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Monthly Archives: July 2020

Remove E-waste From Your Home The Right Way

Do you have any hazardous materials in your home? There might be some cleaners under the sink that could be considered “dangerous when swallowed.” But there might also be some other items deemed hazardous out in the garage like old paint or solvents. These are the kinds of things that actually increase in danger the longer that you hold onto them. Unfortunately, they are not the easiest things to get rid of. That have to be dropped off at controlled collection centers as designated times.

Some other items that you might want to give rid of is e-waste. E-waste is also considered a hazardous material but only when it goes into a landfill. That is because once in a landfill, its components break down and release toxic elements. It takes a long time for that to happen but it is not something anyone wants for the future of our environment. That is why e-waste has to be dismantled and those components carefully recycled. All of this means that e-waste also has to be dropped off at a certified facility. That is where Junk King Denver can be a big help. One call can take care of removing all the e-waste from your home and having it disposed of in the proper format.

From the Start

Junk King has been taking care of e-waste the right way from the start. That includes all the e-waste. Televisions, stereos, clock radios and DVD players would all qualify as e-waste. None of those items need to be kept in storage in your home especially if you’re never going to use them again.

You can call in Junk King to clear out your old e-waste and leave it at that. But as long as you have the crew and the truck, you might as well take full advantage of them and put them to work clearing out the rest of your unwanted clutter and rubbish. Just imagine the positive impact that will have throughout the entire house.

Remove the e-waste and rubbish from your home the right way by putting Junk King Denver onto that task.

How To Get Rid Of Junk Fast

When was the last time you pealed an onion for a dinner recipe? They always add amazing flavors to a dish. However, the leftover onions can tend to provide a lingering odor. That is something you want to bag up in the trash and get out of the kitchen right away. In fact, the moment your trashcan is full you want to get it out of the house. What about the other junk or rubbish that you have around the house? How fast would you like to get rid of it? That can happen fast when you put Junk King Denver on the task.

Get Started

To get started with your session, you just need to pick a day and a two-hour window within that day that works best for your schedule. Just know that a typical load out session with Junk King will only take a few minutes. You might spend longer meeting with the crew than the actual load in work! That two-hour window is mainly used up by the crews to get from one end of the town to the other.

You might need Junk King to help with a really big cleanup. We have been called in to help with foreclosure cleanouts and hoarder situations. For those jobs, we might dispatch additional crews and trucks to get everything clear in a single session. The best part of that besides the clean up is the fact that you won’t have to pay for those extra trucks or workers. That will all be covered in the flat rate offered by Junk King.

That rate is always based on how the truck will be packed up with all of your stuff. The team from Junk King will provide you with that written estimate before the work begins. Their goal will always be to get as much as they can into a little space as possible. That will result in you paying the low end of the price scale every time.

Junk King Denver wants to make your junk removal session fast, efficient and affordable. Put them to the task today.

Put Junk King Denver To Work For Your Rubbish Removal

You have rubbish that needs to be cleared out of your home. You aren’t sure what company to hire because you never have done this before. The first step will be looking up reviews of all the possible junk haulers. When you find reviews for Junk King Denver, you may not want to do any more research. That’s because this company is the area’s leading junk hauling specialist and the reviews definitely prove that:

“Service was great! Showed up in a timely manner and were super nice. Loaded everything up and made the process super simple and easy!” – Tanya, Denver

“I didn’t do much research in finding junk removal other than googling but these guys had great reviews and did not disappoint! I was able to select my specific time and date of pick up and I was able to text them photos of my specific items and received a quote. Gary and Johnathan called when they were in their way and they removed my old reclining couch and deck chairs in less than 15 minutes. The men were knowledgeable and kind! I will be using this company again in the future!” – Caitlin, Denver

“Provided a fair price and fast service to get an old hot tub removed. Very simple to work with.” – David, Denver

“I am very pleased with Junk King! Professional, attentive, competitive pricing, and speedy!  I messaged on Saturday and they were out the next business day to tend to my project. I would recommend using them. I will again when the need arises. Thanks!” – Chrissy, Denver

Those are just a few of the typical reviews posted by happy Junk King Denver customers. It is a clear demonstration that this is a company who prides itself on providing exceptional customer service. That begins with the very first phone call and ends when the crew sweeps up the place that they just remove junk from.

When you need rubbish removed you need to put Junk King Denver on the assignment. You will be glad you made that call.