Can You Motivate Your Family To Clean? Yes!

Anyone who gets a surprise call from a friend who says they’d like to “drop by” goes into a cleaning panic. The rush is on to quickly clear out the clutter and do a fast vacuum. Hopefully, the bathroom isn’t in too bad of a shape either. If family members are around, then they can be recruited into the fast cleanup. Of course, there wouldn’t be a need for a panic cleanup if things were already clean. To make that happen, you’ll need to motivate your family to clean. Here’s how to get it done:


Be a Good Example

By their very definition, parents lead by example. Your kid will always follow your lead and that includes with cleaning. It’s not just about keeping the kitchen clean but also you’re bedroom and bathroom. If not, then you can expect a retort along the lines of, “Why should I clean my bedroom if you’re not cleaning yours?”

Don’t Micromanage

If you have teens pitching in with the cleaning, then you don’t want to micromanage them. Give them their assignments and a deadline. Then let them carry it out. Yes, when they say the job is done you can inspect and correct but if you’re going to stand over them and watch their every move, then they’ll be asking you why aren’t you doing the cleaning.

Don’t Get Angry

There will be many times when you request something gets done and it doesn’t happen. Then you ask again. Still nothing. Now the anger is building. That is what you want to keep in check. Failure to clean should have consequences. If your teen has a list of chores tied to their allowance and the jobs don’t get done, then no allowance. The goal is to be consistent. Don’t withhold one week and then give in the next.

Start Junk Free

It will also help motivate your family to clean if they can see what a junk free house looks like. Holding onto old clothes, computers, DVD players and television sets adds to the clutter of a home. All of that needs to be hauled away in order for your cleaning to start fresh. You can turn that hauling task over to Junk King Dayton. This is a professional junk removal company that has been helping Dayton residents get rid of rubbish for a long time. They know what they’re doing. Get your family excited about cleaning by starting with junk clearing from Junk King Dayton. Make it happen today.

Dependable Junk Removal In Oakwood

Recently, a grain silo collapsed north of Oakwood in New Carlisle. The collapse spilled 10,000 tons of corn onto Ohio 571. It was a tidal wave of corn that forced roads to close for several days. Several power lines will knocked over by the force of the tumbling corn and cause outages throughout the community. Local residents describe a loud sound like thunder, lots of rumbling and then the lights went out. The Ohio Department of Transportation quickly dispatched crews to handle the cleanup efforts.


What’s the biggest mess you ever had to clean up around your home? Was your basement ever flooder? Did a tree topple in your backyard? When one of those messes happen, it helps to get some assistance with the cleanup. Here in Oakwood, that assistance can come from Junk King Dayton. This is a dependable junk removal company that is standing by to provide a quick response to any type of cleanup emergency.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for disaster to strike for Junk King to spring into action. You could simply be ready to toss out that old sofa down in the basement or get rid of the bedroom set up in the attic. Those are perfect tasks to turn over to Junk King. They’re going to assign you a team of movers that will have no trouble lifting and loading anything you want taken away. Everything that came into your home by two movers needs to go out the same way.

As the crew loads up their truck with your stuff, they’re going to look out for all those things that can be dropped off at a recycling center or charity. Often those places will take in things regardless of their condition. That means you don’t have to do the sorting. Leave it to Junk King.

As long as Junk King is clearing clutter from your home, you can also put them to work around the front and backyard. This is a terrific opportunity to get rid of all kinds of yard debris. You’re going to like how your Oakwood home looks when Junk King Dayton gets down with their cleanup.

The Best Junk Removal Service For Your Bucks

Have you heard the saying, “You get what you pay for?” That usually crops up when you find something for free that breaks down. Or you pay a neighbor to fix your car and they end up making the problem worse. That is not to say that you shouldn’t look for bargains. There are many companies who are happy to offer deep discounts to get your business. For any type of home service, you have to weigh the option: Is this something you can put off or is it worth spending money to get the job done right. A perfect example is junk removal.


The city does provide garbage collection but that isn’t for free. They might take care of a single bulk item pick up once a year. How practical is that? Plus, do you only have one thing to get rid of? This is where Junk King Dayton comes into play. This is a junk removal company that has been in business since 2005. You might have seen the red Junk King trucks making their rounds throughout Dayton. They’re always on the job and that job involves providing exceptional junk removal service.

