Use Junk King For Storm Debris Cleanup

The new year got off to a rough start when a tornado touched down in southwest Ohio. You don’t normally expect tornadoes to make an appearance this early in the year but this particular storm had speeds that topped out over 80 mph in some areas. As tornadoes are wont to do, it also left a path of destruction throughout the area. When these types of storms hit, municipal services are always overextended. The first priority is always to restore any power that was knocked out. After that, the cleanup efforts can begin.

If you have gone through a storm like this and been left with piles of storm debris, then you know it is better to bring in an independent contractor for reliable cleanup. Here in Dayton, that contractor can be Junk King Dayton. When they aren’t doing their regular old furniture and appliance pickups, the crew from Junk King can make fast work of your storm debris cleanup.

That Big Truck

Junk King is going to dispatch a pair of movers who will be doing the clearing for you. They will be showing up in the truck big enough to hold all the debris that you want to get rid of. You don’t have to worry about chopping up that debris. The Junk King crew will take care of getting it onto the truck. That’s their job and they’re happy to do it is part of the service.

That big truck can also hold any items that might have been damaged in flooding. It is vital that those waterlogged pieces of furniture and carpeting get removed from the home as quickly as possible before a mold can be generated. This can be challenging work if you were to do it on your own but when you have the Junk King crew on site, they will be able to do all the work for you. That will certainly come as a welcome relief when you’re trying to get your house back together after the storm!

Storm debris cleanup can happen fast with help from Junk King Dayton. They’re standing by to take your call today.