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How Junk King Can Help With Your Estate Clean Out

An executor of a will can be a family member, lawyer or close friend. It becomes the responsibility of that executor to responsibly distribute the assets of the estate once everything has been settled. Part of that settlement could include selling off property. This is where the idea of an estate sale comes into play. This happens when everything in a home is literally put up for sale. Often, these types of sales are managed by a company that takes a fee to do all the work. What the company won’t do is “clean out” when the sale is over. That is a job for the team from Junk King Dayton. These are professional junk haulers who can make a big difference when it comes to making a property ready for the market.

All the help that is needed

Junk King is going to provide all the help that is needed to clear out any size home. The standard Junk King team consists of two capable movers who will do all the lifting and loading on your behalf. Your instructions might be “take it all away.” That would be no challenge for the Junk King team. Before anything is placed on the truck, the crew will work out what the final price is expected to be. That price will always be based on how the truck gets packed up with the stuff. What you won’t be charge for is any extra labor. Junk King might decide that adding more crews will help get the job done quicker. That will all be covered in the original flat fee.

Some of what you are cleaning out of the state might also be practical for a charity drop off. That is something else that the team from Junk King can facilitate. If you are in charge of an estate cleanout, then you don’t have to handle it on your own. Bring in Junk King Dayton to make it happen.

Great Reviews Posted For Junk King Dayton

“They came out and removed an old hot tub. They did a great job. Cleaned up when they were done. Will use again!” – Carla, Dayton

That is one of the many positive reviews recently posted for Junk King Dayton. It also provide you with a good indication of just how Junk King can help you with your removal task. In other words, anything can be hauled away including hot tub!

Here are some more of those positive reviews to consider:

“Arrived on time. Assessed the situation and got to work. Hot tub removal was the hardest so they got that out of the way first. Personal and respectful guys who got it done quickly.” – Rick, Dayton

Yes, getting rid of hot tubs is something of a specialty for Junk King. But you don’t need to hire them just to get rid of a huge structure. You can also use them to clear out all the little rubbish from your garage and closets. That kind removal can have a very positive impact on your living environment.

“They were very nice and helpful. I called them the day before and the next day they came out to pick up my items. The crew was very nice. I would tell my friends to choose junk King.” – Carah, Springfield

“I am very happy with the junk removal service that Junk King provided. The price is reasonable and the two young men who did the work were professional, efficient and extremely well mannered. This is the second time that I have used Junk King. I will call on them again in the future.” – Bradley, Dayton

Customers appreciate the time that is saved by hiring junk. It also helps that the costs associated with this work are fair and reasonable. Junk King always charges a flat rate based on how everything will get packed up onto the truck. The less room that the Junk King crew takes up with your stuff, the less you will be paying. It is just that simple.

Are you ready to get rid of your unwanted rubbish? Then you are ready to put the crew from Junk King Dayton to work. Book your session today.

Bring In Junk King To Move Out Boxes Of Rubbish

Every single item in your home has an attached value. Some of that value is determined by the marketplace. Other value is determined by sentimental attachments. Then there is a category of value based on practical need. Not everything in your home is ever used all at once. You don’t wear all of the clothing in your closet and you don’t cook with all the parts every time you make dinner!

There are probably a lot of other items that you are actually keeping in storage in boxes. Those boxes can be up in the attic or down in the basement. Perhaps those are things that you use on a seasonal basis. Of course, there can be just as many boxes full of stuff that you will probably never use again. By definition, that would be a box of rubbish. How many rubbish boxes do you think you are keeping in storage? Imagine taking the time to sort through all of those boxes to determine just what has true value. After making that determination, you could be left with a lot of things that you can clear out of the home once and for all. That is when you make the call to Junk King Dayton.

