Junk King Dayton Helps Make Room For Your New Stuff

If you were to write out an itemized list of all the items in your home for an after Christmas it’s clear the “after” list would be much longer. Take it is a whole all the presents that fit under the Christmas tree probably wouldn’t take up a lot of space in your home. But when you collectively start to add up years of stuff coming into the house, it becomes clear that storage is at a premium. This is why you should consider hiring Junk King Dayton in the New Year. One call to these junk removal professionals will help you clear out plenty of space for all your new stuff.


One of the most common things to get replaced at Christmas time are electronics. You might have brought in a new flatscreen TV, laptop computer, monitor, Blu-ray player or home theater system. Those are all fun things to play around with but it also means you now got a stack of electronic gear that’s been replaced. That is really no reason to hang onto those things and to get rid of them they need to be recycled at a certified facility. Junk King Dayton can ensure that all your e-waste will be dropped off at one of those facilities. That’s one less thing you have to deal with in the coming year.

As you go to put away your new Christmas outfits you might become frustrated at all the stuff you have in your closet. This is another way that Junk King Dayton can be a huge benefit. Once you sort through all the clothing you have in the closet and decide what you never going to wear again that can become donations to charity. Junk King Dayton makes drop offs to charities every week of the stuff that they collect. They don’t like to see anything end up in a landfill that could still be used again.

All of this hard work is going to be covered in a flat fee that based upon how tightly the crew will pack all your stuff onto the back of the truck. The less space they use the lower price you’ll pay. If you’re ready to make room for your new stuff, then give all your old stuff to Junk King Dayton.

Junk King Dayton Helps You Make More Room In The New Year

The most favorite time of year for a gym owner is January. That’s because everyone who’s made a resolution to get into better shape will be rushing to sign up for a membership. Unfortunately, many of those same people drop out of those memberships after couple of months. Time gets the better of them. It is also disappointing not to be able to fulfill a resolution. However, there is one resolution you can take care of with help from Junk King Dayton. That would be the resolution of getting rid of all the clutter around your home.

Clutter comes in many forms. It could be things that are dropped between the door and the living room like shoes, coats, scarves and gloves. You’re obviously going to hang onto all of that. But they can also be clutter in the form of worn out furniture down in the basement or outfits in your closet that you never going to wear again. There could be old tennis rackets, exercise equipment, DVD players and desktop computers that have all been replaced or stop being used. That would all qualify as clutter. Now think about how much space you would have left over if all that junk were removed. That can happen with one call to Junk King Dayton.


If you had to guess, how much stuff do you think you could fill up on the back of the Junk King Dayton truck? Would it take up half the truck or just a third? The answer that question will be the deciding factor to how much you’ll be paying for your junk removal task. This is an estimate that will be put in writing by the Junk King Dayton crew once they’ve had a chance to size up all your stuff. Because they are such expert packers you can bet you’ll be getting a great deal every time.

Also included in that great deal will be a responsible disposal of your stuff. In this case, “responsible” means dropping it off at a recycling center or charity. It will do anyone any good rotting away in a landfill. Junk King Dayton is determined to avoid landfills at all costs. If you’re ready to make more room in your home, then Junk King Dayton is ready to lend a hand or two!

Depend On Junk King Dayton For Efficient Office Equipment Removal

What kind of changes are coming your way for your business in the next year? That is the thought that is on the mind of every company boss. Although there may be uncertainty with new laws and tax reforms one thing you can control is how efficient workspace is. That starts with taking care of outdated office equipment removal. This is easily handled with one call to Junk King Dayton.


Because you are renting your office space, you are limited with just how much storage area you have access to. Do you really want to have it taken up with equipment that is either broken or has been replaced? It might seem like a waste to toss out those items but what are your options? If you don’t find them a value, then no one else will either. It is better to turn it over to Junk King Dayton for proper disposal. That disposal often means dropping off at a certified recycling center. This is a great way to your company’s carbon footprint without exerting a lot of effort on your part.

