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Monthly Archives: September 2022

Get A Free Estimate From Junk King Dayton

Before hiring any worker, you want to know what the job will cost. Too often, an estimate constantly changes. That is because the conditions of the job can vary. For example, a plumber might not know how nasty a clog is until they get into the pipes. If junk removal is on your agenda, you would also want to get an estimate for that service. When you involve Junk King Dayton in this process, you will get a free estimate that will be locked down. There will not be any surprise charges with Junk King on the job.

The Junk King Estimate Process

Junk King charges a flat rate for its services. That rate is always determined by how everything fits on the back of the Junk King truck. So the less space your stuff takes up, the less you will pay. This is a fair and competitive approach for this type of work that customers appreciate.

When you call Junk King to set up your appointment, you will get a rough estimate for the work. However, that estimate can’t be finalized until the junk King crew sees everything you want to get rid of. That is when they will decide how it will all fit on the truck. Often, the Junk King crew will be able to pack things tighter than what was estimated over the phone. That will be you get a better deal!

Included in that estimate will also be all the disposal of your items. Junk King takes an environmentally friendly approach to this task. They make drop-offs or charities and recycling centers more than landfills. This is how they have been collecting junk for over 17 years.

If you are ready to get rid of your rubbish, you are ready to put Junk King Dayton on the job. Call for an appointment today.

Dumpster_Rental in Dayton with Junk King Dayton

Rent a Dumpster or Hire a Junk Hauler? Which is Right for Your Project?


Trash, junk, and debris are a fact of life. Many of us have junk that piles up over the years, whether it’s intentional or not. We have trash that, typically, gets disposed of regularly, while debris can take longer to deal with since it’s often larger or you have more of it. Debris after a storm, for example, can include large tree limbs or even entire trees. Figuring out how to get rid of this junk or debris isn’t always easy because of these issues.


When it comes to getting rid of bulk trash, you have two options: you can hire Junk King Dayton to come haul it all away, or you can contact us about dumpster rental. Both of these options can be very useful, but the right one depends on the project you have. Let’s take a look at how junk hauling and dumpster rental differ and what types of projects are right for each.

Free Junk Removal Price Estimator

Junk Hauling Vs Dumpster Rental


When you call Junk King and hire us to haul away junk, you don’t have to do much more. We will need to know what you want us to haul off to make sure we can take it and to provide you with a free estimate. Once you’ve approved the quote, we’ll schedule the pickup date and time. When we arrive, all you need to do is point us to where the items are. Our crew will take them out of your house and get them into the truck. You don’t even need to move them to the front of the house. It doesn’t matter where the things are—we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.


Dumpster rental, on the other hand, simply means you’re renting a dumpster. You have to carry everything out to it. Once your rental period is up or you’re done with the dumpster, we come and pick it up. You have to do more work, but as you’ll see, there are advantages to renting a dumpster instead of hiring our full-service junk removal team. It all really comes down to the projects you’re doing and what you’re capable of. We rent dumpsters to businesses in Dayton, of course, but we also rent to residents. Our dumpsters are designed to fit in most driveways while still leaving you room to access your garage or park alongside the dumpster.


Do You Have the Junk Ready to Go?


If you’ve purchased a new sofa, cleaned out your garage, purged your basement, or sorted through any of your stuff to decide what you want to get rid of, you likely have all of that junk ready to go. This is the perfect time to call us to come pick it all up. Even if it’s not all in one place, you know exactly what you want Junk King to take. You can provide that information to us for a quote and then point to it when our team arrives. Even if you discover something else you’d like us to take, we can likely adjust the quote when we arrive to include that additional stuff.


You could rent a dumpster for this, but there’s no real need to unless you need to move the junk out of your home right away. Otherwise, you can simply make a note of what you want to get rid of and have us come in and handle it.


Sorting Junk May Require a Dumpster


The stuff in your basement or attic may not have been touched in years. When you decide it’s time to sort through all of it, you may have a lot of junk to get rid of. This is one case where renting a dumpster may be the better option. It gives you a space to put the stuff you don’t want so you have more space to sort. 


If you’re going through your basement, for example, you may find that it’s so full that you just don’t have room to work. If it’s unfinished, you may also not want to spend time down there. You may find that you have to bring things up out of the basement to go through them. This means you’re going to eventually have everything in the basement upstairs somewhere. You’ll need a place to put the stuff you want to keep, a spot to stack the trash, and a place to use as a landing zone for the things coming up from the basement that you haven’t sorted yet. 


