Junk King Dayton Customers Add More Positive Reviews

“The gentlemen who came to my home were quick, efficient, and courteous. The price was extremely fair for the services provided my only complaint is I wish I had of found you guys sooner! Superb job!” – Cierra M., Dayton

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That is one of the many positive reviews that Junk King Dayton customers have posted in the last couple of days. While most folks were out getting ready for the holidays, the junk King crews were making their way around Dayton helping folks clear out all kinds of unwanted clutter from their homes and businesses. Based upon these reviews it is clear that Junk King is getting the job done.

“The agent I talked to was friendly and made my experience scheduling a pick up easy. The truck showed up at our house exactly at the time they said they would and removed all of my furniture quickly and were very nice too.” – P.S., Tipp City

When you call to set up your junk removal session, you’ll be asked to have a date and two-hour window in mind. Because of the number of crews and the scheduling you should be able to secure that time that works best for your calendar. You might even get to benefit from the same day pickup. Junk King doesn’t want to waste any of your time!

“I was impressed how fast everything was. They emptied my basement very quickly. Scheduling was also fast and easy. They were very professional. They did a great job.” – Greg H., Miamisburg

“Scheduling was easy, driver called 30 minutes before arrival, 3 men showed up, all friendly, careful not to bang the walls and doors. They packed the truck tightly to ensure everything would fit. The full truck load price was $595 vs $633 quote from Got Junk. In addition to a better price, the truck used by Junk King was bigger than Got Junk’s truck allowing to get rid of more stuff for less money. Would definitely use them again.” – J.K., Xenia

Are there other junk haulers in Dayton? Of course, there are. But one session with Junk King Dayton will convince you that this is the company you should be working with for all your junk removal needs. Put them on the job today.

What A Junk King Dayton Customers Saying?

Junk King Dayton likes to ask each of its customers a simple question: how are we doing? That’s the kind of question every business should be asking of their customer base. It’s the only way they can truly make improvements and to be sure that their living up to the promises they made to provide excellent service. When Junk King asks that question, they get plenty of positive answers. Here’s what a few of their customers posted in the last couple of days:


“The agent I talked to was friendly and made my experience scheduling a pick up easy. The truck showed up at our house exactly at the time they said they would and removed all of my furniture quickly and were very nice too.” – P.S., Tipp City

That really is Junk King’s goal: to make the process of removing your junk as hassle-free as possible and that starts with scheduling. You pick your day and two-hour window and let junk into the rest.

“I was impressed how fast everything was. They emptied my basement very quickly. Scheduling was also fast and easy. They were very professional. They did a great job.” – Greg H., Miamisburg

Junk King appreciates everyone’s busy schedule. That’s why they do want to take up any more time than is necessary. When you have the right training moving items up from a basement or down from upstairs is not complicated. The Junk King crews have plenty of experience to get those kinds of tasks done there is swiftly.

“Guys showed up promptly within the chosen window of time and were done quickly! Very professional and courteous service.” – B.E., Dayton

“They removed everything in a prompt manner when they were done, they swept out the garage. The guys on the truck were very polite. I would definitely recommend this company.” – D.R., Vandalia

“The guys that came very efficient and kind. They asked my step mom how she was doing several times during the process. I wish I could remember their names please look it up and thank them for us.” – D.M., Xenia

Junk King crews don’t like leaving until they know the customer is totally satisfied. Are you ready to put Junk King Dayton to the task of removing the junk around your home? You’ll be adding your rave review, too!




Make It A Junk Free Christmas

In the annals of giving Christmas gifts, those gifts that are handmade are always appreciated. It doesn’t matter if you present someone with quilt, a tin of cookies or framed artwork from the kids. The fact that you took the time to make something that is truly unique shows how much you care. Of course, not every caring gift needs to be something you have devoted hours to creating. It can also be in the form of a service that you help provide for someone special. That would certainly apply to a junk removal session set up by Junk King Dayton. Do you know someone who would benefit from having rubbish cleared from their home? Then Junk King can make this a junk free Christmas!


