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Monthly Archives: July 2021

Use Junk King For Trash Removal

Trash has a tendency to pile up. That is as much true for a restaurant or retail store as it is for a family home. If left unchecked, then it wouldn’t take long before trash can overwhelm any space. This is why it is important to deal with trash removal on a regular basis. That happens across the city at least once a week for most homeowners and apartment renters. However, there might come a time when you have a particular trash overflow situation that we could pick up can handle. That is the time to bring in the crew from Junk King Dayton.

Everything On The Truck

It really doesn’t matter what you are getting rid of as far as the Junk King crews concern. The only thing they are restricted in transporting are hazardous materials like propane tanks, paint or solvents. Everything else can make its way onto the back of the truck. With the trash overflow situation, some of those items might not be neatly packed into a box. That will be a problem. All you have to do is point to what you want removed and the Junk King crew will pick it up right from the spot.

Before anything gets loaded onto the Junk King truck, the team will provide you with a written estimate. This estimate will be based on how they plan to pack everything onto the truck. As with a kitchen trash compactor, the Junk King crew can pack in a lot of trash into a little space. That will mean that you get to pay the low end of the price scale. That price scale is always based on fire and not weight. You will never be charge by the pound by Junk King and that can make a big difference when you are getting rid of a lot of trash!

The easiest way to deal with your trash overflow removal is to bring in Junk King Dayton to take care of it. Call to book an appointment today.

When Do Property Managers Know It’s Time to Haul Away Junk Dayton Ohio

junk removal for property managers in dayton


If you are a property manager, you know that appearances are everything. The last thing you want is to show apartments or houses littered with outdated appliances and mattresses. On the other hand, you may not have the time or labor to clean out all the junk left behind by tenants. Fortunately, a waste removal company can haul away junk for you in Dayton, Ohio, so that you can focus on other tasks.

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Someone Has to Clean Out the Junk

Property managers have many responsibilities: finding new tenants, handling complaints, securing the property, and collecting rent. By now, you are probably used to those late-night calls about everything from plumbing issues to leaky roofs. To add to this stress, you have to figure out what to do with stuff that tenants leave behind.

Most times, real estate junk removal is too much labor to handle. In other cases, you need to get rid of the garbage as fast as possible before the next tenant moves in. Thankfully, Junk King can haul away leftover junk from your properties in Dayton, Ohio, and get them ready for immediate occupation. We remove all eyesores, thanks to our best practices for disposing of different kinds of waste.


When to Call Junk King

The best time to call Junk King is anytime you need to haul away junk from a commercial or residential property. These scenarios include:

  1. Eviction Clean Outs

At Junk King, we acknowledge the urgency of cleaning a property after an eviction. Often, tenants leave garbage, clothing, old furniture, mattresses, and other items after an eviction. Moreover, the occupants can trash your property if they know they won’t receive their security deposit. In addition to repairs, repainting, and cleaning, you have to throw away the junk.

Time is money in real estate. The longer a property remains unhabitable, the more money you lose. However, we deal with a wide range of waste, so you don’t have to stress about a tenant’s mess. We remove furniture, televisions, carpets, clothes, appliances, and other bulky items. Moreover, we will bring a dumpster rental to you for maximum convenience.

Our junk specialists sort through the waste and identify the items fit for donation or recycling. Thus, a job that would have taken you days or weeks will be done as quickly as possible. Then, you can focus on getting the right tenant for the property.

  1. Construction Cleanouts

Are you renovating or remodeling a property? A construction project leaves behind a variety of waste, including:

  • Bricks
  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Floorboards
  • Shingles
  • Drywall
  • Tiling
  • Scrap metal

If you have identified a property for flipping, the hassle of renovation can get overwhelming. You need a reliable junk removal company to eliminate the waste in line with local and state guidelines. Similarly, a waste removal company can simplify the process of renovating under-valued properties. Thus, you don’t have to pass on great deals because the previous owner made a mess.