Box Removal

Junk King can provide any level of box removal from your home. That removal action will be accomplished by the team of movers who will be assigned to your appointment. This is a crew that shows up with a friendly attitude. They are also licensed and insured. That makes them the exact type of work you should invite into your home. The Junk King crew will make quick work out of carrying the boxes to their truck. If there are some items in those boxes that might be of practical use to someone else, then Junk King can provide a drop off at a local charity. This is the type of disposal work they have been doing since they started collecting unwanted items over 16 years ago.

When you need to get rid of boxes of rubbish, you need to bring in the crew from Junk King Dayton. Set up your session today.

Clear Out The Debris From Your Backyard With Help From Junk King

How many things are in your backyard at this moment that you would like to get rid of? It could be that after multiple seasons of cold winters and sizzling summers there are some objects that have just completely worn down. That can be true for anything from a piece of patio furniture to your backyard barbecue grill. Those are the types of objects that can’t be tossed out into the trash. Instead, they need to be disposed of with help from a moving crew and a big truck. That is exactly what Junk King Dayton can provide. These are the professional junk haulers that can help you clear out the debris from your backyard in no time at all.

Estimate First

When the Junk King crew arrives for your appointment you will show them all of the things in your backyard that you want to get rid of. It can be any bulky objects that is able to be lifted and loaded. But it can also be something that has to be taken apart first. That would include an old playground set from the kids or even a dilapidated above ground swimming pool. That dismantling work is included in the Junk King service. But before any of that can begin, you first need to be presented with an estimate for the cost.

Junk King always bases its pricing on how everything will fit onto the back of the truck. One flat fee covers all the transportation, labor and disposal. You never have to “watch the clock” when Junk King is on the job. They will work as long as it takes to clear out whatever you have designated.

If you call today to set up your appointment, then you might be able to lockdown a time tomorrow. If it works better for your schedule to have the pickup happen on the weekend, then Junk King can accommodate that as well.

Clearing out the debris from your backyard just got a lot easier thanks to the help that is provided by Junk King Dayton. Make your appointment today.

How Our Junk Removalists Can Help with Estate Cleanouts in Dayton

A junk removal company can take a mammoth task off your hands

junk Filled room with old piles of boxesEstate cleanouts can be highly tragic affairs that often follow the passing away of a loved one, and all the tasks that need dealing with only add to the stress and upset. You might currently be dealing with legal professionals, grieving friends and family members, and hurdles of paperwork. If you’re in the middle of settling a loved one’s estate, you might be required to comb through their house with a magnifying glass while separating the junk from the stuff you want to keep, donate, or sell.

Fortunately, the estate cleanout in Dayton is one job you don’t need to do alone. If you require help removing the clutter, whether it’s old files or appliances, or salvaging as much waste as possible, a junk removal or dumpster rental company can be a helpful companion.

However, you need to weigh up your options carefully to decide whether you should hire a dumpster or a junk removal company.

You may think hiring a dumpster is the most straightforward and cost-effective way to carry out your estate cleanout in Dayton, but that’s often not the case. Moreover, go for the dumpster option, and you’ll have a lot of work on your hands.

Depending on how much junk you need to dispose of it might be more affordable to hire professional removalists than renting a dumpster. That way, you can let trained professionals do the heavy lifting while you focus your attention on more pressing matters.

In this article, we take a closer look at your options for estate cleanouts in Dayton in terms of price, benefits, drawbacks, and convenience. Hopefully, we can help make at least one challenging decision much simpler for you.


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Estate Cleanouts: How Should You Get Rid of the Clutter?

We understand that memories, both painful and joyous, may flood your mind as you sort through your loved one’s estate. When the time comes to throw out old junk, you’ll undoubtedly want it to be as stress-free as possible. So, should you rent a dumpster and do the heavy lifting without help? Or would you be better off hiring a team of removalists? Let’s weigh up the pros and cons of each:

Renting a Dumpster for Estate Cleanouts in Dayton

If you need to dispose of housewares, old furniture, kitchen appliances, and a variety of other residential junk, you can hire a dumpster to make the cleanout relatively straightforward. Dumpsters come in a range of sizes, meaning you can probably find one that’s large enough to accommodate all the clutter from your loved one’s old home. Choose a self-service dumpster, and you might be able to keep it for as long as required, though you may need to negotiate this beforehand, depending on the company you choose. Moreover, dumpster rentals are usually charged at a fixed rate, meaning you don’t need to wait for professionals to arrive on-site before receiving a quote.

