Old Air Conditioner Removal Is No Problem For Junk King

Walking around your neighborhood on the day after Christmas can give you a good indication of what everyone got for Christmas. You’ll usually see the big boxes for all the stuff out on the curb waiting to be picked up by the garbage crew. Technically, that’s not a good thing to do because you don’t want anyone to know what new gadgets you have in your home. Throughout the year, you might be able to tell what you neighbors are up to in terms of renovations in their house by what they’re putting out on the curb. You might find an old air conditioner unit on the curb but it probably won’t be picked up by the cities. That means it will become an eyesore. This can be avoided by calling in Junk King Dayton. These are the pro junk haulers who are in the best position to remove old air conditioners and all kinds of unwanted items from a home.


An old air conditioner is a lot like an old television. Neither one of those items should be dumped into a landfill. They’re both designated as a form of e-waste and have to be disposed of at a certified recycling center. That is exactly where Junk King will strive to make the drop off. Responsible disposal of collected junk has been Junk King’s way of doing business ever since they started collecting rubbish back in 2005.

You also don’t want to keep that old AC sitting around your house even if it is in the garage or down in the basement. Most of Junk King’s pickup sessions are completed within 24 hours. That means a call today could have your stuff cleared by tomorrow. If it works better to have those things picked up on the weekend, then Junk King can lock down that time for you, too. It is all about making things easy.

If you’re hiring Junk King to haul out an old AC, be sure to get rid of all the rest of your unwanted stuff in the same session. There will be plenty of room on the Junk King truck! Don’t get stuck with an old air conditioner and rubbish. Give it all to Junk King Dayton today.

Call On Junk King For Cardboard Box and Rubbish Cleanup Today

What do you have in your home or business that you’d like to get rid of today? One of the most common answers is unwanted furniture and cardboard boxes. It is understandable how difficult it might be to get rid of a recliner or loveseat. That’s not going into the trashcan. But cardboard boxes? They just have to be broken up and dumped in the recycling bin, right? Not if the cardboard box pile has reach epic proportions. When that happens, it is time to bring in outside help from Junk King Dayton. They can take care of a cardboard box pile and rubbish clean up with one call.


Before you make that call to Junk King, think about what works best for your schedule. Junk King is going to ask for a date and a two-hour window. That two-hour window allows the crews to make their way from one customer to the next. They will typically just spend under 30 minutes at any location. Loading up rubbish is fast work when you know what you’re doing. You can pick tomorrow for your session because most pickups are handled by the following day. Or you can pick the weekend if that works better. You might even be able to pick today. If the schedule permits, then Junk King will be happy to offer a same day pickup.

Don’t worry about breaking up the cardboard boxes or bringing furniture down from upstairs. The crew from Junk King can handle all of that. All you have to do is point to what you want taken away and it will be done.

Cardboard is a very popular material to recycle. Junk King knows that and already has a plan. They’ve partnered with many recycling facilities in the area and they’re happy to make that drop off. As for your old furniture, that could find its way to a charity. Are you ready to get rid of your cardboard box pile and the rest of your rubbish? Then turn that job over to Junk King Dayton today.

Tips For Better Back-To-School Habits

Every year, kids going back-to-school are given the chance to “start over.” It’s like beginning a new job or moving to a new neighborhood. You get the chance to reinvent yourself and put positive changes into effect. As parents, you get to set the tone for this fresh approach by improving some back-to-school habits. Here’s what you can implement starting today:


Encourage Participating In After-school Activities.

Not every student is going to be the star of the football team or the head cheerleader and there is nothing wrong with that. There are plenty of opportunities for kids to shine in many after-school activities. Depending on the age of your student, signing up for after-school activities might be a new concept for them but you can encourage their participation by making it easy with regard to pick ups and dinner schedules. There is great potential for the kids to flourish after school!

Prep the Night Before

At dinner time, there is one vital question that has to be asked: “What do you need for school tomorrow? Whatever the answer, there should be plenty of time before your kid goes to bed to get that ready. Whether it means washing a uniform, packing a back pack or making lunch, it should all happen the night before. Even picking out what they’re wear to school before bedtime is going to save a lot of scrambling in the morning.