Remember when you had a team of movers bringing all your stuff into the new house? Junk King will provide a team to take out the things you want gone. You don’t have to bring anything down to the street. There also isn’t a limit to how much stuff you can get rid of. That truck will be big enough to hold a lot of furniture, appliances and other household goods. The Junk King team would like nothing more than to fill it up.

What about the cost? If you were to hire your own moving crew, then you would have to pay them for their time. That would include the lifting and loading work they do at the house and the time it takes to get rid of your stuff. With Junk King, all the labor and transportation is covered in a flat fee. That fee is always based on how the crew packs up the truck. It doesn’t matter how heavy something might be. That will matter a lot when you want to clear out construction waste or yard debris. Add it all up and it’s clear that the best junk removal bargain in town is Junk King Dayton. Put them to work and see for yourself.

Good Advice For Switching From Crib To Toddler Bed

As much as you like to keep your little one in their crib, it won’t be long before they start to outgrow that bed. Usually around three they’ll be moving in that direction. Making the switch from crib to toddler bed is certainly a big move. Here is some good advice that can help with the transition:


Make It the Right Time

The switch to a toddler bed is a big move on many levels. This is something that your child needs to focus on, as there will be new rules and boundaries. Given that, it’s a good idea to make it the right time for the switch. If they’re already processing other things like the arrival of a new sibling, a new school or potty training, then they might just have too much on their plate. Wait until there is a stretch of time when they’ re in between other big changes.

Consider a Convertible

You could opt for a convertible crib that turns into a toddler bed. This is like having two bed options in one. But it might make the change less drastic.

Read About the Bed

By now, you’ve no doubt discovered your kid is a sponge. They take everything in and have thousands of questions about it all. A lot of their information comes from the books you share with them. Those stories can be used as tools to point out how a little boy or girl are going through the exact same experience and it is all working out.

Get Your Child Involved

A fun trick to get a child to eat veggies is to get them to help make them. They own it then. You can apply that same principle to the toddler bed. Let them pick out sheets and bedding. That can also have a voice in picking the bed. Of course, you’ll steer them to the already approved options but if they feel like this is really their bed, then they’ll make the adjustment a lot quicker.

Re-evaluate Childproofing

There is an expectation of safety with a child sleeping in a crib. Simply put: They aren’t going anywhere. The toddler bed allows for more freedom. With that comes the potential to late night exploration. This is why you want to think about safety gates on stairs, locks on windows and doors that are out of reach. You could also secure their own door to restrict access out at night.

You switching to the toddler bed might also mean rearranging furniture or getting rid of it all together. That is easily taken care of with a call to Junk King Dayton. They’ll dispatch a team of movers who can quickly remove all those unwanted furniture pieces. But they won’t be getting trash. Junk King will strive to get them dropped off at a charity. Bring in Junk King Dayton today to help clear the way for your toddler bed.

Add These New Year’s Resolutions To Your List

Every New Year provides an opportunity to start over. Your choice for New Year’s resolutions set up your goals for the coming year. Those goals can be a big stretch or small steps toward improving the way you life. Have you worked out your New Year’s resolutions? Consider adding some of these resolutions to your list:


Walk More

Next to swimming, walking is the perfect exercise. It engages a lot of muscle groups including your cardio. It’s also low impact, which means you shouldn’t wake up the next day aching all over. The key is to start slow and build up. Start with a twenty-minute walk every other day for two weeks. Then take that up to thirty minutes. If you stopped there, then you would be getting the recommended exercise but you can always go further.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Yes, it is true, breakfast is the most important meal of the day but do you know why? It’s not just about giving you energy to take on the rest of the day but it’s also about firing up your metabolism. This is how you burn fat. When your metabolism is kicked into gear, your body pulls on fat cells for fuel. These disappear and you lose weight. Simple but you’ve got to eat healthy.

Cut Back On Fast Food

Speaking of eating healthy, you might want to dial back your fast food consumption. How many times a week do you hit a drive-thru? If it is more than once, then you need to start planning for alternatives. You’ll always eat healthier when you pack your own lunch. A “once in awhile” treat for fast food works. It is breaking the habit that will help you have a healthier lifestyle.

Validate More People

We probably say “thank you” a lot but perhaps for the New Year you can go one step further. Mention to that person that you’re thanking just how they’ve made things better for you in that moment. If they were a big help, then let them know. If you sense they’re having a rough day, then let them know they’re appreciated. They’ll feel great and so will you.

