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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Fall Yard Waste And Leaf Removal In Denver

Denver is one of those spots in the country that is perfect for the fall color show. Visitors who come through to take in the beautiful scenery don’t have to contend with the aftermath. That would be all the raking and bagging of those leaves once they’ve fallen off the trees. That’s one of those chores you can’t escape as a homeowner. Thanks to Junk King, it is also a chore you can get some help with!


Junk King are the pros when it comes to all types of junk removal. That extends to yard waste, too! The Junk King teams have been called on to clear out bags of leaves, fallen tree limbs, shrubbery and grass clippings. In some cases, you’ll have that stuff bagged up. On other jobs, Junk King can lend a hand. In fact, they’ve often been called on to remove intense weed overgrowth. No job is too big or too dirty for Junk King to handle!

Along with all the “gifts” from Mother Nature, the Junk King crews can help take away those objects that were brought in by your or your family. This is the chance to have tires, rusty patio chairs, crusty grills and broken lawnmowers take away. Those are the kinds of things that require a big truck and that’s just what you’ll be getting with Junk King.

Once the crew is done on the outside, you can direct them to the inside of your home for more junk removal. The team from Junk King will happily go down into the basement or up to the second floor to get to whatever you want taken away. Think about how many things you keep tripping over that you wish could vanish. Now they can.

The complete Junk King junk removal package also includes additional drop offs of your stuff to local charities. Junk King knows all the organizations that can benefit from furniture, clothing, books, toys and other household goods. They’ll make sure your junk is given a chance to help out a family in need. That takes the sting out of getting rid of things that aren’t meant for the trash heap! Yard waste removal and junk hauling doesn’t have to be complicated when you put Junk King on the task.


Your Denver Home Isn’t Haunted, It Just Needs Junk Removal

Have you ever been scared in the dark? Of course, you have! Usually this happens in the middle of the night when you crawl out of bed and make your way to the bathroom only to see some shadow in the hallway. That shadow often turns out to be a stack of boxes or piece of furniture that looks scary but isn’t. The more clutter you have, the greater the chance for one of these late night scares. Instead of putting yourself through that kind of “junk haunting” why not hire Junk King to come in and clear out the clutter once and for all?


Since they’ve been collecting junk for over ten years, the Junk King crews have seen their fair share of scary properties. Usually when they are called to clean up after an extreme hoarder then they know they’re in for some serious piles of rubbish. At least they never have to face this junk along. Junk King sends out their crews in teams of two. Sometimes, there will be a third worker who is in training and learning the ropes from the experienced hands.

That Junk King team is going to follow your directions for your junk removal needs. You only have to show them what you want removed and they’ll take it right from the spot. You’ll never put your back at risk when you hire Junk King! Along with climbing stairs and lifting heavy objects, the Junk King crew will also have all the tools needed to take about any bulky item. Whether it’s a pool table you’re done with or a playset that your kids have outgrown, you can count on Junk King to load it up very fast.

You won’t have to wait long for Junk King. Most of the appointments are completed within the first twenty-four hours of your first contact. If you call early enough in the day, you could also benefit from a same-day appointment. Junk King knows how important your day off is and they want you to get back to it as quickly as possible.

You’ll also find that Junk King’s pricing policies are extremely affordable. You’ll never be charged by the pound with Junk King. That is going to save you a lot! You shouldn’t be haunted by junk. Turn that junk removal job over to the pros from Junk King.