Once you’ve told the recipient about the gift they’ll be able to go through their home and decide what they can get rid of. They go through the sorting process armed with the information that Junk King is going to send over a pair of movers and a big truck. That means all kinds of furniture, appliances and other household goods that aren’t being used or are broken beyond repair can finally be cleared out of the house. In some instances, this could mean reclaiming an entire spare room or being able to park a car back in the garage. Think of how that will improve someone’s living space.

Junk King likes to get everything removed in a single session. This is actually easy for them to accomplish because they have a lot of experience with this kind of work. Most junk removal sessions take under 30 minutes to complete. Of course, there are those bigger cleanups that might require additional crews and trucks. It will be a challenge for junk King to add those additional workers provided they are given enough advance warning. Best of all, you won’t be paying for additional crews or labor time.

The Junk King fee will be based on how those trucks are backed up. When the crews use little space then you’ll be paying the low end of the price scale. That’s their goal with every pickup. Who do you know that would benefit from a Junk King junk removal session? Surprise them with that Christmas gift this year.

Start Your Holiday Preparations With A Call To Junk King

One of the most anticipated traditions centered around the holidays is baking of Christmas cookies. How many different cookies do you make? Often, these recipes have been handed down in the family for generations. Once made, the cookies are hard to keep around. Santa will be lucky to have a few left for Christmas Eve! baking cookies is in the only thing that is part of your home holiday preparations list. There also need to be a thorough cleaning before the decorations go up and company starts coming by for visits. This is where a session with Junk King Dayton can make a huge difference around the house.


How many things would you like to get rid of from your home to make room? Is there a random piece of furniture in the living room that you’d like to replace before the holidays? Is there an old appliance that you pushed out to the garage just to get out of the way? How full of the closets of outfits that you never going to wear again? Now imagine all of those things are gone from your home. You’ll suddenly find yourself with a lot more space. This can happen with a little help from the Junk King crew.

The team from Junk King is going to do all the heavy lifting for you. Actually, the things you need to get rid of don’t have to be especially heavy. It can just be boxes of clothing or old electronic gear. But getting rid of that stuff can still be a big benefit even if it’s simply to make room in your closets to hide the Christmas presents!

Junk King works fast. If you call to set up an appointment today, then there’s a good chance that it will be taken care of by tomorrow. You might even be able to have your stuff picked up in the same day. Once the crews are at your home they move fast. They could have everything loaded up in less time than it takes to bake a tray of cookies.

If cleaning your house of clutter is on the holiday preparations agenda, then you’ll want to hire Junk King Dayton to help get it done.

When It Is Time For Decluttering Bring In Junk King

Every house has clutter. Some of that clutter might be contained to a single drawer in the kitchen. Another home might have clutter crammed into closets and out of sight. Then there are those properties that have their clutter on full display. Not only is this evident when the garage door is opened onto a wall of rubbish, but also with the scattered bits of clutter around the yard. Which level of clutter can be found at your home? No matter how much clutter you want removed, Junk King Dayton is the company to get it done.


You can set up your appointment with Junk King for the weekend. This will give you plenty of time to sort through all the storage zones in your home. When the crew shows up at the appointed hour, you’ll show them everything you want hauled way. It might just be a huge pile of stuff in the middle of the garage. It could also be several piles scattered throughout the house. The Junk King squad is going to do all the work and that starts with picking up everything right on the spot.

As they load everything onto their truck, they’ll be making mental notes about the contents. This will help them sort through everything back at the depot. That sorting is going to allow them to separate items into donations and recyclables. Junk King prides itself on how green they’ve made their business. They’ll help you reduce your carbon footprint without lifting a finger!

The clutter that Junk King removes from your home doesn’t just have to come from the inside. They’re also going to be a big boost with getting all the things you want gone from your back and front yard. If you’re putting up holiday decorations, then you certainly don’t want rubbish around the yards.

Decluttering your home is going to have a positive impact. Let Junk King Dayton help make that happen today. One call gets it done.