If you schedule your appointment with Junk King Dayton online, then can benefit from a $30 discount right off the top. Most junk removal tasks are completed within 24 hours of that first contact. However, if it works better for you to schedule out your junk removal session for the weekend then Junk King Dayton can certainly accommodate that.

Even though you might be focused on removing a big copier or some old fax machines why Junk King Dayton can take away all the rest of your unwanted office clutter. They can haul off furniture, file boxes or promotional materials. It can all go on to the truck. How much space your junk will take up on the truck will determine how you’ll pay for the service. The Junk King crew will provide you with a written estimate before the work begins. That estimate is always based on volume and not weight. You’ll never be charged by the pound when you hire Junk King Dayton and that can make a huge difference for your bottom line. Get rid of your unwanted office equipment with one call to Junk King Dayton today.

Call On Junk King Dayton To Help Get Rid Of Old Power Tools

Sometimes it is very hard to say goodbye to old power tools. These objects have served you well over the years and helped you make many repairs around the house. But like every other piece of equipment or appliance, your power tools aren’t destined to last a lifetime. The good news is that this is the perfect time of year to get rid of those old tools. If someone asked you what you would like your Christmas present, then you can point to the empty space where your power tool used to live. Throwing out an old drill or wrench is easy but when you move up to the bigger things like a snowblower, lawnmower or table saw then you need to bring in the big guns Junk King Dayton. You should definitely turn your old power tools and the rest of your clutter over to these junk removal experts.


Most power tools live in a garage. As you clear out those old tools, you probably have a few more things you could clear out. That might be some old sporting equipment or spare auto-parts. They could be things left over from a remodeling job. This is the kind of clutter that stops you from getting organized. It can also be quickly removed with the help of Junk King Dayton.

When you set up an appointment with Junk King Dayton for junk removal session, you will be put in charge of a two-man moving crew. This is the team is going to do all the actual work of clearing out your clutter. That means of climb any steps and lift any heavy object. You’ll be amazed how quickly these teams can work to get rid of all the stuff you want to toss out whether that’s upstairs or downstairs.

Everything that gets collected by Junk King Dayton will also have the opportunity to be repurposed. The bulk of what is hauled away will often find its way to a local charity. Junk King Dayton has developed terrific partnerships with these organizations and knows what they’re looking for at any given time. The crews have been trained to spot those items and make sure they end up at the right place. Nothing goes to waste with Junk King Dayton. Say goodbye to all your old power tools and clutter by saying hello to Junk King Dayton.

Junk King Dayton Customers Serve Up More Rave Reviews

There are many companies that will spend a small fortune on television advertisement. Placing a 60-second spot during a popular show can run several hundred thousand if not a million dollars. When you get into the Super Bowl TV spots, the prices are astronomical. Of course, if you’re already doing a great job and your customers are happy to share their experiences, then that’s better than any fancy television commercial. Junk King Dayton certainly has a loyal following and that is how they quickly became the area’s number one professional junk removal service. Here is a small sampling of what some of the happy customers have to say about Junk King Dayton:


“We had an entertainment center for pick up that was extremely heavy. The two young men that came to the house could not have been nicer, more polite or more considerate! I would most definitely recommend your company!” – L.M.

Junk King Dayton really doesn’t care how heavy something is. All they care about is that you want it gone. Sometimes objects like an entertainment center or furniture set will have to be taken apart before it can get down the stairs and out the door. The crews working for Junk King Dayton have plenty of experience with these types of junk removal tasks. You’ll be amazed at how quickly they can get your stuff out of your house!

“Reps called in advance to let me know they were on their way. Price was fair and reps were very courteous and professional.” – Paul T.

Junk King Dayton’s pricing policy is based upon volume. It’s a flat fee that covers all the labor, transportation and drop off. You’ll know that price when you before the work begins. It’s also fee that’s not to change.

“The owner was very concerned about our service time and made every effort to accommodate us. The men who picked up our refrigerator were friendly and very helpful. We will definitely call them again when we are needing them again. We also like the fact that metal “junk” is recycled.” – R.B.

