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Monthly Archives: May 2022

Create More Office Space In Your Office

Renting office space is a part of doing business. Where you rent that space will determine just how much you pay for. With many offices, you are allowed to modify the space to accommodate your work crew. This can mean setting up cubicles or other design elements that will help you create a productive workspace. One of the ways that your workspace could be less productive is if it is overrun with rubbish items. That is when you need to set up a session with Junk King Denver. These are the professional junk haulers who help many homeowners and apartment renters clear out the unwanted rubbish from their property. They can take those same skills and apply them to your office space to help you create more office space!

Always a Crew

Junk King has been in the junk removal game for several years. In that time, they have perfected the business model that has helped them achieve success in every city that they operated. The Denver franchise is no exception. That operating philosophy begins with providing the right amount of crew to get the job done. Every Junk King session is staffed with a minimum of two workers. This is an efficient team that works well together and always has a positive attitude.

The experience that the Junk King crew brings to every job begins with assessing the best way to remove the unwanted items. In an office, that could mean bringing him down a freight elevator or out through a loading dock. It might also be that carrying them down stairs is the only viable option. Whatever the scenario, the Junk King crew will get the job done in the quickest and most efficient manner.

The best approach for creating more space in your office is to get rid of the rubbish. That is a job for Junk King Denver.

Take Care Of Shed Removal With Help From Junk King

A backyard shed is a great spot to store anything that gets dirty and doesn’t belong in the house. This is the spot for all your gardening tools, lawnmower and any swimming pool toys. However, like anything else out backyard your shed can eventually become the dilapidated. This will happen naturally after being exposed to the elements for several years. If you have reached the point where your backyard shed needs to be removed and replaced, then it is time to schedule a session with Junk King Denver. This is the crew that can help you remove all traces of your old shed in a single session.

Taking It Apart

A backyard shed is one of those things that can’t be simply lifted onto the back of the Junk King truck. It has to be taken apart. That is the job that the junk King crew will be able to handle from start to finish. In fact, you can sit back on your porch and watch it all happen! Before the shed comes down, all the stuff in the shed has to be cleared out. When the Junk King crew removes those items, you might find a bunch of stuff that you can get rid of. Those can all go onto the back of the truck as well as the shed debris.

The cost for this takedown service and disposal will be determined by how everything fits on the truck. The Junk King crews always strive to pack as much they can into as little space as possible. That will provide you with a low end of the price scale. Junk King always want to make every session fair and affordable for its customers.

You can take care of old shed removal with one call to Junk King Denver. Make the call today.

Mattress Disposal and Recycling in Denver


When you buy a new mattress, you’ll need to responsibly dispose of your old one. Improper mattress disposal could attract a fine or prosecution for fly-tipping. Depending on your mattress quality, it’s recommended that you replace it every 7 to 10 years. At Junk King, we don’t just dump your old mattress at a landfill but instead, take it to an appropriate recycling center or donate it to a local charity if it’s still in usable condition. So, if your mattress is past its best and you need to get a new one, Junk King can help you dispose of your old one, donate it, or recycle it in accordance with the prevailing Denver laws and regulations.



Our Efficient Mattress Disposal and Recycling



Junk King provides an efficient, eco-friendly, and safe mattress disposal service to make the entire process easy for you. Our experienced mattress removal team has the skills and equipment to haul off that mattress and bed frame without causing any damage to your home on the way out. We do all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to carry the items out to the curb and ruin your neighborhood’s curb appeal. More importantly, we’ll make sure the mattress or bed is disposed of at a local recycling facility, so it doesn’t do any harm to our ecosystem.


full service junk removal


Why Recycle Your Old Mattress


At Junk King Denver, we strive to recycle old mattresses as much as we can for the reasons below:

  • Mattresses take up large amounts of space at the landfill.
  • Mattresses contain both synthetic and organic materials. Although the organic materials will break down over time, the synthetic components could take several decades to vanish.
  • Some chemicals in mattresses, such as dyes and bleaches, cause ground pollution. They are incredibly poisonous to animals and plants, and they also pollute and destroy the ecosystem.


