Amazing Camping Tips Improve Your Vacation Outdoors

There are many terrific spots around Dayton for camping. If your family has already enjoyed camping for their summer vacation, then adding these camping tips are going to be a big bonus. It’s the little things you do that can make all the difference. Consider adding these to your camping list:


Have Three Coolers

The best approach to your camp food is to have three coolers. One should be for perishable food, one for drinks and another one as a freezer. This is going to help keep things organized and allow your ice to last a lot longer. Your coolers should always be kept in the shade with a tarp or blanket over top. If you are camping in a national park where bears are an issue, then you might want to keep the coolers inside your car.

Ice Options

It might seem that filling up your coolers with a bag of ice is the best way to go when in fact that’s exactly because that is the kind of ice that melts fast. Crushed ice is good for the drink cooler but for your perishable foods, you might want to get a block of ice and pack your food around that. Another option would be to fill up an old plastic milk gallon with water and freeze that. This becomes a great ice block but also a terrific source of water once that ice melts.

Freezer Cooler

Your freezer cooler should act much like your freezer at home. This works especially well on camping trips that will last longer than three days. Before leaving for your trip, freeze the meats that you’re going to use for your meals and keep them in your freezer cooler. You might want to use dry ice for your freezer cooler. Having a freezer cooler also allows you to have ice cream and other frozen desserts.

Use Your Fire

Not only will you be cooking and keeping warm with your campfire but it is a good place to dispose of food scraps. It is much better to burn your food scraps then to bury them or put them in the trash. Those are two sure fire ways to attract bugs and other unwanted guests.

Replace Old Gear

Before you go out for your first camping trip, you want to inspect your camping gear. A lot could have changed since the last time you went camping. If you need to replace your tent, tarps, cooking gear or other items, then you’ll need to make room in your garage. One appointment with Junk King Dayton can have all your old camping gear cleared out in no time at all. These professional junk haulers can also remove all the rest of your unwanted clutter from your garage and basement. How great would be to come back from your camping vacation to a home it’s free of junk?

Enjoy your time outdoors with these terrific camping hacks.

What To Include In A Roommate Agreement

Having a roommate in your home or apartment is a lot different from having a roommate at college. That is especially true if you own the home or your name is on the apartment lease. The best way moving forward is to set up a roommate agreement. This is something you should present to any potential candidate before even considering them. If there’s anything that they don’t agree with, then this probably isn’t the best person for you to move in with. Here’s what you should include:


How The Bills Will Be Paid

It is not just splitting the rent that is a consideration with roommate but also all the other bills like electricity, water, cable and Internet. The fairest approach is to split everything right down the middle. With regard to the rent, you need to spell out very clearly when it is due. You shouldn’t ever have to be late and mess of things with your landlord.

How The Chores Will Be Split Up

Obviously, your roommate should clean up after their own mess in the kitchen but there are common areas that need to be tidied up as well. You can set up a schedule for vacuuming, dusting and cleaning the bathroom. This shouldn’t leave any room for “interpretation” when it comes to keeping the apartment clean.

Personal Space

Personal space is important whether you’re living with your family or with a roommate. In a roommate agreement, you should define exactly what your idea of personal space means. Again, this is only spelled-out if it is important to you. For instance, if you have a favorite mug that you don’t want to share, then that needs to be in the roommate agreement. You might also want to designate space in the kitchen and refrigerator for what they bring in.

Rules About Guests

Guests are going to be a part of your roommate’s life just as much as they will be part of your life. But sometimes those guests staying over can get out of hand when it looks like a new “friend” is taking up permanent residence. You might want to restrict the number of overnight stays in a month.

If you need help clearing out the bedroom or storage areas, then you can count on Junk King Dayton. These are professional junk haulers who have been helping homeowners and apartment tenants clear out unwanted clutter for over 10 years. They’ll send you a team of movers and a big truck to get the job done. This is all about creating a happy living environment for both you and your new roommate.

Get Your Room Ready For Paint With Junk Removal Help From Junk King Dayton

Painting a room with furniture in it means moving that furniture around. If the room is big enough, then you could gather that furniture into the center of the room and throw a tarp over it. The other option would be to take everything out of the room for even more space to paint. One thing you don’t want to do is to move clutter back and forth. Getting a room ready for paint is a perfect opportunity to call in Junk King Dayton. These are the junk removal pros who can make sure all your clutter is gone leaving you with a junk free home.