“Extremely fast service, professional employees and an all around great experience!” – S.G.

That is the best way to sum up a junk removal session with Junk King Dayton. You won’t have to live with clutter when Junk King Dayton is on the job!

Does Your House Look Haunted? Junk King Dayton Can Fix That

You remember how your house looked when you first moved in? It was clean, open and full of possibilities. Remember how you solve things in those empty rooms before your furniture came in? You visualize exactly where you put the sofa and television. Of course, over the ensuing years your house filled up with all kinds of stuff. The vast majority of things you have in your home you put to good use but they can also be a lot of other stuff that is either broken, worn out or you simply will never use again. That also applies to your front and back yards. It’s easy for things to get piled up under a porch or on the side of the house and then forgotten. Unfortunately, that could make your house look a bit haunted. Getting rid of that stuff is an easy fix when you hire Junk King Dayton to remove all that unwanted rubbish.


Junk King Dayton is going to dispatch a very capable two-man moving crew to your property. This is the team that will be licensed, bonded and insured. Right out of the gate, that makes them totally professional and trustworthy. That level of worker assures that your property will be respected. Even the stuff that is loaded onto the truck is handled with care. That’s because a lot of what the Junk King Dayton crew is collecting from your home might end up being recycled or donated to a charity. If it still has low life left in it then Junk King Dayton will make sure it gets to the right facility.

Removing the items from around your yard could be rigorous work but it’s nothing that Junk King Dayton can accomplish. Because you’ll have two capable movers and a huge truck there is no end to what you can actually get rid of. It doesn’t matter how long something has been sitting on your property; if you want removed, all you have to do is point to it, and the team will take it away in a flash. Are you ready to transform your yards and home into a junk free zone? Then you’re ready for Junk King Dayton.

For Fast Appliance Removal And Junk Hauling Count On Junk King Dayton

Setting up an appointment with the cable, telephone or gas company can be excruciating. That’s because you always have to work around their schedule. Sometimes the first available appointment will be days away. That’s extremely difficult especially if you’re dealing with an issue that needs to be solved immediately. Then there is the waiting that you go through on the day of the scheduled appointment. Typically, those service companies ask you to set aside half of the day if not the whole day itself. Junk King Dayton learned from these experiences and that’s why they created a scheduling system that works around your time. Junk King Dayton also provides a “rapid response” for every junk removal session.


When you schedule a junk removal session with Junk King Dayton you will be asked to pick the day that works best for your calendar. That might be the following day or over the weekend. Some people need more time to sort through all the things they want to get rid of. The fact that you’ll be getting to capable movers and a big truck can certainly influence that final list. You don’t have to hesitate with regard to whether something is heavy or bulky. All you have to do is figure out what you’re going to do with the space once that thing is removed by Junk King Dayton.

Junk King Dayton only asked that you set aside a two-hour window for your junk removal session. It probably won’t take anywhere near two hours to load up all the things you want to get rid of. But that gives the crews plenty of time to get from one appointment to the next. If you call early enough in the day, then you might be able to benefit from a same-day pickup. All that means is that you need to know exactly what you want taken away and it can be gone by dinnertime!

After Junk King Dayton collects your old appliance and other unwanted rubbish they’re going to spend some time sorting through all that stuff and making drop offs at various recycling centers and charities. That is not something you need to worry about and it’s going to happen automatically. If you want fast appliance removal or junk hauling, then Junk King Dayton is the company to go with.

Backyard Ready For Winter? Junk King Dayton Can Help

One of the most important things you can do around your yard to make sure your home is ready for winter is to trim back your trees. If you notice any branches close to power lines or the roof of your home, then you should consider getting those cutback. All it would take is one powerful windstorm to damage your house or create a power blackout for the entire neighborhood. What happens when those tree limbs are cut down? That is a job for Junk King Dayton. These are the junk removal pros that can help you get your backyard ready for winter in no time at all.


