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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Get A Jump On Spring Cleaning

“Cleaning house” means different things to different people. Some folks are just happen when the sink is empty of dishes and the stove is wiped down. Others can’t sleep at night knowing there is a crumb lurking in a corner somewhere. Most of us fall somewhere in between. We like to keep our homes clean but aren’t fanatic about unless it is spring cleaning time. That is the one time of year when everyone becomes a bit obsessed with cleaning. It’s a time to move furniture, roll up rugs, pull down dishes from cabinets and make sure everything is sparkling. Although a thorough spring cleaning job can be exhausting, you don’t have to do everything alone. Junk King is the perfect spring cleaning partner to help get rid of all your clutter.


A majority of customers hire Junk King to remove big objects like sofas, tables and mattresses. What happens when you have a lot of little objects? Suppose your spring cleaning involves clearing out your closet. Nothing in there will be especially heavy or bulky. It might even fit into the trashcan. However, if you take that approach to all the closets in your home, then you’re suddenly faced with a serious amount of garbage overflow. All of that clutter can easily be picked up by Junk King.

Since you’ll have two capable movers and a huge truck coming out to your home, there is no reason why you can’t put them to work removing items throughout your home. Your only job will be to point to what you want taken away and then watch how fast it flies out of the door.

Often your spring cleaning task will extend beyond the inside of your home. Junk King can lend a hand or two here as well. The crews will be happy to take away any yard waste like old planters, birdbaths, swings or patio furniture. It might not feel like spring yet but that is not reason why you can get started clearing the garden. Junk King can make it happen and happen fast! You’ll feel great when you finish your spring cleaning project with an assist from Junk King.

Fast And Reliable Remodeling Cleanup From Junk King Denver

Home remodeling shows are extremely popular on television these days. You can find shows about flipping a home, remodeling a patio or getting a whole new kitchen. These programs make remodeling look very easy. All the projects seem to be completed within a couple of days and they all look showroom ready. In realty, a kitchen remodel can be very disruptive. Hopefully, your contractor will be bringing their “A” game to your project. You might be able to speed things along and save money by taking on some of the tasks yourself. The easiest jobs would be the demolition and the cleanup. Of course, just because you’re making those tasks your own DIY project doesn’t mean you have to totally do it alone. Hiring Junk King would be a terrific way to take care of your remodeling cleanup.


That’s one of the other things they don’t show you on the remodeling shows: All the mess. The most debris is created on that first day when the demolition phase gets underway. In a few short hours, there could be huge piles of flooring, drywall, tiles, countertops and cabinets. All of that mess has to be quickly removed in order to make way for the new elements. Some contractors like to pile everything up by the side of the house or on the driveway until the job is done. That is no way to handle that level of debris. Instead, one call to Junk King can make it all disappear.

Junk King will provide you with a two-man cleanup crew who is going to do all the lifting and loading of that debris. They’ll even sweep up when the job is done! Everything they collect from your property is going to be loaded onto the back of their truck. The size of this truck will insure you get everything hauled away in a single appointment.

Although you might be throwing out all the trash from your demolition, you can take full advantage of Junk King to remove the rest of your unwanted clutter. It doesn’t matter where something might be “living” in your home. Just show it to Junk King and it will be gone. Remodeling cleanup and junk hauling is a thing of beauty when you get Junk King involved.