Set Goals

For every student, there is room for improvement. Even those kids getting perfect grades might want to slow down and finds ways to have more fun. Before the school year, you should get with your kids and set goals for the months ahead. What areas do that need to focus on to achieve better grades? Where can they improve? It might help to right out those goals and see how close you are throughout the school year.

Set Up Friends Meeting

If your kid is going back to school with some old friends, then you should have those friends over for lunch or a pool party before school starts. This will allow that group to catch up on all the summer “gossip.” It will make a lot less chatter for that first day of school.

What Did They Learn

Asking what a child learned at school is another good topic for the dinner table. You’ll find that the younger the kid the more enthusiastic they are to answer. Don’t let the older kids fall into the habit of answering, “Nothing.” That is never true!

Rearrange Their Closet

Over the summer, you might have been a bit more relaxed when it came to having the kids clean their rooms but now is the time to start fresh and that begins with organizing shelves, closets and dressers. This is a project that might generate some grumbling but it has to be done. Once everything is sorted, you might have a lot of stuff to get rid of and that is when you want to bring in Junk King Dayton. It will only take one session with Junk King Dayton to get your kid’s room totally clear of clutter and that’s a great way to go back-to-school.

How To Spot Real Antiques

Did you know the biggest difference between a genuine Rolex watch and a fake? It’s the second hand. On a real Rolex, the second hand “sweeps” around the face instead of “ticking” off the seconds. When investing in antiques, nobody wants to feel like they’ve been ripped off buying something that isn’t genuine. It might be that the person selling the piece has no idea. That would happen if you’re shopping at a yard or estate sale. There are ways to spot a real deal antique. Here’s what to look for:


The Wood

Look under the piece or anywhere that wood is exposed to see if there are different types of wood blended together. Most genuine antiques would have this quality. Reproductions are all made from the same single piece.

Signs of Wear

You might not sit in on your antique furniture but when it was first made it was just furniture. That means it could have signs of wear from use. The arms of chairs would be a noticeable place for wear. The bottom of a dining room chair would also be worn down from sliding in and out of the table.

Cushion Stuffing

It wasn’t until the 1920’s when synthetic materials were used to stuff furniture upholstery. Any piece dated before that time would be stuffed with natural materials like horsehair or even hay.

Hand Carving

Before mass reproductions, furniture was made by hand. Any detail carvings wouldn’t be symmetrical. That’s a good thing. You can spot the craftmanship right away. A modern reproduction will have clean lines and carvings that are matched up because they were probably produced by a machine.


In addition to glue, older antiques used the mortise or tenon approach to assemble. Simply put that means slotting pieces together like a puzzle.

You can always go to a genuine antique store to look for some of these signs yourself. That’s good practice for when you go shopping. Before you bring your new treasures home, you’re going to want to make room for them. A session with Junk King Dayton can help with that. How many bulky and heavy objects would you like to get out of your house? Let Junk King Dayton clear out all your unwanted items to make room for the special antiques.

Dayton Junk Movers

The shortest distance between two points is a direct line. That might be true but when you’re carrying a heavy sofa, that direct line won’t seem so short at all! This is why you’ll find that every home has at least one piece of furniture that seems out of place. It either doesn’t match with anything else or it is so worn out that nobody wants to sit on it. Sometimes that unwanted piece is “stuck” in the middle of the family room. At other times it might be down in the basement. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make that item disappear? All you need are some dependable junk movers and you can find them with one call to Junk King Dayton.


The first thing you should know about the Junk King junk movers is that they’re licensed and insured. This makes them trustworthy and professional. Someone who comes to work for Junk King needs to have a positive attitude about the work they’re doing. You won’t find any of these junk movers grumbling about the heat or the amount of stairs that they have to climb. They want to make their customers happy and that begins and ends with a positive attitude.

Scheduling with Junk King can happen online or on the phone. When you book your session online, you be able to use a pricing estimator to find a range for your fee. This won’t be the final price because that will be determined by the Junk King crew when they get to look over all the things you want to get rid of in person. That will let them see how it will all fit on the truck. These junk movers have a lot of experience with packing up their truck and they know just what it will take to get your items into as little space as possible.

The work provided by the Junk King junk movers can also extend to your backyard. Just think of what they can provide when it comes to clearing away old planters, playground sets, fencing and grills. It will be like getting your old yard back! If you need your home clear of rubbish, then it is time to activate the junk movers from Junk King Dayton.