You ask it might discover what you want to get rid of until you try to move everything out of the room. Perhaps you realize that new paint job will clash with your old furniture. The two-man crew assigned Junk King Dayton will be able to easily lift and load any piece of furniture you want to get rid of including an old sofa, recliner, loveseat or futon. Don’t think that that furniture will necessarily end up at the landfill. Junk King Dayton a set up partnerships with many local charities. These organizations taken furniture and actually hire locals to re-upholster and repair. That way your furniture can find its way back into someone’s home and be put to use once again. That should make you feel good about getting rid of just about anything in your house!

Although your priority might be getting rid of the junk in the room your about to paint there’s no reason why Junk King Dayton can’t remove all the rest of your unwanted clutter in the same appointment. That includes anything that is down the basement or up in the attic. Stairs and never a problem for the Junk King Dayton team!

The cost for all this helpful hauling will be determined by the crew once they’ve had a chance to size everything up. They’ll estimate how much space your junk will fill on the back of the truck. That is the price that you’ll pay. You’ll never be charge by the pound. Make your paint job easy by getting rid of the clutter today with help from Junk King Dayton.

Get Help From Junk King Dayton To Take Down An Old Swing Set And Haul Away Rubbish

It is a simple fact that kids are going to outgrow everything. That is especially true for their clothes. Just think of all the outfits you bought for them since they were born. They also outgrow books, toys and backyard swing sets. You probably kept a few of those baby outfits for the sake of memories but when it comes to an old swing set do you really need to hold onto that? One call to Junk King Dayton can have it taken away in no time at all.


An old swing set falls in the category of “things you can’t throughout the trash.” That swing set has to be taken apart before can be loaded onto the truck. Depending on how it was put in your yard that might also need to have cement anchors pulled up. That is definitely a two-man operation and that is exactly what Junk King Dayton will provide for you. They removal teams have plenty of experience taking it down things like swing sets, above ground swimming pools and hot tubs.

The best part about having Junk King Dayton an old swing set is the space you’ll reclaim in your yard. That could be the perfect garden patch for some fresh vegetables. It could also be where a fire pit goes for cool evenings. This limit to what you can transform your backyard into once the unwanted items are removed. With Junk King Dayton on the job, you can also get rid of things like old tires, auto parts, patio furniture and broken lawnmowers.

Even though your focus is removing that old swing set there’s no reason why the Junk King Dayton crew can’t clear way all the rest of your unwanted rubbish in the same appointment. If you have a piece of furniture down the basement or broken appliances out the garage, then you can turn that over the Junk King Dayton as well.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised the price for this type of service. Junk King Dayton’s price policy is based on volume and not weight. That a make a huge difference especially for getting rid of big chunks of cement! Fast and affordable old swing set removal and junk hauling is just a phone call away. Make that call to Junk King Dayton today.

Get Rid Of Cardboard Boxes And Rubbish With Help From Junk King Dayton

The biggest day for cardboard boxes is December 26. That is the day all the Christmas presents have been open and you’re presented with a choice: keep the boxes or toss them out. Of course, thanks to the proliferation of Amazon deliveries you could find yourself with cardboard boxes piling up every week. At what point are you ready to get rid of all those cardboard boxes and the rest of your rubbish? When it hits the ceiling of your garage? Before that happens you might want to call in Junk King Dayton. These are the junk removal experts that can make all your cardboard box and rubbish troubles vanish.


You might think you don’t need to be an “expert” in order to remove junk. While it is true this is not as complicated a job as a rocket scientist might have but it still takes a level of professionalism to make sure it’s done right. After all, this is your home and it should be treated with respect. The two-man crew assigned by Junk King Dayton will certainly do that. This is a team that has a lot of experience moving all kinds of objects. Whether to bring something down from upstairs or up from the basement that can make sure your walls and floors are safe.

Knowing you have two workers and a big truck at your disposal can certainly impact the final list of things you want to get rid of. Junk King Dayton on the job just about anything goes. The only limitation they have is hazardous materials like propane or solvents. As for old furniture, appliances and other household goods that can all be piled onto the back of the Junk King Dayton truck.