The two-man crew assigned to your junk removal task might not be able to help with the actual cutting of the tree limbs. However, when it comes to loading up those branches and the rest of your yard waste this is something that Junk King Dayton excels at. There might be some of the things around your backyard that needs to be removed before winter sets in. Perhaps you noticed over the summer that the patio furniture has seen better days. Why let it get piled up with snow when it should be tossed out? The Junk King Dayton crews can quickly load all of that onto their truck with very little effort. The same can be said for old barbecue grills, lawnmowers, tires, engine parts and anything else that might be rusting away in your backyard.

Getting rid of all the debris and clutter also reduces the risk of pest infestation. It’s when the weather starts getting colder that these pass start looking for winter home. Let Junk King Dayton remove all the possibilities from them!

In addition to all the help that Junk King Dayton can provide getting your yard ready for winter they can also do some great work around the inside of the house. With the holidays fast approaching you might want to get that spare room ready for overnight guests. At the very least, you want to get your closets cleared out to make room for the Christmas presents! The best approach to getting your yard and home ready for winter is a junk removal session with Junk King Dayton.

Junk King Dayton Helps Your Home Stay Eco-Friendly

Once you get into the recycling habit around your home, it becomes a matter of routine. You don’t even think twice about separating your soda cans and water bottles. You know without even thinking that the papers, magazines and junk mail should all go into the recycling bin. This is the kind of program that the whole family gets involved with and it’s a great way to help protect the environment around Dayton. You might be doing other “green” activities around your home such as creating a compost pile and using energy efficient appliances. When it comes to junk removal, you can also stay eco-friendly as long as you hire Junk King Dayton. This is a company that is dedicated to a zero waste approach to junk disposal.


The core operating philosophy for Junk King Dayton is to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil we used to grow our crops. That means keeping as much junk out of landfills as possible. The only thing that junk does in a landfill is right away. Although great steps have been made in creating safe landfills it still not a place you want to put your junk. That is especially true with any kind of e-waste like a television, computer or printer. You especially don’t want to put an old refrigerator out there with all that Freon. When you turn all that junk over to Junk King Dayton they will ensure he gets dropped off at the right place and that will look nothing like a landfill!

The other way that Junk King Dayton promotes eco-friendly disposal is setting up a charity donation program. They have relationships with many such organizations around the area and know exactly what they’re looking for at any given time. This is where your old books, toys, shoes, clothing, furniture and other household goods can end up. All of those donated materials can have a huge impact on many families.

The eco-friendly disposal policy also extends to a lot of your yard waste. Junk King Dayton can find places to recycle concrete, bricks and even dirt. Get rid of all your junk the eco-friendly way by turning it over to Junk King Dayton.

Don’t Struggle With DIY Junk Removal. Let Junk King Dayton Handle The Job

There many DIY projects around your house that you can handle by yourself. These usually involve minor repairs and don’t take up much time. It’s when you move on to a bigger job like junk removal that you might have to ask for help from a friend. This is when you discover how quickly people get “busy.” The only sure way to help clear out heavy objects from your home is if somebody is paying you back for the same thing you did for them. Otherwise, they’ll come up with all kinds of excuses to get out of that kind of grueling work. Even if you were to find help from a friend, you still have to contend with renting a big truck and devoting a large portion of your day off to accomplish the junk will task. The other approach would be to hire Junk King Dayton and let them do the job from start to finish. That is really the only hassle free way to take care of junk.


You’ll never have to feel guilty about asking the crew from Junk King Dayton to lift something heavy. This is what they do all day long. They won’t have a problem bringing something like a sofa down from upstairs or dresser up from the basement. They also won’t have any issue taking apart a piece of furniture that needs to be dismantled before can go out the door. Once this crew arrives at your home they are under your supervision. No removal task is too big or too small for them to handle.

The duration of the junk removal job will last as long as it takes for the crew to load up all your stuff. Once they drive off you can get back to your day. However, their work will be far from over. It might take them another hour or two to drop everything off at various recycling centers or charities. That could be the same drop offs you would’ve made as part of your DIY job but isn’t it nice to turn that over to someone else? When it comes to fast and affordable junk removal, you should always leave it to the pros at Junk King Dayton.

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