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Boulder Colorado Furniture Disposal

There’s a new showroom headed to downtown Denver’s Furniture Row and it’s all about helping you get a good night’s sleep. The Denver Mattress Company recently opened their first-ever tri-level showroom. This would make the ninth Denver Mattress story in the area and the ninety-fifth in the country. District manager Ray Marshman shared he details of the new space: “We’ve added some 7000 square feet to our showroom, which means we can help even more people get a better night’s rest!”

If this puts you in the mood to head down to Furniture Row then you’re sure to find plenty of bargains to be had. Summer is actually a good time to buy furniture as dealers are eager to clear out the showrooms in anticipation of the fall arrivals. There are also special sales come up on holiday weekends which can really add up to significant savings. What are you in the market for? A new sofa? A bedroom set? Before heading out to Furniture Row make sure you measure where the new pieces are going and whether or not they will fit in the door. Ask any furniture dealer and they are sure to tell you horror stories about sofas not getting through the front door.

Then there will be the issue of getting rid of your old furniture to contend with. That will actually be the easiest part of replacing furniture especially when you hire Junk King Denver to handle the task. These are the professional junk haulers serving the Denver and Boulder area. By “serving” we mean sending over a capable crew to lift and load whatever you’re tossing out. All of that junk will end up on the back of their truck to be taken away and properly disposed of. What are customers saying about Junk King Denver?

“Friendly, professional, on time, did great job removing all our stuff and leaving the area very clean.”

“Prompt and efficient. Arrived at given time slot. Very professional and great customer service. Were very careful when removing furniture as to not damage walls.”

“Excellent service and communication. Very impressed with Junk King.”

“Was able to make an appointment for same day service. Pricing was reasonable. Guys who came were friendly.”

“They did the job quickly, were very polite and got all my junk out of the house.”

If Junk King Denver was a Broadway show it would run for a long time with reviews like that! How can Junk King help you? Give them a call today to talk about taking away your furniture. Before you know it your home will be junk free and you’ll be adding a rave review!

Boulder Colorado Junk Removal

Time for a blast from the past. “Very likely people in Boulder have got so accustomed to thinking of the creek and its banks as a place to throw tin cans and rubbish that it may require too great a feat of imagination to conceive of it as a pretty, shaded spot with a clean well kept park path running beside the murmuring waters.”

That quote comes from Fredrick Law Olmsted, Jr. and he was a proud member of the Boulder City Improvement Association who wrote those words in a report published in 1910. That would mean that Boulder Creek has always had a problem with folks leaving trash behind. Fortunately, there have been events like the annual Community Cleanup Day that brings volunteers from all over the area who are dedicated to making the parks sparkle.

The event held this year was the 11th in a row that found workers of all ages pulling weeds, cleaning up trash and collecting recyclables from all along Boulder Creek. Keeping the Boulder Creek clean is a terrific way to spend a few hours on a Saturday morning. It really gives you a sense of accomplishment. Of course, so would cleaning up your own homestead. Sure you can dust and mop around the house but it that taking care of the big problem? That would be all the junk you’re holding onto. That stuff is taking up space, collecting dust, creating mold and just being an eyesore. You can finally toss it out the right way by hiring Junk King of Denver.

Junk King is the professional junk haulers who provide you with a two-man crew and a huge truck to handle all the work. That would be all the lifting, loading, carting away and dumping. What do you have to do in all of that? Just pick out what you want to throw away.

That’s what Sonja from Lakewood did. “These guys were great! They confirmed the time in advance and picked up an old sofa within hours of me calling,” she comments. “They were fast and courteous and it was no hassle at all to work with them. I especially like them because they do try to recondition some of the items they pick up for reuse and don’t just take it to the dump. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! I’d highly recommend them for any junk you need to be rid of.”

Sometimes cleaning up your home means cleaning up what you “inherited” from the previous owner. KC from Denver ran into that situation in his new home and was glad to find Junk King standing by.

“After purchasing a new home that has required lots of work – and lots of vendors – it was refreshing to find a company with such great service! I hired them to remove all of the items left by the previous owners in the garage,” writes KC, “Made the appointment on a Thursday night for Saturday online, got a confirmation email saying they would call 15 minutes out of the two-hour window. They called when promised, and showed up when promised! They were professional, clean, nice and very reasonably priced. Would definitely hire again if needed.”

Those are the kind of rave reviews Junk King Denver always gets. Put them to work for you today and you’ll be singing their praises, too!

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