Having a dumpster on hand means anything that is trash can go straight into it. You don’t need to set aside space in your house or garage to store trash. If you decide you don’t want something, it doesn’t stay in your house. This is especially helpful if you know the trash is going to sit in your garage for days, weeks, or even months before you get rid of it. Even if you suspect you won’t make arrangements to get rid of junk right away, get a dumpster. Otherwise, you’re not really getting rid of anything, you’re just moving the junk around.

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Are You Cleaning Out Someone Else’s Home?


If you’ve recently inherited a home, have purchased a home as-is, or have a rental property that the tenant abandoned, you may have a lot of stuff to deal with. In some cases, junk hauling is the right solution. For example, if you’ve bought a home that’s full of junk, you probably don’t want to keep any of it. You want the house cleared out so you can move in or flip it. If you have a rental property, the same is likely true—once you’ve done everything required by law to let the former tenant know you have their stuff, you just want it out so you can get a new tenant in. 


In those cases, junk hauling is ideal. Junk King will come in and empty out the house so you can get to work making repairs or renovating it. In other cases, though, you may need a dumpster. If you’re helping a hoarder clean out their home, there may be some items in there that they should keep. However, you’ll have a lot of stuff to sort through while you’re looking for that treasure. Being able to put the trash into the dumpster as you go will help you slowly empty out the house. The same is also true of a house you’ve inherited. You may find that there’s a lot of stuff in the attic, basement, or garage that’s trash, but there’s also a lot you want to keep. A dumpster is the best option here, too.


Are You Going to Make More Debris as You Go?


Some projects generate more trash as you go. Renovations, for example, usually involve making more debris as you work. Most of the trash will come from the initial demolition, of course. That’s when you’re ripping up old flooring, removing walls, demolishing cabinets, and generally destroying stuff. Once that’s done, though, you’ll still have some trash to handle as you go. 


First, there’s the packaging your new flooring, cabinets, and other items come wrapped in. Second, there are the remnants of flooring, molding, and other things you have to cut to fit. You might also have empty tubes of caulking, drop cloths, and other trash. Then there’s always the risk that you’ll have to demo more than you thought once you get into the walls, floors, or other parts of the house. 


Having a dumpster on hand for any type of DIY remodel, whether it’s an interior renovation, exterior work, or something in your yard, is a great idea. Otherwise, you may find that you have to call us out several times to pick up junk. While our prices are very competitive, that’s still going to add up. Having a dumpster is the more affordable option in this case.

full service junk removal

Businesses Can Make Use of Us, Too


Businesses that are moving to a new location, expanding, or doing a major spring cleaning may need junk hauling or dumpster rental services. Again, it depends on what you have to get rid of. If you’re moving office, you may move everything you want, then call us to take what’s left at your old location. Renovating a new space, on the other hand, likely requires a dumpster. Spring cleaning or getting rid of old stock could go either way. If you know exactly what you want to trash, junk hauling is the right solution, but if you need to sort through things, having a dumpster onsite is helpful.

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Call Junk King Dayton Today

Whether you have a few things you want us to pick up or need a dumpster to handle your next DIY renovation project, Junk King Dayton is here for you. We can take just about anything except hazardous waste, and our team is trained to safely remove junk from homes and businesses. Our dumpsters hold three truckloads of trash, and they can be delivered to just about any location. Call us today at 1-888-888-JUNK or text us at 1-737-888-5865 to learn more or book your services.

Get Full-Service Junk Removal From Junk King

When you hire an outside company to take care of a task inside your home, you want the job done right from start to finish. When the task requires getting rid of unwanted rubbish in junk, the Junk King Dayton team can get the job done right every time. These professional junk haulers provide full service for removing any unwanted bulky items from your home or yard. So what do you want to get rid of?

The Junk King approach

The Junk King approach to removing rubbish is built on a simple philosophy: they do all the work. That work is completed by the two-person moving crew, who will be assigned to your session by junk. This team does all the lifting and loading of any object in your house, regardless of where that object might be located. For example, the Junk King team will happily go into the basement to bring up an old futon. They will also go up into the attic to bring down boxes of clothing. All you have to do is point to the things you want to be cleared away and the Junk King crew will do the rest.

Full-service junk removal also includes responsible disposal of the things that are collected. With Junk King, that responsible disposal can include drop-offs at recycling facilities or charities. In addition, the Junk King teams have all been trained to spot those items that can be recycled. As a result, nothing has to go to waste when Junk King is on the job.

The cost for this full-service junk removal is fair and competitive. It is a flat rate policy based on how everything will be packed onto the truck. So one price covers all the labor, transportation, and disposal. And you would never be charged by the pound when Junk King is hauling away your rubbish.

Full-service junk and rubbish removal are what Junk King Dayton is all about. So put them to the task today.

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