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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Best Approach For Your Apartment Clean Out

One of the most popular times to hire Junk King is when you’re moving to a new home. After several weeks of packing, you will have no doubt found plenty of things that could be considered junk. Maybe it’s just stuff you no longer need. Either way, you certainly don’t want those unwanted items cluttering up your new living space. If that stuff can fit into a dumpster, then you’re good to go. However, when you’ve got a lot more to haul away for your apartment clean up, then it’s time to bring in Junk King Dayton.


Junk King Dayton is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers who have been clearing out the clutter for over ten years. Apartment clean outs are vital in order to make sure you get back all of your security deposit. You can either schedule Junk King on the day before your move or have them show up once your stuff has been taken away by the other movers. Either way, you’ll be sure to have all that rubbish quickly loaded onto a truck and safely disposed of.

So far this year, Junk King Dayton has already moved out tons of junk from homes, apartments and businesses. Here’s how they got rated:

“We were very pleased with the experience. The service guys called ahead and arrived right on time. They were pleasant, professional and efficient. The price was very reasonable and we will definitely use Junk King again!” – Pete B.

“Great service from everyone. They were very professional and very quick. I would highly recommend.” – Keith S.

“Can get a pickup pretty quickly, reasonable prices, your employees who responded to pick up were personable and did a good job, got what I asked to be removed and didn’t make a mess.” – M.T.

“Showed on time. Price was what I was told. Professional. Wore “booty’s” to keep my place clean. Also, nice guys. Experience: COULD NOT HAVE BEEN BETTER. Would recommend,’ BIG TIME’ – Fred S.

And those are just the reviews from last week! Of course, you don’t have to wait until your next move. Junk King can work wonders around your home or apartment and free up all kinds of space. Take care of your next apartment clean out the right way by hiring Junk King from the start.

Junk King Helps You Toss Out Your Post Holiday Rubbish

There is always that one neighbor who is the last house to take down their Christmas decorations. This is usually the house that still has Halloween decorations up at Thanksgiving! Packing up the decorations and storing them away could reveal that you need more room. That holds true if you picked up more decorations on the after Christmas sale. If you need to clear out the rubbish, then Junk King is the crew to bring in.


Rubbish would be anything you’re done with. That could be a worn out sofa or a broken television. Those are the types of objects that can’t be crammed into a trash can. That means you either hang onto them or call Junk King. Clearly, the Junk King option is the better way to go.

If you were to tackle this kind of junk removal on your own, you would be giving up a large portion of your day off. That would start with renting a truck that will be able to hold all the things you want to get rid of. You’ll need to coordinate getting dropped off and later picked up at the rental sight. Then you might need to hire day laborers to help move the heavy stuff. That is not a fun task. Once the truck has been loaded, you could spend several more hours in search of the best place to dispose of all that stuff.

With Junk King on the job, all that hassle will be removed. They’ll be providing you with a two-man moving crew who is going to do all the heavy lifting. Everything they take out of your house will be loaded onto their truck. As for the disposal, Junk King handles that too. They’ll make extra drop offs at charities or recycling centers to insure that your stuff won’t go to waste.

The price for all of that hard work is surprisingly affordable. You’ll only be charged a flat rate based on how much space your junk is going to fill on the back of the truck. One fee covers everything and you won’t be charged by the pound. When you’re ready to toss out your rubbish, make the call to Junk King. You’ll be glad you did!

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