Get The Junk Cleared From Your Basement Today

Would you consider your basement to be a genuine extension of your family’s living space or is it more for doing laundry and storing things? Maybe it is a bit of both. Finished basements are a very popular feature among prospective home buyers. Even an unfinished basement that shows great potential would be considered an asset. If your family uses the basement to watch TV or hang out, then you want to make sure there is the least amount of clutter and rubbish as possible. That can happen when Junk King Dayton is called into action.


How much of the furniture in your basement was brought in by your original movers? That would mean that anything down there that you would want to get rid of would have to be brought up by another pair of movers like the kind that Junk King is going to provide for your session. What about the things that you might have build down there like shelves or an entertainment center? The Junk King crews will be happy to take those apart in order to get them up the steps and onto their truck. All you have to do is ask.

Beyond the basement, are there any other areas in your home that would benefit from some deep decluttering? What kind of shaper are your closets in? What about out in the garage? It might take some time on your part to sort through the boxes and shelves in those areas to find all the things you can get rid of but that would be time well spent. The less useless items you have taking up valuable storage space, the easier it will be to get organized and find the things you really need, when you need them.

To put this plan into action, you only have to make one call to Junk King. Just know that they might offer you a same-day pickup on that call. That only means you have to have all your sorting done. You can also schedule for the weekend if that works better. If you want to get the junk cleared from your basement fast, then you need to bring in the pros from Junk King Dayton.

Junk King Makes Debris Removal Easy

When workers needs to clear demolition debris from a construction site they will usually bring out the heavy equipment. That will include bulldozers and dump trucks. There is nothing delicate about this kind of clean up. It is all about scooping up the tons of concrete and debris and dumping into that big truck. Junk King Dayton handles debris removal in a similar manner but instead of a bulldozer, there are two helpful movers. And instead of a dump truck, there is a large moving truck that can hold a lot of unwanted debris. This is the best approach for debris removal around your home.


The debris that you want to get hauled away from your home can take many forms. It can be straight up debris left over from a remodeling project or a landscaping makeover. It can also be the kind of debris that is keeping you from parking your car I your garage. Debris doesn’t have to be one big thing. It can be a bunch of little things, too. One thing that all household debris has in common is that is can be swiftly removed by Junk King.

The approach that Junk King takes with debris removal is simple: They’re going to do all the work. You can set you mind at ease knowing that any heavy object you want removed from your home won’t have to be lifted by you. That also includes any object that might have to be taken apart first. The crew from Junk King can handle both of those tasks without any problem.

Think about all the stuff you could get cleared from your home that would make things a lot nicer. And it isn’t just all the stuff from the inside that you can get rid of. You can also get rid of anything from your front or back yard. Think about the old swing set or rusty patio furniture. What about the broken planters or lawn mower? You shouldn’t have to hold onto any of that stuff for one day longer. Debris removal is no longer a challenge for you thanks to Junk King Dayton.

Old Air Conditioner Removal Is No Problem For Junk King

Walking around your neighborhood on the day after Christmas can give you a good indication of what everyone got for Christmas. You’ll usually see the big boxes for all the stuff out on the curb waiting to be picked up by the garbage crew. Technically, that’s not a good thing to do because you don’t want anyone to know what new gadgets you have in your home. Throughout the year, you might be able to tell what you neighbors are up to in terms of renovations in their house by what they’re putting out on the curb. You might find an old air conditioner unit on the curb but it probably won’t be picked up by the cities. That means it will become an eyesore. This can be avoided by calling in Junk King Dayton. These are the pro junk haulers who are in the best position to remove old air conditioners and all kinds of unwanted items from a home.


An old air conditioner is a lot like an old television. Neither one of those items should be dumped into a landfill. They’re both designated as a form of e-waste and have to be disposed of at a certified recycling center. That is exactly where Junk King will strive to make the drop off. Responsible disposal of collected junk has been Junk King’s way of doing business ever since they started collecting rubbish back in 2005.

You also don’t want to keep that old AC sitting around your house even if it is in the garage or down in the basement. Most of Junk King’s pickup sessions are completed within 24 hours. That means a call today could have your stuff cleared by tomorrow. If it works better to have those things picked up on the weekend, then Junk King can lock down that time for you, too. It is all about making things easy.