Cost should always be a concern whenever you hire workers to do something around your home. The cost for the Junk King Dayton job will be a lot less than if you had to pay for it as a DIY project. The truck, the crew and all the drop-offs are included in a flat rate. This is a rate that will be based on how your stuff will be packed on the back of the truck. The Junk King Dayton crew likes to pack things up tight and that means you’ll be paying as little as possible. You’ll know this price before the work begins and it won’t change once the job is done. Get rid of those cardboard boxes and rubbish today with one call to Junk King Dayton. It’s a call you’ll be glad to make.

Junk King Dayton Helps Clear The Junk From The Attic

Every so often, you’ll find a story in the newspaper about someone discovering a treasure up in their attic. Usually, this is some long forgotten heirloom or antique that was left behind by a family member. Once appraised, this treasure is discovered to be extremely valuable. That begs the question, “what is up in your attic?” The longer your attic has become us storage unit for your family the greater chance there could be a treasure up there but that means sorting through a lot of potential junk and rubbish. If you’re eager to get rid of that junk, then leave it up in the attic and call Junk King Dayton.


Junk King Dayton is professional junk hauling service that makes removing items from an attic hassle free. They’re going to provide you with a two-man moving crew who has plenty of experience hauling heavy objects down flights of stairs. Even if your attic is accessible just by a pull down ladder, the Junk King Dayton crew will happily bring down what you want removed. Once all that junk is clear and you sorted through your “treasures,” you might find a way to put that space to more practical use. It can become a playroom for the children or a study. It can even be the spare bedroom you been looking for. And attic with exposed rafters can easily be converted with insulation and drywall. Why let a perfectly good go to waste? It doesn’t have to with help from Junk King Dayton.

Once the team from Junk King Dayton is done up in the attic they can set their sights on clearing out the junk for the rest of your house. It really doesn’t matter to this crew how heavy something is or whether it is considered oversized. They have experience handling all kinds of things from armoires to pianos. Best of all you won’t be charge by the weight for your item. Junk King Dayton’s pricing policies are based upon volume. It all comes down to how much space your stuff will occupy on the back of their truck. That’s a very fair way of pricing out this type of work. Get your attic and a home clear of clutter with one call to Junk King Dayton.


Junk King Dayton Helps Keep Your Business Clear Of Clutter

In order for a restaurant to be successful they have to keep updating the menu. That’s because people’s tastes are constantly changing. There are always new and exciting recipes to try out. Obviously, they will be some favorites that will be maintained but it’s vital that a restaurant stays current. It is equally important that the atmosphere of that restaurant is inviting. All it takes is a few spots on the silverware or grime on the floor to turn off a customer. Noticing dirt is a sure way to turn a customer off from their meal. Their next step usually is to post a negative review online. It’s hard to come back from those types of comments.


This is why your staff needs to dedicate time before and after every shift to make sure the restaurant is as spotless as possible. You could have a lot of clutter piled up in a storeroom, basement or parking lot that could also be a detriment restaurant. Those big things that can’t fit into a dumpster are hard to get rid of. At least they were before Junk King Dayton set up shop! One call to these professional junk haulers and you won’t have any trouble getting rid of all that unwanted rubbish.

Junk King Dayton makes getting rid of oversize clutter easy. First off, you won’t have to lift anything. Even though you might have been the one to put all that stuff into a storeroom you don’t have to take it out. Leave that for the two-man team from Junk King Dayton. This team will be showing up in a truck big enough to hold whatever it is you want to toss out. You’ll be amazed at how tightly they can pack up that truck with all your stuff. This is also how the going to determine your final price.

Junk King’s price scale is based strictly on volume. You never be charge by the pound with Junk King. That can make a huge difference to your bottom line. Before the crew begins loading the present you with an estimate for that fee. This price can include all the labor, transportation and drop-offs. It’s a great price for a great service. Hiring Junk King Dayton to clear the clutter from your business is a smart move. Make that move today!

Hiring Junk King Dayton Gives You The Time For Fun Around Town

Would you rather spend your day off prowling around the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force or cleaning out your garage? Would you rather take a tour at the Warped Wing Brewery or haul out old furniture from your basement? You could also spend the day at the Dayton Mall or organizing your closets. Obviously, those rubbish removal chores are just that… Chores. That puts them in the category of “things I avoid doing.” Procrastinating isn’t going to make them go away. However, one call to Junk King Dayton might help in a big way. These are the junk removal pros that never saw a pot of clutter they could make disappear.