Benefits of Dumpster Rentals

Hiring a dumpster can be advantageous because:

Dumpster Rentals: Things to Consider

Before deciding that renting a dumpster is the best option, remember that:

  • – You’ll be responsible for loading the clutter into the dumpster.
  • – There are certain materials that you can’t throw in a dumpster.
  • – Overfilling your dumpster can lead to higher than expected costs and delays.
  • – Dumpster sizes can vary and selecting the correct one may prove challenging.


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Hiring Junk Removalists to Handle Your Estate Cleanout

Investing in the services of professional removalists means you don’t need to take full responsibility for arranging the clutter into recyclable and non-recyclable items, nor do you need to do any of the heavy lifting. You can hire a company to visit the home and retrieve all the junk the same day, and they’ll let you know on the spot if there are any materials they can’t remove. The cost of junk removalists can vary, and you might not receive an accurate quote until the professionals arrive at the property. However, there’s no simpler way to dispose of junk than by letting someone else do it for you.

Benefits of Using Removalists for Your Cleanout

To summarize, the advantages of partnering with a team of professionals include:

  • – You don’t need to do any heavy lifting or risk putting yourself in harm’s way.
  • – You can schedule a time that’s convenient for you for removing your clutter.
  • – Most professionals guarantee their work, meaning you can be confident of a job well done.
  • – Many junk removal companies will salvage as much of your waste as possible, helping you do your bit for the environment without having to lift a finger.


full service junk removal


Junk Removal Specialists: Things to Consider

Hiring junk removalists for an estate cleanout in Dayton can make life so much more straightforward during a tragic period, but before you book a company, remember that:

  • – Junk removal specialists may be pricey if required to remove an entire household’s worth of belongings.
  • – You may not know how much the removal will cost until the company reaches the property.
  • – You might have a limited timeframe to complete the task.

Dumpster Rentals vs. Junk Removalists for Estate Cleanouts in Dayton: The Verdict

Whether you should rent a dumpster or hire a team of removalists for your estate cleanout depends on your unique situation. However, as a general rule of thumb, you can save money by renting a large dumpster if you need to dispose of a large volume of items. If, on the other hand, you have a small dumpster’s worth of items, it could be cheaper and much less complicated to let a removal company eliminate the clutter on your behalf.


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How Junk King Can Help with Estate Cleanouts in Dayton

At Junk King, we’re a leading junk removal company in Dayton that offers services ranging from full-service removals and relocations to dumpster rentals. We don’t just aim to be the most cost-effective removal company in Dayton – we guarantee that we are.

We’ll beat any more affordable quote you can find from a company with the same credentials as us. Besides being licensed and insured, we run a recycling-based operation to protect our environment and keep our landfills free of unnecessary waste. In fact, we can salvage up to 60% of the junk we collect, whether it’s old furniture, housewares, garage clutter, or yard waste.

We’re the top-rated junk removal service in the US, serving all of Dayton and the surrounding suburbs. If you want to find out how we can remove at least some of the stress from your estate cleanout, we hope to hear from you.

Call us today for free quotes and advice. We’ll gladly tell you more about the benefits and drawbacks of junk removalists and dumpster rentals over the phone.


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The Fastest Way To Remove An Old Dishwasher

There are some things in your home that you could put into storage when you are no longer using them. That doesn’t mean filling up your storage area with unwanted items is beneficial. But it can help to get things temporarily out of the way. One item that you probably shouldn’t put into storage is an old dishwasher. This is an appliance that will simply take up too much space. It is also something that is not easy to move around. That is why when you need to replace your old dishwasher you need to find a fast way to remove it. That can happen with one call to Junk King Dayton.

