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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Aurora Junk Removal – Keep it Green

Your opinion matters. That is the feeling of the city of Aurora as they are teaming up with the National Research Center to conduct a citizen survey. The goal is to find out how the locals feel about a wide range of services provided by the city and state. The surveys were sent out to random voters all throughout Aurora. This is the chance to have your opinion heard and help determine future planning for Aurora.

One issue that folks might have a lot to discuss is the trash pickup. As part of the city charter, it is left up to the home or business owner to arrange for a private company to pick up the trash as least once a week. While the majority of these companies provide a decent service, they certainly aren’t going above and beyond the call of duty. There is also no real method for properly disposing of oversized or bulky items. At least, that was before Junk King Denver came to town. Now, there is an easy way to arrange for a junk pickup and it all begins with a phone call.

When you call into Junk King, you’ll be speaking to a very friendly and helpful dispatch representative. They’ll want to know what you’ll be throwing out. You don’t have to be exact with weights and measurements, but just provide a general idea such as “old sofa” or “used fridge.” No matter what you’re throwing out, you’ll be getting a capable two-man crew and huge truck to get the job done. After setting your appointment, that crew will show for the removal.

Before they start the work, you’ll be provided with an estimate based on how much space your junk will occupy on the back of the truck. There will be no extra charges at the end of the job. When you agree to the amount, the Junk King Denver crew will spring into action. You just have to tell them what you want taken away and watch that stuff fly out the door.

After all of your junk is loaded, you can say good-bye to the crew and go about your business. As for the Junk King team, they’ve still got work to do. They’ll be making a drop off to the nearest recycling facility. This is where they deposit most of the stuff they collect. Junk King is doing its part to keep Aurora green! Are you ready to become junk free?

Junk Removal Centennial CO

As cities go, Centennial is not that old. In fact, it became an official town back in 2000. The major reason this city was created was to keep the taxes low for the 100,000 residents and that’s just fine with them. Of course, it is taking a while for the rest of the country to catch up to Centennial. For instance, the postal service still considers neighboring Aurora, Englewood and Littleton as part of the Centennial area. That’s why those areas are default zip code zones. Hopefully, that will all be sorted out and Centennial can stand-alone.

Just like other cities, Centennial provides services like snow removal, street maintenance, and mosquito control. However, they aren’t handling sanitation or water delivery. For that, you need to go outside to one of the neighboring municipalities. If you want to get rid of your bulky items you actually won’t have to go very far. Junk King of Denver will be able to handle the job.

Junk King is a Denver based professional junk removal service. One call to their service reps and you’ll have a truck and crew headed your way. The Junk King crew will be under your command from the minute they roll up. All you have to do is direct them towards the junk you want hauled away and they’ll handle the rest. This means they can finally move out that old sofa or broken washing machine. They’ll also pick up any box, outdated computer or piece of exercise equipment that you no longer have any need for.

Everything the Junk King crew will be picking up ends up on the back of the truck. This is where it is packed in tight for a final journey to a recycling center or landfill. You’ll want that junk packed in tight because that’s how you’ll be charged. You’ll be provided an estimate based on how much space your junk takes up on the back of the truck. That is a single fee with no add-ons.

Check around and you’ll find that Junk King has extremely competitive prices. You can also look us up on Facebook to see the legion of loyal customers who all have something good to say about Junk King. The words that keep popping up in those reviews are “fast” and “easy.” We also get a lot of “professional,” “friendly” and “courteous” mentions. When you’re ready to get rid of your junk in Centennial, Junk King Denver will be standing by to help!