How long have you been sitting with all that unwanted rubbish in your house? Maybe just a couple of months and you put the old recliner down in the basement. Your garage could have stuff in it left over from the last move. And there’s no telling what things you might find up in the attic that you can get rid of. All that stuff can be collected by the two-man crew assigned to you by Junk King Dayton. This team will be under your direct supervision for the duration of the session. That means they will climb many stairs lift any heavy object in order to clear it from your home. This is a team that is also licensed and insured. They will treat your walls and floors as if it were their own.

Cost is always a factor when you hire anyone to perform a service in your home. But you have to factor in what it would cost you to take on the job versus what you would pay for it. Junk King Dayton provides the crew, truck and time for disposal all for a flat fee. This is a fee that is based on volume and not how much something weighs. If you were to spend the money hiring at your own crew, renting your own truck and then giving up time to make the drop-offs it would be a much more expensive proposition than what Junk King Dayton whatever charge.

Let this be the weekend that Junk King Dayton clears out all your rubbish once and for all.

Hire Junk King Dayton For Dependable Apartment Clean Up

Planning a move into a new living space present you with the option to pack up your stuff or let movers pack it up. The problem with having movers pack your stuff is that it can become very costly especially if they’re charging you for boxes and packing material. The best way to get your stuff packed on your own is to do a little bit every day. You’ll have 30 days between the time you turn in your notice and when you have to move out. Packing up a couple boxes every day will have you ready to go long before the movers show up. It also helps for you to do your own packing so you can decide want to take with you and what you want to get rid of. Getting rid of the big stuff as part of your apartment clean up is easy when you hire Junk King Dayton.


If you can get rid of your unwanted items by cramming them into the apartment buildings dumpster, then go for it. However, if you are getting rid of things like furniture, big appliances and electronics, then you can’t put those in the dumpster. Those are all perfect items to turn over the Junk King Dayton. Just as you pay your movers to climb the stairs and haul away the heavy stuff you’ll also be benefiting from the two-man team from Junk King Dayton. This is a crew who has a lot of experience navigating stairs with a sofa! They can also make the judgment call if something needs to be taken apart for easy removal.

Unlike your professional movers who are charged by the hour, Junk King Dayton only charges by the volume. You’ll find a fee will be based on an estimate of how much room your stuff will fill on the back of the truck. The Junk King Dayton crews can take a look at all the things you want to throw out and pull that estimate together. They’ve got a lot of experience with packing up trucks and will always strive to use the least amount of space as possible. That means you’ll be paying the least amount as possible! Turn your apartment clean up chore over the Junk King Dayton and its one less thing to worry about.

Junk King Dayton Make Sure All Your Post-Holiday Clutter Is Gone For Good

It’s only been a couple weeks since Christmas but are you already looking forward to your next long weekend off? Hopefully, you had enough time between Christmas and New Year’s to get some kind of break so that you can start the New Year fresh. That would certainly help at your job and you can take the same approach with your living space. There still may be some lingering post holiday clutter that needs to be cleared out. This includes all the stuff you want to get rid of that won’t fit into a trashcan. If you decided that is time to say goodbye to an old sofa, a television that was upgraded or computers that were replaced, then it’s time to call Junk King Dayton.


Junk King Dayton is going to send over everything you need to take care of your decluttering project. That help is going to come in the form of a pair of very strong movers and a huge truck they’ll be rolling up in. It might not take people carry out boxes or bags of clothes from your closet. But you’re going to get those two workers either way. This is the team who has a lot of experience with handling bulky items as well. They won’t have a problem maneuvering a sofa down a flight of stairs or carrying out a piano.

Occasionally, the Junk King Dayton crews will come across a removal project that requires a little problem solving skills. For instance, a team once had to literally saw a hot tub in half in order to fit it onto the truck. Not every job is as drastic as that but there are some items that you’re getting rid of that might require being dismantled first. That won’t be a problem Junk King Dayton.

You shouldn’t be worried about what is going to happen with your junk once it has been piled onto the truck. This is not a company that likes going to landfills. Instead, they would prefer to drop off all your stuff at a charity or recycling center. You don’t have to make that request it’s going to happen automatically. The best approach new year is living in a home that is clutter free. Junk King Dayton can make that happen.

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