Appliance Movers

When you think of Junk King, you might think of furniture movers. This is essentially what the teams from Junk King handle day in and day out. However, their expertise with removal doesn’t stop at an old sofa. They are also terrific appliance for movers. An appliance has to be properly unhooked before it can be cleared out. For many appliances that means just unplugging. However, for dishwasher that means removing it from the plumbing hookups. This has to be done to prevent leaking until the new dishwasher is properly installed. The Junk King crews will be showing up with the right tools and the right experience to take care of that task.

There will be room on the back of the Junk King truck full your old dishwasher. In fact, there will be plenty of room! That means you can take advantage of that open truck space to fill up with the rest of your unwanted items. Remember, the Junk King team is going to do all the lifting and loading all you. That means all you have to do is point to something and it will be taken away right spot.

The fastest way to remove an old dishwasher remains hiring Junk King Dayton for the job.

Junk King Offers Dumpster Rental For Major Cleanup

Do you need to take care of a major cleanup around your house? This is not just about regular dusting and mopping but about clearing out an excessive amount of unwanted clutter. Yes, a lot of that unwanted clutter could currently be in storage around your home. It could be out in the garage, down the basement or in your closets. Keeping stuff that you never going use again isn’t doing you any favors. That is why taking on a major cleanup is always a smart move. This time around, your major cleanup can be helped with a dumpster rental from Junk King Dayton. This is a efficient way to tackle any size cleanup in your home or yards.

Load Up

When you rent a dumpster from Junk King you can count on the same level of  experience from the crew who will be delivering the dumpster. That experience will help them secure your dumpster in a place that works best for your cleanup task. That could be in your driveway or on the street outside of your home. Once your dumpster is in place, you can begin the load up. One of the advantages of having a dumpster rental is you can take your time sorting through and clearing out all the stuff you want to get rid of. Every dumpster rental with Junk King is for a minimum of three days. That should provide you with ample time to take care of your cleanup task.

At the end of three days, the Junk King crew will return to pick up the dumpster. They will be in charge of disposing of its contents. The cost for this service will be the same as a regular Junk King pickup appointment. It will be based on how much space is  utilized on the dumpster. You will know what that price ranges before the work begins. It is also a very fair and competitive price for this type of service.

A smart approach for handling your next big cleanup is to rent a dumpster from Junk King Dayton. Book your container today.

Commercial Junk Removal Services For The Dayton Area

commercial junk removal dayton ohio

Junk removal is a broad category of business that can involve municipal agencies or private firms, as well as residential and business customers.

However, there is a very distinct sector of the industry that specializes in commercial junk removal

All businesses, regardless of their size, generate junk. This is true even for organizations that aren’t manufacturing enterprises. In fact, much like a family living in a home, just having a business for any period of time can result in junk piling up in storage areas, loading docks, and back rooms.

This might be in the form of old, unwanted office furniture or business equipment that’s no longer being used. It could just be an occasional overflow of trash and debris. And, sometimes, it’s all the things you don’t want to take with you when your business is physically relocating. 

The thing is it all has to be disposed of somehow.

Of course, there are certain types of business operations that need debris or waste products to be hauled off to a local landfill or recycling center on a regular basis. These businesses usually have the resources in place to take care of this need themselves. 

But that’s not a description of most businesses in the greater Dayton region. In fact, it is quite likely that your employees are not having to do that kind of work on a regular basis, if ever.

And that means you have to make some kind of arrangements for when you need commercial junk removal services. This is why Junk King Dayton offers commercial junk removal services!

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Commercial Junk Removal from Junk King Dayton – Your Best Junk Removal Option

Business owners and managers have to make decisions about things that impact the business every day. And, while it may seem inconsequential or at least unimportant, maintenance issues such as disposing of damaged office furniture or old equipment removal matters.

