Junk King Provides Office Cubicle Removal, Too

There’s a long list of items that you could ask Junk King Denver to move from your home or place of business. All the things that you would expect are on that list like furniture, appliances, clothing, household goods and electronics. What you might not expect is that Junk King can be a big help when it is time to redesign your office space. To take care of that kind of renovation you will probably want to bring down those office cubicle walls. That is something that Junk King can help with, too.

Tools Included

Taking down cubicle walls will most likely involve a little tool work. Whether it’s a hammer or screwdriver you can count on the team from Junk King to bring their own tools in order to accomplish this task. This is also a quick problem-solving crew who will be able to figure out just how those cubicle walls need to be disassembled. It is a safe bet you don’t have the original instruction manual! There’s nothing to worry about when Junk King is on the job. They’ll handle that takedown from start to finish. The only thing you have to decide is the best time to handle this project.

Junk King provides weekend hours. That could be perfect for taking down the cubicle walls without causing any disruption to your staff. It might mean that your teams have to come in earlier Monday to set things up again but they are certainly good to appreciate the open flow without those cubicle walls.

More to Go

Before you lockdown the session with Junk King, go through your entire office space and decide if there’s anything more to go that you would like removed. There will probably be plenty of room on the truck even with all the cubicle wall pieces. This is your chance to finally toss out those old computers and monitors. Junk King will make sure they get dropped off at a certified recycling center for proper disposal. It’s all part of the package.

Getting rid of the cubicle walls in your work environment is as easy as calling Junk King Denver. Are you ready to make over your office?