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Monthly Archives: March 2020

How To Make Home Schooling Work

Most parents are used to setting aside time after dinner to help their kids with homework. That’s easy. Now those same parents are finding themselves becoming home school teachers. School districts have done a remarkable job providing online materials for their students but it falls to the parents to now make sure the work is getting done. Here are some good ideas to put into practice to help make your home-schooling work:

Use the School Schedule

Before the closures, kids had a definitive schedule for school. You can use that same schedule for home schooling. That means getting everyone up at the same time, having breakfast and sitting down to work as they would normally do. The homeschooling might not take up a full class day but you should still use the school schedule as your framework for the day and that includes when to take a lunch break.

Make Time for Play

At home, your kids are surrounded by all their favorite toys, books and TV shows. Those are a lot of distractions to contend with. Instead of pushing back, lean into the distractions. Make “recess breaks” an important part of the day. Those breaks can be any amount of time that will insure you are still getting the work done. It is also a good motivator to let the kids know once they complete their assignments they can get back to playing.

Keep on Creating

Art class is important for kids. That is especially true with the younger ones. You want to provide them with the supplies and times to keep on creating. That could mean a session with the coloring books or the modeling clay. These art times should be a regular part of the school day. There is no lack of online resources for the creation of these kinds of projects.

Stay on Top of the Clutter

With the kids home around the clock, things can get a bit cluttered. You should establish a clean up session at the end of each day. No matter what kind of mess is made during the day, the clean up session is when everything will be put away.

You might also discover that you want to get things organized beyond the kid’s playroom and bedroom. There is nothing wrong with tackling the big clean up project like decluttering the garage or basement. The more you can keep your home in order, the better off you’ll feel. Keep in mind, that when you have big stuff to get rid of, Junk King Dayton will still be ready to help. We created new pickup procedures designed to provide safe removal for everyone. Junk King Dayton wants to help you keep your home clean.