Make Your Home Free From Junk For The 4th of July

You can’t have the 4th of July without independence. This day is all about celebrating America’s declaration that they were a free and independent nation. It was a bold move that instantly meant each one of the signers of that declaration were guilty of treason against the British Crown. Every year since that declaration, America has celebrated their independence. It’s the one holiday we all get to share together. How will you celebrate your 4th this year? If you’re pulling out the stops to host a backyard BBQ, then you’ll want to enlist a little help from Junk King Dayton first.


Junk King Dayton is a professional junk hauling service that has been hauling away truckloads of unwanted furniture, appliances and household goods. They also help business clear out office equipment and other junk. This is the kind of work that can transform any space and provide much need open storage. But the Junk King teams don’t just work on the inside. They can do just as much hauling from the outside.

What are some of the things that Junk King can take from a backyard? Just think of all the things that can be put into a trashcan. Junk King can load up old patio furniture, hammocks, swing sets, planters, grills and lawnmowers. How many of those objects would you like to get rid of from your backyard?

Getting rid of the backyard rubbish can make room for your party set up. It can also clear the way to enjoy the rest of your summer in a yard that isn’t full of eyesores. As with all the stuff they collect from the inside of your home, the things Junk King removes from your yard also has a chance to be donated or recycled. The crews are always on the lookout for those items that can be repurposed. All of this happens automatically as part of the service.

Junk King also works fast. You can call for an appointment today and there’s a good chance your junk can be gone for good by tomorrow. Declare yourself free from junk this 4th of July with a little help from Junk King Dayton.

Take Care Of Your Old Trampoline Removal Today

Summer is officially here and that means a lot more time will be spent in the backyard. It’s time to give serious consideration to all the things you have out there that might need to be taken away. After several seasons in the sun, a lot of what we keep out in our yards becomes faded and in some cases, it breaks apart. Consider your old trampoline. When it was new, it was sturdy and safe. Now there might be signs of rust and the padding could be torn. This is no longer a fun thing to play with. Not to mention the fact that your kids might have outgrown the whole thing. The question then becomes, “How can you get rid of an old trampoline?” The answer is easy: Call Junk King Dayton.


Junk King specializes in the removal of bulky and oversized items. A trampoline would definitely fall into that category. It’s also the kind of item that needs to be taken apart before it can be loaded onto the truck. This is also something Junk King specializes in. It might be your first backyard trampoline but it certainly won’t be the first that Junk King has encountered!

Getting rid of that old trampoline will certainly clear a lot of space in your backyard but you don’t have to stop there. As long as you’re bringing out the crew from Junk King and their truck, why not load it up with all your unwanted yard rubbish. You can finally get rid of that old lawnmower and that pile of lumber. You can also toss out rusty patio furniture or any other playground things that your kids have outgrown. Now you’re really going to transform that backyard into a wonderful place to relax and entertain.

Setting up your appointment with Junk King is easy. Every appointment asks for a date and two-hour window within that day. If Junk King is taking down an old trampoline that might need a good portion of that two-hour window. But you won’t ever be charged extra for the labor. You’ll only be charged by the volume of your stuff on the truck and you’ll know this price before the work begins. The quickest way to handle an old trampoline removal and yard clearing is to give that job to Junk King Dayton.

Get The Rubbish Out Of Your Clayton Home Today

Anytime there is a fire in your neighborhood, you should always ask, “Is my home safe?” Recently a family was forced out of their Clayton home because of a garage fire. Fortunately, firefighters were able to knock out the fire before it spread to the rest of the house and no one was injured. Still, it will mean the family is displaced until repairs can get made. The cause of the fire is under investigation but a garage packed full of clutter doesn’t help matters. This should spurn you into action to finally get the rubbish out of your garage and the rest of your home. That can happen today with a call to Junk King Dayton.


When it comes to clearing rubbish out of garages, Junk King will literally back their truck up to the garage door and start loading. Your job is to decide what you want tossed out before the crew arrives. This might require you to do some sorting through boxes and other clutter but if you’re determined to get rid of stuff then creating “keep” and “trash” piles won’t be a problem.

As for how fast this can all happen, that is also up to you. You pick the day and two-hour window that works for your schedule. If you need that time to sort, then set a target for the weekend. If you’re ready to go, then Junk King might be able to pick up things today. At the very least, most rubbish removal sessions are handled within 24 hours. This is a company that likes to move fast.

