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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Arvada CO Junk Removal

Arvada was once known as the “Celery Capital of the World.” It’s also the spot where the first gold was discovered over in Ralston’s Creek, so named for Lewis Ralston, that first prospector. He only found about five dollars worth of gold in that first pan but it was enough to get the rush started.

Today, Arvada is a vibrant and thriving suburb of Denver that is a great place to live. Although there are some wonderful amenities, when it comes to trash removal and recycling, you’re kind of on your own. That’s because the city doesn’t provide trash pickup. You need to contract with a local trash hauling company. You can hire around eight trash haulers for your weekly pickup. However, if you need to throw out something bigger than what fits into your garbage can, you’ve got to go to the next level of junk removal specialists. That would be Junk King Denver.

Junk King is part of national franchise of professional junk haulers. Unlike the weekly trash haulers, Junk King isn’t going to ask to you bring anything to the curb. Instead, the two-man junk removal crew assigned to your job will do all the lifting and loading. This is vital to have when you’re looking to toss out those bulky items like old furniture, mattresses and major kitchen appliances.


As for recycling in Arvada, it is even more burdensome. You have to do your own drop-off. There is a single site set up that is open 24/7 but do you have time to load up and off load? Once again, Junk King Denver can come to the rescue. Not only could they pick up your small recyclable items but they will make sure the big stuff is recycled as well. This might mean a few extra drop offs. Scrap metal needs to go to one facility, while e-waste goes to another. You don’t have to worry about any sorting. The Junk King crew will handle all that. You also don’t have to worry about extra labor costs or dumping fees. You’re only going to be charged a flat rate base on how much space your junk will be taking up on the back of the Junk King truck. This is a very affordable price when you consider the trade off of getting a junk free home. When you’re ready for some serious junk removal, give Junk King a call. They’ll make sure your trash is gone for good!

President’s Day Junk Removal In Denver

The original President’s Day was just meant to honor George Washington. It was also an excuse to give government workers a three-day holiday weekend. That idea caught on with a lot of other businesses such as banks and other financial institutions. However, unlike Christmas, most retail stores and restaurants will be open. That’s because they want to take full advantage of all the potential customers who are looking for something to do on their Monday off. In fact, this is probably the last chance most stores have to clear out their entire leftover Christmas inventory. They need to make room for the new stuff that means you can score great deals on the old stuff, which isn’t really all that old.

New Dish Washer.

New Dish Washer.

If you put off buying a new stove or washing machine, then President’s Day could be the weekend you find what you’re looking for. As you arrange to have a big item like that delivered to your home, you also have to plan to have the old one taken away. That can easily be accomplished with a junk removal appointment from Junk King Denver. These are the junk removal pros that can have your entire home cleared of clutter in a matter of minutes.

With every junk removal appointment from Junk King, you’ll be supervising a two-man moving crew. Your supervising duties include showing that crew just what you want thrown away. You don’t have to worry about pulling any of those items out of your home and down to the curb. Unlike other so-called junk haulers, the Junk King crew is going to go directly where you’ve been stashing your junk. Maybe it’s down in the basement or up in the attic. Maybe it is going to take several trips up and down those stairs. That won’t matter on bit to the Junk King crew; they are going to where the junk is, plain and simple!

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