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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Remove Your Old Junk Before You Move To Your New Home

The first concern with any move is always boxes. Where are you going to get all the boxes you need to pack up everything you own? A simple approach is to buy the boxes you need from a moving store. Although efficient, that can be a very expensive proposition. A viable option would be to go to nearby grocery and liquor stores. They will have an endless supply of boxes. You might even be able to find free boxes on Craigslist from all folks who have just completed their own move. Once the boxes are secure, you can begin packing.


Ideally, you should try to pack a little each day leading up to the big move day. The more you can get done before that big move day, the better off you will be. One thing you should be aware of when packing is all the junk you’ve collected over the years. There could be a lot of things in your closets, cabinets and drawers that you’ll never use again. Why would you bring that to your new home? Why waste a box on stuff you might end up throwing out? This is where hiring Junk King Dayton comes into play.

A few days before your move, you can schedule a junk removal session with Junk King Dayton. They’ll send over a team of movers and a truck big enough to hold whatever you want to get rid of. It might not just be unwanted clutter from cabinets. You might decide you don’t need that old futon. You could be replacing your bedroom set or swapping out a sofa. All of those big items should definitely be kept off the moving truck. Imagine being force to make a second trip on moving day because you’re moving furniture that you’re not even going to keep. That is not a smart move! Instead, Junk King Dayton can take it all away in a single session.

Everything that you turn over to Junk King Dayton also will have the opportunity for a new lease on life. That’s because Junk King would much rather donate than dump. Junk King Dayton can make sure you don’t move old junk into your new home.

How To Handle Big Appliance Recycling

Throughout the year, you may stumble across an organization that is holding an electronic waste drop-off day. This is an opportunity for you to get rid of things like old DVD players and computers. Of course, it means you loading up that stuff in your car, driving to the drop-off destination and turning it over. It works great if that drop-off is close to your home and open when you’re available. These kinds of drop-offs certainly don’t work for something like a big appliance such as a stove or refrigerator. The best way to handle big appliance recycling is to bring in outside help like Junk King Dayton.


One of the first things the Junk King Dayton did when they began collecting junk set up partnerships with the various recycling facilities and charities located throughout the area. The crews from Junk King Dayton know at any given time what these facilities are looking for. Some of the charities hire residents refurbish appliances. If an appliance is beyond repair, then there’s still a possibility for it to be recycled. That would require a drop-off at a specific facility that certified for that type of work. Whether they dropping off at a charity or recycling center, Junk King Dayton is happy to go the extra mile.

Junk King also provides you with the perfect moving crew to handle this type of work. It probably took at least two movers to bring in those big appliances. That means it’ll take two movers to bring them out again. Your old refrigerator, washer machine or dishwasher will take up a lot of room on the Junk King truck. That means they’ll be plenty of other space open for the rest of your unwanted clutter. Take full advantage of those two movers by having them load up your unwanted furniture, clothing and other household goods. And yes, they can also take away those electronics and get them recycled as well!

As for cost, you’ll find that Junk King offers a very fair and reasonable pricing policy. That policy is based on how your fill up that truck. You never be charged by how much something weighs. Getting junk removed and taking care of big appliance recycling is very easy when that job is given to Junk King Dayton.

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