Junk King can not only load up all the rubbish from your garage but also the rest of your house and around your yards. A lot of the stuff you’re getting rid of might still be in decent shape. Junk King will strive to get those kinds of items dropped off at nearby charities. That way nothing has to go to waste. It is a little extra work for Junk King but you won’t be charged for that. This is how they do things. When you’re ready to get the rubbish out of your Clayton home, then you’re ready to hire Junk King Dayton.

Give Dad A Break For Father’s Day And Hire Junk King

Dads really put in a long work week. After punching the clock at their job Monday through Friday, most dads will be devoting some portion of their weekend off to more work around the house. There is usually a list of things that need to be fixed or replaced. That requires trips to the hardware store and the time it takes to get the job done. They do all this hard work for one simple reason: That’s their job. This is why Father’s Day is so important. It’s the one day that your dad should be able to kick back and forget about that “to do” list. You can help him accomplish that this year by hiring Junk King Dayton for a session. This is going to make your dad really happy.

Pricing - Junk Removal and Hauling Services   Junk King

Junk King is the crew to call in for the big stuff. Anything you can fit into the trash you’ll throw out but you can squeeze in an old mattress or TV. These things take up space around the house making it feel like you’re being pushed out by all the junk. If your dad have to get rid of this stuff, then he might need to bring in some help, rent a truck and give up a big portion of his day off to load and dispose of that stuff. With Junk King on the job, your dad won’t even have to get up from his favorite chair. All he has to do is point to the things he wants taken away and Junk King will do the rest.

Setting up your appointment with Junk King can be handled online or over the phone. You’ll find that they like to take care of the assignments very fast. You just need to tell them the day and time you prefer and give them a general idea of what you’re getting rid of. For those big jobs, Junk King can send over additional crews and trucks at no extra cost. The cost is going to be based on an estimate of how much space your stuff will fill on the truck. One fee covers everything. This Father’s Day, let Junk King Dayton take junk removal from your home off your dad’s to do list.

Positive Comments From Junk King Dayton Customers

The search for a service professional usually begins by asking friends for recommendations. If they have already put someone to work, then they’ve been vetted by someone you trust. What happens if you can’t find a recommendation? That’s when you should consider reviews. It’s not hard to find reviews about any service or company that includes junk haulers. In that category, it is clear that Junk King Dayton is getting the job done right. Here are some of the positive comments made by Junk King Dayton customers:


“Very professional in scheduling, providing an estimate, and actually showing up on time as scheduled for the pick-up. A hassle-free experience from start to end, I would definitely use Junk King again when needed.” – M.C., Dayton

“It was extremely easy to secure a quote for services and scheduling the work was very timely. Staff of Junk King were courteous and professional. Great work!” – T.N., Dayton

“Very professional but friendly. Left the basement & garage in broom swept condition. When they saw an item that they thought was in fair to good condition they double-checked to make sure I wanted it taken away. I really appreciated that. I like the service provided and would use them again and recommend them to friends & family.” – Nancy Kalmbach, Farmersville

Every junk removal session is staffed by a team of professional movers. This is a crew who always shows up with a positive attitude. They’re the exact type of workers you should invite into your home.

“Very easy to schedule and estimate cost on line. Guys showed up right on time at the beginning of the window of time. Very pleasant and worked hard with heavy items. They were very careful to not damage any walls or floors. Couldn’t be better. Thank you.” – K.P., Dayton

“The men were willing to move anything from anywhere. They were on time and made every effort to not scratch woodwork or damage anything. Thank you for your help.” – B.S., Miamisburg

“Your 2 employees, Josh and Jay (I think) were wonderful. The garage door wouldn’t open no matter how hard they tried, but undaunted, and without complaining, they took out hundreds of bags of trash out the back door. Even when the bottoms of trash bags broke and trash fell all over, it was no problem for them. They accommodated us every way they could…and your trucks are huge! I am VERY IMPRESSED with Junk King! Highly Recommend this company.” – L.G., Dayton

The best way for Junk King to get new customers is by making current customers happy. Based on these reviews, it is clear they are making that happen. When you hire Junk King Dayton for your junk hauling needs you can trust that the job will get done right every time.