If you’re hiring Junk King to haul out an old AC, be sure to get rid of all the rest of your unwanted stuff in the same session. There will be plenty of room on the Junk King truck! Don’t get stuck with an old air conditioner and rubbish. Give it all to Junk King Dayton today.

Call On Junk King For Cardboard Box and Rubbish Cleanup Today

What do you have in your home or business that you’d like to get rid of today? One of the most common answers is unwanted furniture and cardboard boxes. It is understandable how difficult it might be to get rid of a recliner or loveseat. That’s not going into the trashcan. But cardboard boxes? They just have to be broken up and dumped in the recycling bin, right? Not if the cardboard box pile has reach epic proportions. When that happens, it is time to bring in outside help from Junk King Dayton. They can take care of a cardboard box pile and rubbish clean up with one call.


Before you make that call to Junk King, think about what works best for your schedule. Junk King is going to ask for a date and a two-hour window. That two-hour window allows the crews to make their way from one customer to the next. They will typically just spend under 30 minutes at any location. Loading up rubbish is fast work when you know what you’re doing. You can pick tomorrow for your session because most pickups are handled by the following day. Or you can pick the weekend if that works better. You might even be able to pick today. If the schedule permits, then Junk King will be happy to offer a same day pickup.

Don’t worry about breaking up the cardboard boxes or bringing furniture down from upstairs. The crew from Junk King can handle all of that. All you have to do is point to what you want taken away and it will be done.

Cardboard is a very popular material to recycle. Junk King knows that and already has a plan. They’ve partnered with many recycling facilities in the area and they’re happy to make that drop off. As for your old furniture, that could find its way to a charity. Are you ready to get rid of your cardboard box pile and the rest of your rubbish? Then turn that job over to Junk King Dayton today.

Tips For Better Back-To-School Habits

Every year, kids going back-to-school are given the chance to “start over.” It’s like beginning a new job or moving to a new neighborhood. You get the chance to reinvent yourself and put positive changes into effect. As parents, you get to set the tone for this fresh approach by improving some back-to-school habits. Here’s what you can implement starting today:


Encourage Participating In After-school Activities.

Not every student is going to be the star of the football team or the head cheerleader and there is nothing wrong with that. There are plenty of opportunities for kids to shine in many after-school activities. Depending on the age of your student, signing up for after-school activities might be a new concept for them but you can encourage their participation by making it easy with regard to pick ups and dinner schedules. There is great potential for the kids to flourish after school!

Prep the Night Before

At dinner time, there is one vital question that has to be asked: “What do you need for school tomorrow? Whatever the answer, there should be plenty of time before your kid goes to bed to get that ready. Whether it means washing a uniform, packing a back pack or making lunch, it should all happen the night before. Even picking out what they’re wear to school before bedtime is going to save a lot of scrambling in the morning.

Set Goals

For every student, there is room for improvement. Even those kids getting perfect grades might want to slow down and finds ways to have more fun. Before the school year, you should get with your kids and set goals for the months ahead. What areas do that need to focus on to achieve better grades? Where can they improve? It might help to right out those goals and see how close you are throughout the school year.

Set Up Friends Meeting

If your kid is going back to school with some old friends, then you should have those friends over for lunch or a pool party before school starts. This will allow that group to catch up on all the summer “gossip.” It will make a lot less chatter for that first day of school.

What Did They Learn

Asking what a child learned at school is another good topic for the dinner table. You’ll find that the younger the kid the more enthusiastic they are to answer. Don’t let the older kids fall into the habit of answering, “Nothing.” That is never true!

Rearrange Their Closet

Over the summer, you might have been a bit more relaxed when it came to having the kids clean their rooms but now is the time to start fresh and that begins with organizing shelves, closets and dressers. This is a project that might generate some grumbling but it has to be done. Once everything is sorted, you might have a lot of stuff to get rid of and that is when you want to bring in Junk King Dayton. It will only take one session with Junk King Dayton to get your kid’s room totally clear of clutter and that’s a great way to go back-to-school.