Junk King Dayton Makes Fence Removal Easy

Roofs and fences have a lot in common. They both provide security for property in different ways. They also exposed to all the elements. That means they need to be constructed with materials that will last a long time. The right roofing can keep your home safe for anywhere between 30 to 50 years. Fences can be just as durable but that doesn’t mean the one that is currently in your yard isn’t ready for replacement. If it is showing signs of wear and tear, then you should consider replacing it before the next big storm knocks it over. When that fence is ready to come down, junk King Dayton will be ready to help clean it up.

The Cleanup Crew

Junk King never sends out one of the trucks unless there are at least two capable movers riding in the front seat. This will be your offense cleanup crew for your fence removal. You don’t have to worry about how grimy that fence might be or if there are some potential hazards like nails poking out. The Junk King crew has a lot of experience with this type of cleanup and they will take all precautions to make sure everything is loaded safely onto their truck.

This the same clean up crew that you can utilize throughout your entire property. Once they are done loading up all the fence debris, you can get them to remove any piece of furniture or broken appliance that you’d like to clear out of your home. This can make a big difference especially if you have put any of those objects on a porch or deck. Wouldn’t it be nice to take that space back again? That can happen with help from Junk King.

Your Schedule

Junk King works on your schedule when it comes to setting up these appointments. You might need to coordinate the fence removal on the same day that the fence installer is going to be working. The Junk King team can come in first thing in the morning to clear out the old fence and provide an open workspace for the installing crew. All you need to do is lockdown that date and you can count on Junk King to showing up promptly. That date can also be on the weekend. Whatever works for you will work for Junk King!

Hiring Junk King Dayton solves the problem of what to do with an old fence. They can clear it out along with the rest of your junk in a single session.