At Junk King, we pride ourselves on helping property managers restore cluttered properties into functional and appealing homes. Moreover, we sort construction waste into piles that can be recycled and those that should be thrown away. We handle everything from electronics to furniture, so you focus on restoring residential or commercial properties.

  1. College Students Clean Outs

If you have ever seen a house after a college party, you know how messy such parties can be. Additionally, most students do not take care of rentals properly. While renting to students is risky, it is quite profitable, especially if you have a property in a college town.

Property managers who rent to students know that the demand is always high as there are always students graduating, transferring to other colleges, or even dropping out. In this case, you need to declutter the rentals as fast as possible to attract new tenants.

At Junk King, we are leaders in speedy cleanout services that get your property right back in the market. We eliminate all kinds of the waste left behind by college students, including clothes, beer bottles, and furniture.

  1. Foreclosure Clean Outs

Do you have a foreclosed property that is full of clutter? Junk King can help. We know that the most critical part of selling a home is cleaning and staging it to attract potential owners. That’s why we haul away junk from foreclosures in Dayton, Ohio, and help you to dispose of items like broken furniture and televisions responsibly. Further, the modern real estate market is demanding, and you need the services of an experienced junk removal company to stand out.

  1. Yard Clean Outs

What do you do with the swing sets, bicycles, and patio furniture left behind by a tenant? If you add new landscaping features like a gazebo or deck, you have to deal with the leftover mess. We clear out wood, tree branches, metal waste, stumps, and large appliances like hot tubs and outdoor furniture.


yard waste removal guide


Friends and Family Can Leave a Mess

If you are a property manager in Dayton, Ohio, your friends and family members have likely come to you in search of a place to live. You may assume that they make good tenants because you know them, but they may leave behind unwanted items on your property. After several unanswered calls, you may realize that they dumped their waste in your space. Fortunately, Junk King can help you reclaim your property by removing unused items.


Junk Removal Services Saves Time

When tenants leave their unwanted stuff behind, your responsibilities become more complicated. If you attempt to clean out the property yourself, you will take a lot of time and need additional labor. In contrast, our team at Junk King employs the latest approaches to junk removal. We sort real estate waste into different categories, such as yard waste, appliances, e-waste, and hazardous waste for donation or disposal. Moreover, our waste specialists have the training and equipment to remove bulky items efficiently.


Best Cleanout Service in Dayton, Ohio

Do you need junk removed from your property? Once you call us at Junk King, we send in an expert junk removal team to remove all the debris and garbage running your property’s curb appeal. We can also get a dumpster rental to you as you spruce up the landscape or renovate your space. If dirt and debris are creating eyesores on your property, call us on 1.888.888.JUNK (5865) or book online.


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Hire Junk King To Remove Office Rubbish

Most office spaces have limited storage areas. There is usually a room dedicated for storage where office supplies are kept. This might also be designated as the “copy room.” It is an area that staff visits often but clients are kept out of. The concern is when that storage room becomes overrun with the unwanted stuff. This would be where unwanted office equipment like computers and monitors would end up. There might also be random pieces of office furniture that are also in storage. The issue then becomes whether or not any of those items would ever be used again or are of any type of value. If those items can be removed, then the team from Junk King Dayton can make it happen.

All The Old Equipment

You might be holding onto old office equipment for good reason. That is because you know those items shouldn’t be tossed out into the trash. The last place they belong is a landfill. But that doesn’t mean you have to hold onto all of that old equipment. When you hire Junk King for removal you are also hiring a company that is environmentally friendly with regard to disposal policies. The team from Junk King will strive to make sure those old office equipment items will end up at a certified recycling center.

You may have some other items that could be recycled like discarded files and promotional materials. As for the office furniture, that could be donated to a charity. Nothing has to go to waste when Junk King is on the job.

The cost for Junk King service will be based on how everything fits onto the truck. The last room that your stuff takes up, the less be paying. This is the flat rate pricing policy that has always been good for a business’s bottom line.

To get rubbish and old office equipment out of your business, set up a session with Junk King Dayton today.

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