And the most important reason from a business perspective is that removing and disposing of unwanted equipment and junk involves spending money.

Because it does involve expenditures, the thinking of many owners and managers is that it must be more cost-effective to simply take care of commercial junk removal tasks in-house. However, the truth is that it is far more often less expensive to outsource it to a local professional firm instead of paying your own employees to do it for you.

And, depending on the type of business you have, there may not be enough resources or personnel available to do your own junk removal even if you wanted to.

In fact, the very nature of most business junk makes hauling and removing it more than just challenging for most smaller businesses. That’s because so much of the typical business junk that has to be gotten rid of is large, unwieldy, and heavy.

This is why the best approach and best option is to outsource the work of commercial junk removal to a professional firm like Junk King Dayton.

The bottom line? It’s that the benefits of using a professional junk removal firm for your business junk far outweighs any possible benefits of “doing it yourself.”

full service junk removal

Commercial Junk Removal Services for Large and Small Businesses

At Junk King, one of our specialties is the management of the junk removal needs of businesses. Often commercial junk removal can be something as simple as removing and hauling off empty boxes and other office trash, to removing larger business junk items such as used and unwanted office furniture and equipment.

Aside from hazardous wastes, it doesn’t matter what it is and or when it needs to be taken care of, Junk King Dayton can remove it.

One of the many benefits of using Junk King’s commercial junk removal services is our robustly eco-friendly junk management process. Our “green” sorting and disposal process means we succeed in recycling as much of the material we take as possible along with donating many items that are reusable.

Depending on the needs of your business, we can provide a simple, one-time pickup. Or, if need be, we can also schedule ongoing, regular commercial junk removal services through a national account.

Interested in taking advantage of our national accounts program? You can talk to our Junk King Dayton team about how to make that happen.

Junk King’s commercial services are perfect for:

  • Manufacturing cleanup
  • Construction sites
  • Rental and property management cleanouts
  • Real estate and foreclosure junk removal and cleanup
  • Restoration and renovation debris removal
  • Office relocations and cleanouts

And we can even serve businesses across the nation. With Junk King locations across the United States and Canada, it is quite likely that we’re in your neighborhood and close to your business.

With our all-inclusive service, up-front pricing, and easy scheduling options, you don’t have to worry about your junk removal. Most of our jobs are completed within 24 hours of arrival, which means your commercial junk removal project can be completed fast.

And you get to let us do all the heavy lifting!

commercial junk removal services

Commercial or Residential, Junk King is Always “Green” Junk Removal

It’s a sad reality, but many commercial junk removal operators still dump everything they pick up and haul off to landfills. Regardless of the condition of the items, or the potential for recycling and recovery of materials, too many junk removal firms just don’t bother.

And, while this may be an easier and cheaper disposal process, it’s not sustainable nor is it eco-friendly.

At Junk King Dayton, however, we are fully committed to our mission of recycling and reusing as much of every load of material we pick up as possible. 

In fact, our junk disposal process starts with taking your commercial junk and debris that we’ve picked up from you in our trucks and transporting it all to our local Junk King warehouse. From there it is all carefully sorted to separate all the items that can either be reused, repurposed, or just recycled.

Since it was founded in 2005, Junk King’s corporate mission has always been to remove as much of your waste and junk items as possible before ever taking material to a transfer station or landfill. We have always done this, and we continue to work hard to protect the planet and provide ever more sustainable solutions.

Because we know that everyone wants to be green when disposing of junk and debris, we go to great lengths to take care of it for you.

junk removal service recycling

Finding Commercial Junk Removal Services in the Greater Dayton Area

Junk King Dayton can provide your business with our safe, efficient, and affordable commercial junk removal services. 

You can get your place of business clear of piled-up equipment, junk, and other debris with just one call to Junk King Dayton. Are you in the midst of a major cleaning project? That’s great! Do you have piles of office junk and debris? No problem!  When you’re ready for us to pick it up, simply give us a call.