Remove Clutter

A lot of these resolutions are centered on removing clutter in terms of what you’re eating and how you approach people but there is actual clutter that you can also remove. This is where you might need help from Junk King Dayton. These are the professional junk haulers who never have never come across a pile of clutter they couldn’t clear away. Removing unwanted furniture, clothing and other household items is going to transform your living space for the good. Put a decluttering session with Junk King Dayton on the top of your New Year’s resolutions list. You’ll be glad you did.

Are You Ready For A Home Appraisal?

An appraisal is required if you plan on putting your home up for sale or are refinancing your mortgage. It could also just be important information to have. After all, the price you paid for your home is probably a lot different from its current value. That can be good or bad. Before the professional appraiser shows up, you’ll want to make sure you’re ready.


Introduce the Neighborhood

You should ask if your appraiser lives within a ten-mile radius of your home. If not, then there is a lot about the neighborhood that they won’t know about. Nearby schools, churches, restaurants and shops are the kinds of things that can actually add value to your home. The same can be said for access to public transportation or freeway access. Just because you don’t have kids in school or cook at home doesn’t mean a potential buyer won’t care about those things.

Provide Comparables

To a certain degree a home is as valuable as the homes around it. What homes are selling for in your surrounding area will have a major impact on the value of your property. It will help to show the appraiser comparable prices from those surrounding homes. These are easy to find on many real estate sites like Zillow or Trulia.

List Improvements

Your appraiser won’t know by looking at your roof if you had it replaced 5 years or 10 years ago. That is an important number to distinguish for your appraisal. All the minor and major improvements you’ve made around the house should be compiled together in a list. Don’t hold anything back.

Make Sure Your Home Is Clean

You always want to put your home in a positive light for an appraisal. A good cleaning is a positive first step but this is also the time to get rid of all your rubbish. You need to show the closets are spacious and that will be mean clearing out clutter. The same holds true for your garage, attic and basement. This is when you need to hire Junk King Dayton. One session is all it will take to have your home clear of clutter. A two-man moving crew is going to do all the work for you. That includes climbing stairs and moving the heavy stuff. If you want to add value for your home appraisal, then turn all your junk over to Junk King Dayton today.

Get Rid Of Winter Rubbish Fast

Is amazing how much work we will do in the coming weeks just so that we can have a few days off to relax and spend time with the family. Before you can enjoy your holidays, you need to get the home ready. And that means getting rid of winter rubbish. The fastest approach to that type of job is to bring in help from Junk King Dayton.


What classifies as winter rubbish? Start with all the things that normally come out in the winter but that you no longer using. They could be all kinds of heavy coats, mittens, boots, hats, scarves, sweaters and other bulky clothing items that once kept you warm but now you’re in different to. Whether they’re just not your style or fit there’s no reason to hold onto clothing that you no longer going to wear. You might feel guilty about throwing all that stuff into the trash and you should. But it won’t end up in the trash if you hire Junk King Dayton. They’ll make sure that stuff gets dropped off at an area charity. That way it can be put to use by someone in need. It really is the best way to get rid of your old clothing.

Of course, winter rubbish isn’t just things you find in your closet. They could be a lot of rubbish down the basement or out of the garage that you’d like to get rid of. Maybe you have a broken snowblower that’s taking up space in the shelf. You definitely need to get rid of that if it’s being replaced this Christmas. There could also be all kinds of winter sporting equipment that your kids have outgrown that you want to toss out. Does an old snow boot or snowboard really have a lot of sentimental value?

Working with Junk King Dayton really means you’re working with a pair of movers who have a lot of experience lifting all kinds of heavy and bulky objects. This is a crew that is 100% professional and always shows up with a positive attitude. If you want to get rid of your winter rubbish fast, then Junk King Dayton is the only way to go.

Interesting Recycling Facts

Recycling happens every day in households, schools and businesses all across the country. Basic recycling involves separating plastic, paper and aluminum from the rest of your garbage and putting it into a designated bin. Super simple. But there is a lot more going on with recycling than just those few items you separate each day. Here are some interesting recycling facts to fill in the “big picture.”


Just how much trash do you create each day? Estimates put that number at 4 pounds per person each day. Add it up and that comes to 1.5 tons each year. A family of four, then makes over 5 tons of garbage. That’s a lot of garbage for one household. In fact, when you combine everyone’s garbage in the country, it comes out to over 200 million tons or enough to fill an entire football stadium.

