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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Amazing Camping Tips Improve Your Vacation Outdoors

There are many terrific spots around Dayton for camping. If your family has already enjoyed camping for their summer vacation, then adding these camping tips are going to be a big bonus. It’s the little things you do that can make all the difference. Consider adding these to your camping list:


Have Three Coolers

The best approach to your camp food is to have three coolers. One should be for perishable food, one for drinks and another one as a freezer. This is going to help keep things organized and allow your ice to last a lot longer. Your coolers should always be kept in the shade with a tarp or blanket over top. If you are camping in a national park where bears are an issue, then you might want to keep the coolers inside your car.

Ice Options

It might seem that filling up your coolers with a bag of ice is the best way to go when in fact that’s exactly because that is the kind of ice that melts fast. Crushed ice is good for the drink cooler but for your perishable foods, you might want to get a block of ice and pack your food around that. Another option would be to fill up an old plastic milk gallon with water and freeze that. This becomes a great ice block but also a terrific source of water once that ice melts.

Freezer Cooler

Your freezer cooler should act much like your freezer at home. This works especially well on camping trips that will last longer than three days. Before leaving for your trip, freeze the meats that you’re going to use for your meals and keep them in your freezer cooler. You might want to use dry ice for your freezer cooler. Having a freezer cooler also allows you to have ice cream and other frozen desserts.

Use Your Fire

Not only will you be cooking and keeping warm with your campfire but it is a good place to dispose of food scraps. It is much better to burn your food scraps then to bury them or put them in the trash. Those are two sure fire ways to attract bugs and other unwanted guests.

Replace Old Gear

Before you go out for your first camping trip, you want to inspect your camping gear. A lot could have changed since the last time you went camping. If you need to replace your tent, tarps, cooking gear or other items, then you’ll need to make room in your garage. One appointment with Junk King Dayton can have all your old camping gear cleared out in no time at all. These professional junk haulers can also remove all the rest of your unwanted clutter from your garage and basement. How great would be to come back from your camping vacation to a home it’s free of junk?

Enjoy your time outdoors with these terrific camping hacks.

What To Include In A Roommate Agreement

Having a roommate in your home or apartment is a lot different from having a roommate at college. That is especially true if you own the home or your name is on the apartment lease. The best way moving forward is to set up a roommate agreement. This is something you should present to any potential candidate before even considering them. If there’s anything that they don’t agree with, then this probably isn’t the best person for you to move in with. Here’s what you should include:


How The Bills Will Be Paid

It is not just splitting the rent that is a consideration with roommate but also all the other bills like electricity, water, cable and Internet. The fairest approach is to split everything right down the middle. With regard to the rent, you need to spell out very clearly when it is due. You shouldn’t ever have to be late and mess of things with your landlord.

How The Chores Will Be Split Up

Obviously, your roommate should clean up after their own mess in the kitchen but there are common areas that need to be tidied up as well. You can set up a schedule for vacuuming, dusting and cleaning the bathroom. This shouldn’t leave any room for “interpretation” when it comes to keeping the apartment clean.

Personal Space

Personal space is important whether you’re living with your family or with a roommate. In a roommate agreement, you should define exactly what your idea of personal space means. Again, this is only spelled-out if it is important to you. For instance, if you have a favorite mug that you don’t want to share, then that needs to be in the roommate agreement. You might also want to designate space in the kitchen and refrigerator for what they bring in.

Rules About Guests

Guests are going to be a part of your roommate’s life just as much as they will be part of your life. But sometimes those guests staying over can get out of hand when it looks like a new “friend” is taking up permanent residence. You might want to restrict the number of overnight stays in a month.

If you need help clearing out the bedroom or storage areas, then you can count on Junk King Dayton. These are professional junk haulers who have been helping homeowners and apartment tenants clear out unwanted clutter for over 10 years. They’ll send you a team of movers and a big truck to get the job done. This is all about creating a happy living environment for both you and your new roommate.

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