And you can rest assured that all your junk will still be processed for anything that can be reused or repurposed, and everything else will be disposed of at a proper recycling facility to help protect our ecosystem.

In addition to commercial junk, you should know that Junk King Dayton offers a variety of other equally efficient, eco-friendly, and touchless junk removal services. And, if you need to load your own debris and junk, we offer a great self-service dumpster rental option.

No matter what the reason or what type of junk, you don’t need to worry about how to get it removed and disposed of.

If you decide to simply call to have us do it for you instead, you can be assured that our friendly and experienced junk removal team will quickly and safely remove and haul off any types of junk you have (except hazardous waste.)

Our professional and insured junk disposal team will come to your home or place of work and we will call 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive. We take almost anything (except hazardous waste!) and our crews are fully licensed, insured and well trained. That means that our junk hauling professionals get the job done efficiently, professionally, and quickly. And we even clean up when the job is complete.

Ready to get rid of your business junk? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

You can book an appointment by clicking online above or by calling 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).

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The Easy Approach For Junk Hauling Is Junk King

What has been the most challenging repair that you had to make around your house? The older the home, the more likely it is that at some point you will need to replace the roof or plumbing. Hopefully, that won’t happen for a long time. If it has, then you can appreciate what it takes to handle that type of repair. It can also be the standard for what you consider to be easy or difficult when it comes to household maintenance. Changing a lightbulb is easy. Cleaning out the rain gutters is more difficult.  Of course, there are some jobs that can be made easy by bringing in the right kind of help. That is certainly true when it comes to junk hauling. This is the kind of work that the crew from Junk King Dayton always makes easy for you.

First You Decide

Before setting up your appointment with Junk King, you will want to decide exactly what you want to get rid of. There might be some obvious objects that have been taking up way too much space in your home. There doesn’t have to be any restrictions on the locations of those objects. If you need something brought up from down in the basement, then the crew from Junk King will accommodate that. The size, weight and location of any object in your house won’t be an obstacle for the team from Junk King. They have experience removing items from all kinds of environments. Nothing you asked them to do will be a surprise!

Junk King makes junk hauling easy when it comes to the disposal of your items as well. Obviously, you won’t be any part of that. Once the Junk King truck is loaded and pulls away from your home the work is done as far as you are concerned. For Junk King, there might need to be drop-offs at a charity or recycling center. This is part of their complete service and happens automatically with every removal session.

When you need junk hauled away from your home, let Junk King Dayton make it easy for you. Book your session today.

Old Stove Disposal Is Easy With Junk King

An old stove is one of those things that once it is replaced you have no other use for it. It’s not like an old sofa or recliner that you can put into another room. There is no room for a stove other than the kitchen. And unless you are a professional chef with a home baking business you probably don’t need to stoves! That is why it is important to take care of your old stove disposal as quickly as possible. That is something that is easily taken care of with one call to Junk King Dayton.

Swift Removal

Once you have made the determination that you want to get rid of old stove you will probably want to schedule that for as close to the delivery of the new stove as possible. You can wait a day or two without a stove but you certainly don’t want to stoves crammed into the kitchen! You can set up your session with Junk King on a specific day and two-hour window within that day works best for your calendar. Just know that when you call into Junk King to set up that appointment you might also be offered the same day pickup. You don’t have to take advantage of the but it is nice to know that Junk King works hard to get rid of your unwanted items as swiftly as possible.

The Junk King crew who will be removing your old stove will find a place for it on the back of the truck. It is a safe bet there will be plenty of room left over the truck for a lot more stuff. This is your opportunity to get rid of all the unwanted items from your home in a single session. That includes anything that you might have down the basement that you want brought up and out of the house. All you have to do is point to what you want removed and the Junk King crew will pick it all up right on the spot.

Old stove removal doesn’t have to be complicated. It is easy when you give the job to Junk King Dayton.

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