How Junk King Recycles Mattresses


According to the consumer rights organization, more and more mattress recycling facilities are cropping up in the US. Recycling a mattress is difficult work, but these licensed facilities can break the mattress down into various recyclable components. They can then prepare them for reuse or recycling. 

For example, they can melt the mattress springs and repurpose the metal. They can also use the synthetic layers as carpet underlayment or as energy for plants. Junk King can help you find the nearest recycling center to you and figure out what materials they accept and don’t accept. By hiring Junk King for mattress removal, you won’t have to worry about hiring a vehicle and labor to take the items to a recycling center. 

Some mattress parts are recyclable. Here are the parts of an old mattress that can be reused or recycled in some way:

  • Springs: metal springs can be molten down to make various light iron-based products or scrap.
  • Foam: Mattress foam can be used for alternative carpeting or refuse fuel once it’s cleaned, processed, and baled.
  • Mattress covering: It’s possible to recycle good-quality mattress covering. It can also be used as refuse fuel.
  • Wadding: Manufacturers can repurpose wadding filling for cushions. How the wadding is recycled depends on the material itself. 

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Options for Mattress Disposal and Recycling


There are several different ways to get rid of your used mattress. However, some are legal while others are illegal. At Junk King, we always follow all the laid down rules and regulations regarding mattress removal and recycling. Whether you’re moving or simply replacing your old mattress to improve your comfort and sleep, below are the legal ways to do this:


Regular Municipal Waste Pickup


You can ask your regular municipal council to collect your old mattress. Some municipalities provide a bulky waste collection service at scheduled intervals. Often this includes old mattresses, beds, and bulky furniture. But be aware that this may be expensive in the long run, and your mattress could still end up in a local landfill. Although some authorities say they’ll recycle some of the waste they pick up, that’s not always the case. Moreover, you’ll still have to haul your old mattress to the curb on the specified date for pickup. 

Be sure to contact your local waste removal company ahead of time and ask whether they charge for bulky waste collection. Often, you’ll have to leave the bulky items in a specific location outside your house for collection. And if you’re doing away with both your bed and your mattress, they will count as two items, and you’ll pay a charge for each item.


Company Collection


Some mattress retailers offer old mattress collection services as well as delivery. When they bring your new mattress, they may pick up the old one, so you don’t have to worry about disposal. However, you must be sure of your purchase, or else you’ll end up with no bed. Some retailers may also charge a fee for the service.

However, you don’t have to use the mattress retailer’s service. Specialist junk collection companies like Junk King can pick up your old mattress whenever it suits you. We charge a fair and transparent price for mattress collection service based on the amount of space it takes up in our junk removal truck. Moreover, we always strive to recycle the mattress or take it to a local charity for donation.




Donating Your Old Mattress


Where recycling your old mattress is not possible, we can consider other ethical options. Sometimes, your mattress may only show minor signs of wear and tear. In such a case, it may be worth attempting to reuse it rather than recycling it. Fortunately, some thrift stores and charities will accept used mattresses in a nearly new condition.

So, why not donate your used mattress if it still has some life left in it? If your mattress is in good condition, we can give it to someone in need or donate it to charity. This is a great way to ensure your old mattress stays out of the landfill. More importantly, you’ll help out someone a little less fortunate. However, the mattress should be clean, have a fire safety label on it, and be fit for purpose.

Junk King will contact various charitable organizations to find out whether they will accept your old mattresses or other bedding products and the standards these items must meet. But if your mattress is unsuitable for donation or recycling, we may dispose of it at a landfill site. But this is often the last resort for Junk King.


Reliable Mattress Disposal and Recycling in Denver


Always think carefully about how you get rid of your old mattress. How you discard it can have serious consequences for the ecosystem and your status as a law-abiding citizen. It’s always best to take your used mattress to a licensed recycling center. At Junk King, we offer professional mattress collection and disposal to take the hassle off your hands. Call us today at: (720) 458-1398

We understand that disposing of used mattresses, furniture, and box springs is difficult because they cannot be dumped at the usual dump sites. It’s because they contain chemicals that could be harmful to the environment. Junk King Denver is a full-service mattress disposal company committed to efficient and environmentally friendly recycling and disposal of your mattress and bedsprings. Contact us today to schedule your old mattress removal and recycling service!


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