The Environmental Protection Agency has estimated that 75% of all the stuff we generate as trash can be recycled. Sadly, we only recycle about 30% of that. That includes food waste. Collectively we throw out 21.5 million tons of food waste each year. If that were turned into compost, then it would help reduce greenhouse gases. How much? It would be the same as taking 2 million cars off the road.

Recycling is related to energy efficiency. The more we recycle, the less energy we expend making new things. For instance, recycling just one soda can saves enough energy to listen to a full album on your Smartphone. Recycle 100 cans and you can light your bedroom for two whole weeks.

There is also value in recycling. The 36 billion aluminum cans that ended up in a landfill last year could have been turned into $600 million in cash. We throw out another 28 billion bottles and jars every year. Imagine if you could cash those out. Those same glass jars could end up back on a store shelf in just under a month if they got recycled.

If all of these recycling facts are inspiring you to step up your recycling game, then Junk King Dayton is the perfect partner to work with. This is a professional junk hauling company that is dedicated to recycling the bulk of what they collect. You don’t have to decide what could be recycled or donate from your stuff. They Junk King crews have been trained to handle that. Make sure the junk you’re getting rid of is recycled with help from Junk King Dayton.

Remove Your Old Junk Before You Move To Your New Home

The first concern with any move is always boxes. Where are you going to get all the boxes you need to pack up everything you own? A simple approach is to buy the boxes you need from a moving store. Although efficient, that can be a very expensive proposition. A viable option would be to go to nearby grocery and liquor stores. They will have an endless supply of boxes. You might even be able to find free boxes on Craigslist from all folks who have just completed their own move. Once the boxes are secure, you can begin packing.


Ideally, you should try to pack a little each day leading up to the big move day. The more you can get done before that big move day, the better off you will be. One thing you should be aware of when packing is all the junk you’ve collected over the years. There could be a lot of things in your closets, cabinets and drawers that you’ll never use again. Why would you bring that to your new home? Why waste a box on stuff you might end up throwing out? This is where hiring Junk King Dayton comes into play.

A few days before your move, you can schedule a junk removal session with Junk King Dayton. They’ll send over a team of movers and a truck big enough to hold whatever you want to get rid of. It might not just be unwanted clutter from cabinets. You might decide you don’t need that old futon. You could be replacing your bedroom set or swapping out a sofa. All of those big items should definitely be kept off the moving truck. Imagine being force to make a second trip on moving day because you’re moving furniture that you’re not even going to keep. That is not a smart move! Instead, Junk King Dayton can take it all away in a single session.

Everything that you turn over to Junk King Dayton also will have the opportunity for a new lease on life. That’s because Junk King would much rather donate than dump. Junk King Dayton can make sure you don’t move old junk into your new home.

How To Handle Big Appliance Recycling

Throughout the year, you may stumble across an organization that is holding an electronic waste drop-off day. This is an opportunity for you to get rid of things like old DVD players and computers. Of course, it means you loading up that stuff in your car, driving to the drop-off destination and turning it over. It works great if that drop-off is close to your home and open when you’re available. These kinds of drop-offs certainly don’t work for something like a big appliance such as a stove or refrigerator. The best way to handle big appliance recycling is to bring in outside help like Junk King Dayton.


One of the first things the Junk King Dayton did when they began collecting junk set up partnerships with the various recycling facilities and charities located throughout the area. The crews from Junk King Dayton know at any given time what these facilities are looking for. Some of the charities hire residents refurbish appliances. If an appliance is beyond repair, then there’s still a possibility for it to be recycled. That would require a drop-off at a specific facility that certified for that type of work. Whether they dropping off at a charity or recycling center, Junk King Dayton is happy to go the extra mile.

Junk King also provides you with the perfect moving crew to handle this type of work. It probably took at least two movers to bring in those big appliances. That means it’ll take two movers to bring them out again. Your old refrigerator, washer machine or dishwasher will take up a lot of room on the Junk King truck. That means they’ll be plenty of other space open for the rest of your unwanted clutter. Take full advantage of those two movers by having them load up your unwanted furniture, clothing and other household goods. And yes, they can also take away those electronics and get them recycled as well!

As for cost, you’ll find that Junk King offers a very fair and reasonable pricing policy. That policy is based on how your fill up that truck. You never be charged by how much something weighs. Getting junk removed and taking care of big appliance recycling is very easy when that job is given to Junk King Dayton.

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