you’re setting up involves an extreme amount of rubbish to be removed, then Junk King will be happy to send over additional crewmembers and trucks. They want to get in and out as quickly as possible in order for you to enjoy the rest of your day.

Before the Junk King crew arrives, you’ll want to get clear about what items you want taken away. This list can change between the time you set up the appointment and the team showing up at your home. Once they arrive, you’ll show them everything you want taken away. They’ll then present you with an estimate fee based on how much space your junk is going to occupy on the back of the truck. It’s all about volume with Junk King and not weight! When you agree to the price, the crew will spring into action. In no time at all, all those unwanted items will be loaded onto the truck.

Keep in mind, that Junk King can also work wonders around the yard, too. That will be a big help removing any kind of yard debris or piles of clutter. Whether it is for you or your grandparents, Junk King’s junk removal gets the job done every time.

Clean Out Your Elderly Parents Home The Right Way

As your parents get older, you might find that downsizing is a great option for them. Instead of contending with a big house and all that entails, they could find a smaller, more manageable place to move into. Of course, that will mean getting rid of a bunch of stuff. Obviously, you’ll want to keep all the mementoes but when it comes to extra furniture, appliances, household goods and other items, it might be time to let it go. Here is where a company like Junk King is going to be a huge benefit. One call and you can make sure your parents’ clean out of their home is done right.


You’ll be able to set up a junk removal appointment at a time that works best for your schedule. Once some folks make up their mind to get rid of things, they want to get Junk King out as soon as possible. That is why Junk King always leaves a little room in their scheduling for same day appointments. However, if you prefer a weekend or late evening pickup, that can be arranged, too. You’ll still have plenty of time to decide exactly what you want taken away.

Unlike other junk haulers, you won’t have to bring anything down to the curb. The two man Junk King moving crew assigned to your job will be doing all the heavy lifting. You won’t have to ever put your back at risk with Junk King. That lifting might require several trips down to the basement or up to the attic. That’s not going to be a problem for Junk King. They climb plenty of stairs!

Everything that is collected by Junk King is also going to be sorted. The goal is to keep as much stuff out of area landfills as possible. For Junk King, that might mean making an extra trip to a charity center or recycling facility. Once again, they’ll be fine with that!

Best of all, those extra drops offs are included in the flat fee Junk King charge. So are the labor costs and transportation fees. This is a price that will be based on volume. It all comes down to how much space your junk is going to fill on the back of the truck. For a fair, fast and very helpful clean out you can always count on Junk King.

Remove your trash with household junk removal

Removing trash is one of the major concerns for any household. It is better to hire household junk removal Dayton Ohio for effective cleaning of your premises from the accumulated trash. It is important to note in this aspect that Junk King is a leading provider of cleaning services of trash, and our enhanced customer service will help your residential junk removal trash requirements right from your doorsteps.

Your home junk removal priorities can be perfectly attended by us. We propose our competitive pricing on the assessment that we do of your trash accumulation. Our infrastructures are best in class, and we will offer a comprehensive solution that will clean up the entire premise of your with our house hold junk removal abilities.

You have to fix up an appointment with us post that we will attend your premises and will load our trucks after a careful cleaning of the entire accumulation. Junk King is a prominent force in the market due to the prompt delivery and the services that we offer in this segment. Our disciplined approach will attend your immediate priorities of cleaning trash with a proper plan of action in place. Your trash will be cleaned with complete quality assurance from our side.

Garbage removal by using junk removal services

Removing garbage is one of the most important criteria for any house. It can be removed by employing junk removal services Dayton, Ohio that will take the cleanup process in a disciplined manner. Your haul away needs can be perfectly taken care by Junk King, who has been offering services in the pick up junk for quite some time. Our set up and infrastructure will provide you the perfect cleaning of your premises from the garbage.

The greatest asset that we provide is the discipline that we have in providing key services in garbage cleaning. We have the infrastructure to clean heavy garbage junk of all kinds that creates a mess around your house and locality. All you need to do is to place an appointment by calling us. Your junk removal services need will be complemented with our comprehensive support.

The junk hauling efforts will be taken care by effective measures from our end. We will carefully analyze the entire accumulation and give you a proposal. On agreeing, we will complete the entire process and will pack the garbage in our trucks and be gone. Junk King’s coherent solution will remove any inhibitions and concerns among junk removal companies. Customer is the king to us, and we will pay heed to that in all respects.

Remove your waste furniture accumulation with junk haulers Dayton, Ohio

Your waste furniture accumulation can be a huge concern for you that needs proper junk haulers Dayton, Ohio. There are a lot of junk that gets collected with unused furniture that needs effective cleaning. Junk King can be your perfect solution to this as we offer our services to junk hauling your furniture junk that will help you live a clean and happy life. Our services are dedicated and we provide enhanced customer satisfaction in all accounts.

You junk haulers needs will be perfectly taken care by us. We cover a lot of items in our furniture junk cleaning services. We will clean it with entirety leaving your premises free from any leftover articles. Our services will also help in the recycling of these collected junk from all quarters. Your junk hauler needs will be complemented by our services.

Our pricing ranges are competitive. We will do an intuitive research on the accumulated furniture that is needed to be cleaned. After agreeing on our pricing we will clean up the entire mess and pile it up in our trucks. Your furniture junk cleaning needs will be solved by our endeavors. Junk King will provide you a comprehensive solution in all accounts.

Remove your old appliances with cheap junk removal

Your old appliances need to be cleaned from your premises by junk cheap junk removal Dayton, Ohio. Junk King can be your perfect partner in providing disciplined as well as cost effective junk removal prices. We are one of the prominent players in the market for providing effective services in junk hauling. Our services will guarantee a complete satisfaction to you, and we will clean up your old and unused appliances.

Your cheap junk removal priorities will be perfectly taken care by us. Our services will be optimum, and the infrastructure that we provide will help you in a careful cleaning of all the accumulated junk of appliances. You will have to fix up an appointment with us post that we will arrive at your for your junk hauling needs. Our services are based on proven methods and techniques that will help you in effective cleaning right from the word go.

The fixing of pricing will be done after careful examination of the site. We will carry the unused appliances for recycling and other purposes in our trucks. Our team will help you in a comprehensive cleaning solution that will make your premises clean and free from any junk that will help you in all accounts.

Removing construction waste with junk hauling Dayton, Ohio

Accumulation of construction is a huge problem that is addressed by junk hauling Dayton, Ohio. There are huge developments in the construction of commercial as well as residential buildings that is causing the accumulation of junk. It is important to clear this junk from your premises that will facilitate an easy living in all aspects. Junk King can be an ideal partner for you in providing the perfect service to haul way your junk.

We are a disciplined service provider in the junk hauling segment. Your junk accumulation will be taken-care by us with our resources in place. You will not have to worry about any hassles on your side as we will carry the junk from your premises from the start to the end. Your take my junk priorities will be addressed with our methodical approach.

We offer competitive pricing on assessing your junk accumulation. Our team will provide you with an estimation that will be ensuring in all accounts. Our junk hauling services will give the best benefits as we will clear the entire accumulation and carry it by our trucks in place. Your concerns of cleaning your household will be in safe hands with Junk King

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